What We Do

We Interview You on a HD Webcam to Create 2 Educational Q&A Updates a Month To Boost Top of Mind Awareness So You Increase Referrals and Repeat Business From Your Customer Database with Email & Social Media - We Do All The Work

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Get More Appointments & Referrals
From The People You've Met

Vyral Marketing helps small business owners, salespeople, and professionals increase sales, referrals, and repeat business from their #1 business asset – their existing customer database.

The Vyral Marketing System is a 5-step approach to reactivate, nurture and proactively encourage more appointments and referrals from they people you’ve met by publishing educational answers to the most commonly asked questions of your customers twice a month.

Learn how Greg Harrelson gets 100+ deals
from his real estate database:
(7:48 min)

Get More People To Call You Since
You're The Trusted Expert and Authority

You’ll position yourself as the trusted expert, get more people to call you, convert more leads to appointments, receive more referrals, boost repeat customer purchases, improve customer retention, and ultimately increase sales without having to grind it out everyday working only cold leads - or risking all your money on advertising.

Learn how Tony Dicello sold his real estate
business because of his strong database:
(51:47 min)

The Whole Program Takes Minimal
Time - We Do All The Work For You

We coach you to succeed at the Vyral Marketing System and provide the done-for-you marketing services so you only have to ask for email addresses when you talk to people, shoot two videos a month during 1 monthly scheduled Skype interview, and call the people who watch them (which is possible to track). The whole program takes minimal time – we do all the work for you.

Learn why #1 San Luis Obispo Realtor 
Hal Sweasey stopped all other marketing: (13:30 min)

"How Will I Know If People Care
To Watch My Videos?"

Since you're marketing to the people who are already in your existing customer database, you'll need to pay special attention to determine why people contacted you to set an appointment or give you a referral to track your return on investment. Here are examples of what you'll hear...

ASK: "What motivated you to set an appointment or give me a referral today?"

"I watched a video and someone called me just at the right time."
"I saw your video on my Facebook feed recommended by a friend."
"I searched online for you and your videos showed everywhere."
"I get your videos sent to me all the time, so I thought of you first!"
"I just replied to an email and asked if we can meet to get started."
"I watched your videos and you know what you're talking about."
"Your marketing is different and unique from everyone else."
"I was searching online, ask you a question online, and I started getting your videos"
"I requested a free report from your video blog."
"Your website shows up first - you have a lot of videos linked to it."
"I saw all the testimonial videos on your website - I chose you." 

Learn how Jeff Quintin #1 South New Jersey 
Realtor gets more people calling him: (12:43 min)

We Track Your ROI So You Know
If You're Making Money (or not)

No one likes spending money on marketing - and it's worse when you don't know if it's producing results. We're going to track how much business you're doing every month - and how much of that business is from your database - so we can track the financial results of your Vyral Marketing.

Here's the worksheet we'll use to track your Return on Investment (ROI):