July 10, 2011

Real Estate Sales Office Tour w/ Jeff Quintin

I flew out to Jeff Quintin's real estate office a few months ago and realized I just had this footage on my iPhone. It's interesting to see how the best real estate salespeople work (he's the best of the best). His buyer's agents are in the standing booths as I enter, while Jeff prospects all morning for sellers in his office.

His entire support staff is in another building down the street, which helps keep the salespeople focused. Very insightful - makes me want to get a standing desk and surround myself with Type A salespeople all day!

I love all the scripts to handle objections on the board in front of him. He also uses two phones when he's making calls - there's other footage I had where it's just him with two headsets, dialing two lines at once...Ha!

Nothing like the profession of professional selling....

Just a video I thought you would enjoy.