July 16, 2010

Dan Kennedy 3 Step Letter Sequence

Dan Kennedy is the self proclaimed most expensive copywriter in the world, I listen to his advice! I'm very impressed with his 3 letter prospect sequence - a system of three perfectly timed letters mailed at weekly intervals to cold prospects. Taken a step further, you'd start the sequence with a 'Letter of Recommendation' sent to your prospects from a client, then refer to your client's results throughout the sequence. Today, I'd like to teach you how to use this system and provide you with example letters we're running for both ourselves, and our clients.

Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing Seminar 3 Letter Sequence (1.5hrs)
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Here's how to get ideal prospects to contact you.

Let's say you have a list of prospects who would be your perfect client. Maybe you head over to InfoUSA and purchase yourself a marketing list, or you research communities online (such as Facebook Fan pages, forums, Twitter, and the like) and reverse look-up / Google people's names to get their mailing address. This, by the way, is a GREAT strategy to build a list of people who should hire you. For example, find a niche social network of people online (www.ning.com), Google their name, and find their mailing address. Usually they will pop up on Linked-In, or you'll find their company website and you'll have a mailing address! You probably find their email, phone, and marital status as well - oh, Google I love you.

Now that you have a list of HIGHLY QUALIFIED prospects, how you get them to contact you? In other words, how do you create the environment so you're the invited guest, and not the annoying pest? Here's my strategy which will produce results for you. Remember, you can waste a lot of money with direct mail, especially on cold prospects - but here's a system that will fix those problems.

Overview of 3 Letter Sequence
(w/ Recommendation Letter)

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Step #1: Call to Verify Mailing Address & Set Letter Expectations

First, have your assistant call each of the identified prospects to confirm their mailing address - "What would be the best address to reach Mr. Smith at?" Also, let them know they will receive a letter  shortly "Please let Mr. Smith know he will receive a confidential letter from Terry Williams in 2-3 days." Make sure it's your assistant who makes these calls - if you call you lower your value and you'll be tempted to start a sales pitch; this is not the time to sell. Let your letters do this for you.

Step #2: Send Letter of Recommendation (Day 0) - (See Example)

This is called an endorsed mailing - effectively introducing you to your prospects on behalf of your client. Write the letter for your client (with their approval, of course!) and print it on your client's stationary. The letter should look like your client sent it - not you. Include your business card as well. Also, ask your client to record an audio or video testimonial with you about their results; then include a link to the interview in the letter. Keep it simple, no graphic design, print it on computer paper, and use your client's name in the return address field. Remember, your client sent this - not you. Put 'confidential' on the front of the letter. Include a picture of your client at the top, with a headline. Keep it honest and low-hype.

*You could also follow up this letter in 3-4 days with a postcard. It takes days for some people to open their mail, however a postcard will grab their attention right away. If you have the budget and you're dealing with high-level, busy decision makers - send a jumbo postcard to feature your successful client.

Step #3: Send Introduction Letter (Day 7) - (See Example)

One week letter, now YOU send a letter on your stationary introducing yourself. Explain the features and benefits of your service and include a guarantee. Make sure to include a special offer and give the prospect a reason to respond right now; such as a FREE consultation, business optimization audit, or a free trial - only for VIP referrals from your clients. Include a lift note of your testimonial interview, and remind the prospect you can deliver them the same results. Also include a stick of gum (or three pennies) to give the letter weight so it gets opened - you'll be remembered, and you'll add taste to your offer!

Step #4: Send 'I'm Puzzled' Letter (Day 14) 0 (See Example)

For the prospects who don't respond, send them a letter a week later that you're puzzled why you've not heard from them. You understand they are busy, but you have an incredible offer that is guaranteed to help them grow their business or improve their quality of their life. Include other testimonials. Be stronger in your language, but polite and personal. Ask them to call you right now to claim their special offer available ONLY for VIP referrals. Again, to give the letter weight so it gets opened, include 3 pennies with a lift note that says "You're worth every penny". It's memorable, fun, and effective.

Step #5: Send 'FINAL NOTICE' Letter (Day 21) - (See Example)

You'll have a great response by now - no one has ever sent these prospects such a detailed sequence of sales letters. Now, you'll send them a FINAL NOTICE, saying due to the overwhelming response of your offer, if you don't hear from them within 48 hours you'll be forced to put them on a waiting list. Ask them strongly to call you immediately - you can honestly help them and want to earn their business. Include a 'Shameless Bribe' gift card saying if they call you, you'll active the gift card (which also adds weight to the envelope so it gets opened). This will put you over the edge and you'll get the most calls from this letter. Don't chicken out on sending this, it's all in the language. YOU WILL GET CALLS FROM THIS LETTER! But it doesn't stop there - step #5 if the most important step of the entire sequence.

Step #5 Call to Ask for Appointment (Day 28)

Now, have your assistant call each of the prospects who have not responded and ask to set an appointment. You already checked their mailing address in the beginning, and let them know they would receive a letter from your best client upfront. Your letters have been read, they just may not have gotten around to calling you yet. Take a pro-active approach and set the appointment. If they are not interested, at least you'll get positive comments on your clever marketing approach!


If you mail this sequence to 100 HIGHLY QUALIFIED prospects, how many appointments will you set? It will only cost you about $4-5 a person (about $1 a mailing) to execute.  So for $400-500 of expenses, you could double your business (and the prospects call you!) - but it takes effort, time, and skill. Why don't you see people doing this? We'll it's just easier to pay for radio, TV, or buy a billboard (that's what everyone else is doing, right?) - you write a check and abdicate all responsibility for your marketing, it's easy. I challenge you not to do this - be creative and smart. Try this 3 letter system, then when you open a new bank account to hold all your new money, send your testimonials letter to frank@getvyral.com.

This entire article is just a BRIEF overview of this POWERFUL 3 letter system. There is much more to keep in mind, such as how to write the sales letter, how to create the envelopes, how to structure your offers, and - most importantly - how to build your list of ideal prospects. I can help you with this, and have included examples above of my work above. If  you'd like me to create a 3 Letter Dan Kennedy style mailing sequence for you, please give me a call at 402.515.5438 and I'll be happy to create it, write it, and send it for you.