January 25, 2011

Track Email Opens to Know Who's Interested in You

Here's how to get referrals from those who open your emails. Google their email address or run a search in your database for their phone number. You're calling them to ask for feedback on your blog, build rapport, then ask for a referral (remember to ask TWICE) - they will not recall the first time you ask.

I recommend you refer to their Facebook page to see what groups they belong to and what's happening in their life before you call so you have something to talk about.

Type their name in Facebook search and you'll find either their public or private profile (invite them as a 'friend' to see their private profile). You can also Google their name to find more information about them - this is less and less 'taboo' as the years go on. Do your homework. People will appreciate it.

* Do not tell them you saw they opened your email, say "I see you subscribe....."
* F.O.R.D. stands for asking about their Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams

Here's how to structure your referral phone call:

1. Introduce Yourself - "Do you have a moment?"
2. Indirectly ask them for feedback on your videos.
3. Run the F.O.R.D. rapport building technique - be specific.
4. Ask WHO you should be working with - clearly define.
5. Ask for a second time WHO you should be working with (w/ recall)
6. Get all contact information for referral (phone, email, etc)
7. Ask them to forward your email to them, introducing you.
8. Thank them!

Example Dialogue:

(1) "Hi John, this is Frank Klesitz - do you have a moment? I own Vyral Marketing and I see you're on my email subscription; (2) I'm calling to ask your feedback; have you received my videos? Great! (3) It's been a while but I wanted to reconnect - how is the family? What are you doing for fun these days? How's your career? (etc, etc). (4) Well I only build my business by referral - do you know anyone I should be working with? (5) Well I understand no one comes to mind; let me explain exactly who I'm looking for (define your ideal prospect). I see on your Facebook page you belong to (these groups) - specifically, is there anyone in these groups who comes to mind? Well thank you! (6) Can you look in your cell phone and see if you have their phone number? Exactly how do you spell their last name? (7) Now, I'd like to reach out to them. Would you forward the email I sent you their way to introduce my services? (8) I really appreciate it. Stay in touch - I appreciate you! Have a great day."