July 8, 2009

Get More Referrals with Prospecting-Based, Marketing-Enhanced Internet Lead-Generation

Introducing our Vyral Marketing System™ - Here's The Overview

Start our daily, weekly, and monthly Vyral Marketing System to stay in front of your contacts at least 33 times a year in a consistent, leveraged, and value-added way. It’s an all out war for your client’s mind-share! Ask yourself how many other service providers in your industry would like your contact’s business? You better believe they are already getting direct mail and phone calls from your competition, but – with the help of your friends at Vyral Marketing – you’ll stay one step ahead in the battle for your client's mind.

First of all, let me be clear - you must set aside 3 hours a day for your lead-generation prospecting – there are no questions about it (8am-11am is best). Consistent, high-quality, leads are the life-blood of your business, and you must give it the attention it deserves if you’re going to grow your business to profitable new heights! The most successful people I know get to the office at 6am because it’s the only time they can work undisturbed.

Here’s how it works:

3 Daily
Video Emails
3 Daily Handwritten Notes
3 Daily Phone Calls / SMS

1 Weekly 300-500 Word Blog Post
1 Weekly Client Testimonial
1 Weekly Email Blast

1 Monthly Article (1000+ Words)

7 Yearly Greeting Cards
3 Yearly ‘Appreciate You’ Letters

* All Year Send Birthday & Anniversary Cards

With our Vyral Marketing System, you’ll have the perfect blend of ‘touches’ to reach your contacts in a very personalized way. Let’s say, for example, you have a list of 200 names, and your first of three names that day to contact is ‘Bob Smith’; he would receive:

That day,

A personalized email with an attached
webcam video from you.
A handwritten note in the mail the next day with business cards.
A phone call to catch up and ask who you should be doing business with.

That week,

A short email that links back to your educational video blog post.

That month,

A simple, color 8.5x11 newsletter in his mailbox he hangs on his fridge.

All year long,

Greeting cards with pictures and stories of your successful clients.
An occasional letter saying how much you appreciate him in your life.
A birthday and anniversary card on days that are most important to him.

Best of all, this program is extremely low cost – your only direct, financial cost is inexpensive, plain stationary and a few stamps. It’s not about the ‘brand’, but the personalized connection you’ll systematically create with each of your contacts so you flood your business with new clients at a very low cost to you.

We offer our Vyral Marketing Membership to take care of your blog, email marketing, video recording/editing, and article writing (marketing) – but it’s still up to you to write handwritten notes, make phone calls, and send personalized email (prospecting) direct to your contacts for your ultimate success. When it all comes together, you’ll have so much business – all from quality, in-bound leads and new client referrals, we promise you’ll make more money and live a happier life – it’s why we do what we do. That’s what we call prospecting-based, marketing enhanced lead-generation!

But here’s the bottom line, you MUST put this system into action right now! Be honest with yourself, how much business have you lost because you haven’t stayed in touch with all your contacts? Why haven’t you done so? We’ll we’re here to make sure it gets done – and you now have the complete system at your fingertips for success!

Open your calendar and mark a few times this week, in the morning, when you’ll do your prospecting activities. Keep it simple this week, just make phone calls, send email, and write handwritten notes to your top contacts that you have the best relationship with. In my coming posts, I’ll detail the best practices for executing the system itself.
Featured Video
Teresa Elliott - (2114 S 189 Cir - Omaha, NE)
Prudential Ambassador - Omaha, NE

**2114 S 189 Cir - Omaha, NE** - Another great video Teresa! Love the shot when you give the popcorn to the stuffed animal - every video you make gets better and better! Again, we'll put this up on a lead-generation landing page for you so you can send it to you potential buyers saving you a ton of time and adding incredible value above and beyond anyone else!
Featured Client Testimonial
Chris Beaton - (Realtor, Team Elliott)
Prudential Ambassador - Omaha, NE

July 7, 2009

How To Get An Awesome Client Testimonial Video to Prove You're The Trusted Industry Expert

Video testimonials are the most important, hands down selling point of your product or service. In prior days, it used to be a nice typed letter on company letterhead (which was usually written by someone else anyway). But not anymore - with the internet, people want to see the people you're working with - 90% of communication is non-verbal! Here's what your audience is asking themselves "Are your clients like me? Are they in the same pain that I am in? Has your product or service changed their life - just like I need mine to change?"

One of your strongest copy lines is "See What People Are Saying....", especially for women - everyone wants plenty of social proof that you're the expert and you have the absolute best solution to their problem. Remember, people look for clues to 'size you up' - how you dress, speak, your location, and the type of people you hang around with.

We can use your blog to feature all these aspects of who you are as a person and what makes you special. Best of all, you have as many 'takes' as you need to get the perfect video - try that with a face-to-face meeting!

Bottom line, when you have 100+ videos on your blog of people saying how awesome you are, just the fact you have 100 faces of people - without even pressing play - will instantly sell you as a creditable expert in your field.

Think about infomercials, they spend millions of dollars to get other people, just like you, to explain the benefits their product. Sure, you can tell me how awesome you are directly (I won't believe you), but if someone else does, then you must be awesome - and I'm ready to buy!

Here's how to get a the perfect client testimonial. Ask your client this EXACT question........

"Bob, will you share your story of what your life was like BEFORE you found me, your experience DURING your time with me, then tell me how your life has changed AFTER your experience with me?

Here are 4 tips to make it even more perfect:
  • Keep the testimonial under 1 minute.
  • Client states full name, title, and company at the beginning.
  • Client is dressed for your audience. (B2B? - wearing a suit/tie)
  • End with a strong call-to-action.
Here are the talking points.....

(intro) - Hi, Bob Smith here, President of ABC Company...
(before) - Before I found Frank, my life was like this......
(before) - When I met Frank, this is how I felt.....
(during) - During my time with Frank, he helped me.....
(after) - Now that I've worked with Frank, I can now....
(call-to-action) - Frank changed my life, and he will yours - call him today!

But what if you can't get a client testimonial? Get the perfect endorsement instead! It's virtually the same thing, except it's how your product or service is GOING to change someone's life, and it can be from anyone - your family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else in your social circle.

Just ask anyone you know this question:

"Can you tell me how AWESOME I am, and why someone should do business with me today?"

It's a fun question to ask, and you'll have a blast getting these. And to be honest, it's very hard to tell the difference between a testimonial and an endorsement - as long as you have several people on video saying that you're the expert in your field, then you are the expert in the eyes of your audience, and that's all that matters.

So, think of 5 people right now who you need to get on video saying either how you changed their life (testimonial) or how you’re going to change someone else's life (endorsement):

1.) ____________________________
2.) ____________________________
3.) ____________________________
4.) ____________________________
5.) ____________________________

Now, pick up your phone - call them, and arrange a time for lunch at a quiet place. Ask them how their family is, what they are doing now for fun, how their career is coming along, and are they achieving their life dreams? It's called the FORD Rapport building technique (Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams).

Then, just before then end of the meal (again, make sure you're in a quiet place) -pull out your HD Flip Videocamera and tell them you're following the advice you read on www.getvyral.com from your Marketing Coach Frank Klesitz and you'd like to feature their client testimonial or endorsement on your blog. Print off this post and show it to them - who knows, maybe they will ask you for a video endorsement as well!

Now go get it done!

Until next time,

Frank Klesitz

Featured Client Endorsement
Corey Cain - Owner - www.BlackCloverFitness.com
(Omaha, NE - 168th and Maple)

Thanks for the great words Corey Cain! We're very excited to see Black Clover Fitness (Omaha, NE - 168th and Maple) open up in a few weeks! Check out Corey's website www.BlackCloverFitness.com - we helped him write his sales letter and shoot the awesome videos he's been recording as his renegade body transformation studio prepares for it's GRAND OPENING IN AUGUST 2009! Let's flood your webpage with client testimonials who, without any question, will see dramatic, fast results on your revolutionary Block Training System (tm)!

Featured Client Video
Teresa Elliott - Realtor - www.teamelliott.net
Prudential Ambassador (Omaha, NE)

Great video of your listing Teresa! As with Chris's video below, we're going to put this up on a lead-generation landing page. Let's put a banner right on Dodge during rush hour so all the people stuck in traffic can pull your video up on their Blackberry and forward it to their friends! We really need to leverage how many views this location gets everyday - you'll reach so many buyers! Conratulations on your first video!

July 6, 2009

Welcome To Vyral Marketing - What to Expect (OUR FIRST BLOG POST)

Welcome to our Vyral Marketing blog! We're going to teach you everything you need to know to leverage the power of blogging, email marketing, online video, and social media to:

1. Position you as the trusted expert for your audience.
2. Generate high-quality leads for your product or service.
3. Maintain top-of-mind awareness for referrals and opportunity.
4. Leverage your time so you make more money with less work.
5. Build creditable social proof with client video testimonials.
6. Track your ROI for better results and profits.

Every week, we'll make a video blog post with an internet marketing tip or trick that is guaranteed to grow your business. Consider us your sales and marketing coach, we'll cover topics such as search engine optimization, copywriting, blogging, email marketing, social media (Facebook, Titter, etc) all designed to get you higher quality leads so you make more money, work less hours, and live a happier life.

We specialize in personal services marketing, so if you're a Realtor, financial advisor, physician, freelancer, or fitness trainer our blog is right up your alley. If you're a company who's looking to create a better connection with your customers, our strategies will benefit you as well. So if you haven't done so already, sign up for our weekly internet and social media marketing tip to the right and you'll be ready to learn everything you need to know to flood your business with new clients.

Of course, send us an email with questions or topics you'd like us to cover. We'll keep our videos short and entertaining, and our writing conversational and specific.

Remember, it's our mission to help you grow your business, so check out our Vyral Marketing Membership ($375/month) - we write your blog posts, film your video, send your email, and generate all your leads. But of course, if you're willing and able to try it on your own, just follow our blog because we're going to share every secret to internet marketing success with you.

We're still finalizing our blog, it's almost done. So check back often for updates. We're formally launching our company in a few weeks, which we have over 3,000 email address of clients in and around Omaha, NE who are going to hear about the amazing benefits of Vyral Marketing - so if you want to get in on the action before everyone else, give us a call at 402.515.5438 and we'll talk about how easy it is to get started with our 6 simple steps to generating high-quality leads on-line today!

Our Featured Client
Van Deeb (www.vandeeb.com)

A special thanks to Van Deeb in Omaha, NE (the man who wrote the book on sales!) for hiring our firm to promote his motivational speaking and new book Common Sense Selling. Check out his website www.vandeeb.com - we're going to upload client endorsements, testimonials, and a plenty of expert content on his behalf so he can educate his audience and document his creditability as a national speaker of choice for keynote presentations. Thanks Van, you're going to do great - love hanging out with you!

Our Featured Video
Chris Beaton (11617 Spaulding ST - Omaha, NE)
Prudential Ambassador - Team Elliott (www.teamelliott.net)

Check out Chris's Lead-Generation Website:

Excellent tour of your home Chris - with a video like this it's going to sell fast! I love the scene in the basement where you're playing pool and standing next to the bar - very classy! We're going to put this up on a 'lead-generation' webpage for you with it's own unique web address. Send your clients there, plus put the address on your sign riders, so your clients can see this video on their computer or Blackberry immediately. This is going to set you apart from every other Realtor, not only in Omaha, but in the nation Chris - great work!