December 31, 2010

7 Step Expired Listing Real Estate Autoresponder

If you're in real estate, I'm sure you're calling expired listings (homes which were listed with an agent and did not sell) to get new business. However, if you get them on the phone and can't get an appointment right away, be sure to get their email address. Then, you can initiate this automatic follow up sequence to educate them and stay top of mind. I wrote 7 emails with a complimentary video script and attachment for your expired listing prospects.

How does this work?

An email will drip out automatically about every week with a link to your educational video on YouTube so the prospect can get to know you. Add in a postcard sequence and schedule a few follow up calls and you'll be the most likely Realtor that expired prospect will hire to sell their home!

Here is the sequence I put together for our client Jeff Quintin. Use the buttons to the left and right to see his videos - there are 7.

Download Sample Emails for Your Expired Listing Autoresponder
* Click the link above to see the emails that go out to the expired prospect that links to the respective videos above on YouTube.

Download Sample Scripts for Your Expired Listing Videos

How to Use iContact Autoresponder to Add/Remove/Track Prospects - watch video below:

You can also set this up as an action plan in Top Producer, but you can't track who is opening the emails. This is what I originally had with Jeff so I switched him over to iContact so he can call the people watching his videos. We'll see how it goes.

REMEMBER, this is not to replace your phone call follow-ups, only to enhance the results you're already seeing. Let me repeat, you still must call your expired listings to ask for the appointment - don't expect the emails to do the heavy lifting!

Here is another example of our client Greg Sisson and his 7 expired listing follow up emails. (Dont' see it? Click Here)

Another example 7 videos from Jeff Silva in Blue Bell PA (Don't See It? Click Here)