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We do all the marketing work for you.
It takes 30 minutes a month for your HD webcam interview - that's it.

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Get More Appointments & Referrals
From The People You've Met

Dear Business Owner:

Here's how we'll help you get more business from your database with The Vyral Marketing Plan.

You simply must ask for email addresses, record 2 educational videos a month, and call the people who watch your videos. It takes 30 minutes a month of your time. We do everything else for you, report back to you when it’s complete, and track your results so you know how well your marketing is working. Your dedicated Success Coach will be your point of contact to make sure you succeed on The Vyral Marketing Plan.

When you hire our firm, you'll immediately start a 30 day custom build process for a one time fee of $1995. We build your personalized blog, conduct keyword research, set up your social media, and more so you enjoy professional online presence. You'll speak with your Success Coach weekly during this time with the goal of launching your first video to your database within 30 days of your enrollment. Minimal time is required of you.

Then, you'll speak with your Success Coach once a month on a scheduled call to complete your webcam interview, update your email database, and review your results. We do all the ongoing video editing, writing, optimization, promotion, and testimonial gathering for $550 a month with a 1 year minimum commitment (you may cancel anytime if you're not happy with our service). If you're unhappy with our service, we are happy to refund any money that's fair after a full review of the situation. Everything is included, and you get unlimited video editing.

Once you master The Vyral Marketing Plan of building an email list, sending 2 educational videos a month to your database, and calling the people who watch your videos to proactively look for business; we'll help you implement 1 extra marketing strategy a month at no additional charge. These strategies include email drip campaigns, live online events, securing vendors sponsorships and more.

We invite you to review Vyral Marketing client examples, including success stories of our great clients to learn the results you can expect. Then when you're ready, request a complimentary marketing consultation so we can learn about your business and discuss how Vyral Marketing can help you maximize the value of your customer and prospect database.

We look forward to working with you.
- The Team at Vyral Marketing

You Get Everything Listed Below:

One-on-One Marketing Coaching
Personalized Video Blog
Professional Video Editing
Professional Email Broadcasts
Professional Article Writing
Online Reviews
Social Media Updates
iTunes Podcast
Custom Graphic Design
Keyword Planning
YouTube Video SEO
YouTube Channel Branding
Google+ Page Branding
Facebook Branding
LinkedIn Optimization
Optimized RSS Feed
Sales Lead Reports
ROI Tracking
Local Search Optimization
Email Drip Campaigns
Live Google Hangouts OnAir
Vendor Sponsorships
Recruiting & Retaining Talent
Video and Website Analytics
Customer Testimonial Gathering 

Are you a real estate professional? Get the full list of no-cost extra strategies we'll help you implement. One each month. 

Learn how to zero-cost your investment.

We'll interview you so you
know what to say in your videos

We coach you one-on-one to success. - Your Success Coach will interview you on a HD webcam once a month during your 30-minute appointment to record two short educational Q&A videos. You’ll receive topic suggestions and coaching so you know what to say in your videos based on what’s working for our clients. You’ll speak with your Success Coach at least once a month during a scheduled phone call and receive at least a weekly update on the status of your marketing so you always know what’s going on.

Watch an example webcam interview:

You get a personalized
video blog built for you

We’ll build you a customized video blog.  Your video blog can compliment your website or replace your existing one. The design is simple, clean, and responsive for enjoyable reading on all devices. Your video blog is designed with the only purpose to capture leads so when a prospect visits your video blog they request an appointment or buy from you.

Cobb County Real Estate Video Blog
Tacoma and Pierce County WA Real Estate Video Blog
Six Figure Real Estate Coaching & Training Blog
RisingHy Hot Sauce
Omaha Metro Real Estate Video Blog

 You get unlimited video editing
so you look professional

We edit your videos for you. Each video includes an animation package with your logo at the beginning and end, a lower third with your contact information, brightness and sound correction, background music upon request, precise cuts to remove unwanted footage, and text to emphasize key points so you look professional and hold your prospect’s attention online. *You get unlimited video editing, so record as many videos as you like.

We sync your audio to your speech
We add a lower third with your name and contact
We zoom in if you're too far away
We remove background noise
We brighten and color correct your video
We add background music
We add interesting b-roll pictures or video
We edit together different scenes or takes
We edit out pauses with jump cuts
We add words to the screen to emphasize points
We can add a clock countdown
We adjust your audio so it's strong
We can replace a green screen with an image
We can create a montage for your photos
We add screenshots of your call to actions
We include an intro and outro animation package
We improve the smoothness and quality of your skin

We write, proofread, and
send your emails for you

We write and send your emails for you. We send a personal, yet professional mobile friendly custom written email to your database to promote each educational video. We write curious subject lines, benefit driven headlines, and compelling teaser copy so people stop reading their email and watch your video. All emails include powerful calls-to-action, your contact information, and recent customer testimonials or success stories so immediate action is taken to contact you. *We’ll send up to 20,000 emails a month included in your fee, additional emails can be sent for $3.63 per 1,000.

An Interview with Jack Pietenpol of Diabetic Outreach
Do You Know What Waterfront Properties Will Cost You?
Q1 Market Update for San Luis Obispo Real Estate Predicts a Stable Summer
Understanding Credit is Key to Having Financial Stability
Exhaust Fans: How Can You Properly Vent Your Bathroom This Winter?

We summarize your videos
into blog posts for search

We write your blog posts for you. We’ll watch your video and write an intelligent summary of what you said to compliment your video on your blog and improve search engine optimization. All articles include a strong, benefit driven headline, tight business-like writing free of grammar and spelling mistakes, mobile friendly formatting, graphical highlighting so it’s easy to read online, and a call to action to do business with you. *You get two articles and emails written a month included in your fee.  Additional writing is $75 per hour.

We optimize review sites so
you stand out from competitors   

We’ll set up your online review sites correctly. Google Places and Yelp!, among other review sites, are just a few of the many places your customers go to leave positive and negative reviews about your business. We’ll make sure these online review sites are 100% complete with search optimized descriptions and compelling pictures so you show up when prospects search for you. You’ll also receive coaching how to respond to negative reviews and encourage more positive reviews to consistently grow and improve your online reputation.

 We update all your social media
accounts for you

We update your social media for you. We’ll update your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ accounts for you with a compelling status update, with either a link to your video or hosting by direct upload, that’s perfectly formatted for maximum engagement so you get more likes and shares to reach more people.  Each update is 100% authentic and personal for your audience.

Your videos are syndicated
to an iTunes Podcast

We’ll create and run a podcast for you. We’ll create your own branded podcast placed in iTunes optimized to get found by the iTunes community. Each video you create is automatically updated to iTunes for a potential audience of 800 million people. We’ll also include a “Download on iTunes” graphic on your website to build trust, creditability, and authority with premium content placement.

Team Lally Hawaii Real Estate Podcast by Adrienne Lally
Madison Wisconsin Real Estate Podcast by Jo Ferraro
Calgary Real Estate Podcast by Max Nizamov
Northern Virginia Real Estate Podcast by Chris Colgan
Tacoma Washington Real Estate Podcast by Nic Lind
Pittsburgh Real Estate Video Podcast with Judi Sayhay

All your graphics are designed
professionally by us

We design all web graphics for you. When prospects or customers visit your website, talk to you on social media, leave an online review, receive an email, or find you anywhere online you’ll project a consistent brand image to maintain trust and professionalism. You’ll receive professionally branded graphics for your website and social media accounts with unlimited revisions until we achieve the brand you want to project so you attract the customer you want.

We'll research the best keywords
so you get found online
We’ll use the best keywords so you get found. When you hire us, we’ll find the most common phrases your prospects are using to search for you online. These keyword phrases will be included in everything we publish for you so you maximize your chances of being on the first page of search results. If you’re interested in starting an online advertising campaign (Adwords), these keywords will be a great place to start for your bidding strategy.

Your videos will be optimized
to rank in search engines

We’ll make sure your videos get found. We upload every video to YouTube with a compelling title, a keyword phrase at the beginning, a search optimized description, your contact information, and InPlay branding so search engines have everything they need to show your video in your prospect’s search results. Videos are embedded on your blog and promoted to your database by email and social media for backlinks and faster exposure, too. *Closed captioning is available upon request at $1 per minute.

Your YouTube will
be professionally branded

We’ll fully brand your YouTube Channel. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. Prospects go to Google to find a product or service, and they search YouTube when they need an expert. Not only will your individual videos be fully search optimized to show up on Google, so will your YouTube Channel. You get InPlay Branding, search optimized playlists, a channel trailer to get more subscribers, and custom written “About Me’ content so prospects see all of your videos and know how  to contact you to do business.

Your Google+ will be
professionally branded

We’ll fully brand your Google+ page. Gmail has over 425 million users and Google is still the worlds #1 search engine. Google+ is a powerful, yet often overlooked social network that puts you directly in a Gmail inbox and enhances your search results when prospects search for you online. We’ll make sure your Google+ page is 100% optimized and post your videos there so you get maximum exposure.

Jason Secor Google+ Page
Kevin Yoder Google+ Page
Eroc Burch Google+ Page
Connie Carlson Google+ Page
Saul Zenkevicius Google+ Page

Your Facebook will be
professionally branded

We’ll fully brand your Facebook page.  You’ll get custom cover artwork, unique pages for your most important call to actions, and fully updated “About Me” content so people know where you are, what you do, and how you can help them on Facebook. We’ll promote all your videos on Facebook and invite your entire customer and prospect database to “like” your page. Ask your Success Coach about contests, questions, and games for your audience to create more engagement.

Robbie Breaux & Team Facebook Page
Louisville Real Estate with the Sokoler Medley Team Facebook Page
The Smith Team Real Estate Facebook Page 
Marty Millner - Coldwell Banker Hearthside Facebook Page
Black Clover Fitness Facebook Page

 Your Twitter Will Be
Professionally Branded

Brett Jennings Real Estate Experts Twitter
Douglas Tucker Twitter

Your LinkedIn will be optimized
so people can find you

We’ll make sure prospects find you on LinkedIn. We’ll make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% updated with your best videos, pictures, website links, “About Me” content, a search optimized title, and your first recommendations so when prospects search LinkedIn for an expert they find you. Only invite the people you know to connect with you on LinkedIn, however we’ll export the email addresses of all your LinkedIn connections, invite them to like your Facebook page, and include them on your video email broadcasts for additional exposure.

Your blog will syndicate via RSS
so it's easy to subscribe

We’ll make sure it’s easy to subscribe to your blog.  RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it’s a method so anyone with any device and any RSS software can get instant updates on new videos or articles posted on your website. We’ll promote your blog updates through premium RSS services so your audience can quickly and easily get fully descriptive updates immediately when new content is posted to your blog.

You'll get the names of people
watching your videos for follow up

We’ll tell you who watched your videos. We can track who in your email database opens your emails and clicks links. A few days after your email broadcast, we’ll send you a customized report with a simplified and easy to read call sheet so you can quickly follow up with interested prospects in your database. You’ll receive coaching on how to make these calls and what to say for results. These “open and click” reports are the core of The Vyral Marketing Plan.

We'll track your ROI so you
know how we'll it's all working

We’ll track your marketing ROI. You’ll want to know how many sales you’ve generated by hiring Vyral Marketing. Upon our hire we’ll help you review your financials to establish a revenue baseline, and then track your incremental new sales volume on your monthly call with your Success Coach. Ask us how we’ll track direct return on investment (ROI) based on your business and industry so you know how well your marketing is working.

ROI Tracking Worksheet
You'll show up in local search
results for your name

We’ll help you show up for local search results.  If you search for “your business category + city” your business must show up in the local search results on the first page. We’ll make sure your most important local profiles are 100% optimized and your business address is concisely formatted across your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Places, and Yelp! so Google is more likely to show your business since it’s confident in your correct address.  *Foursquare, Superpages, Infogroup, Localeze, Factual, CitySearch, Best of the Web, Bing, Hotfrog, Yellow Pages, Yahoo!, and Acxiom optimization are available for a $49 annual fee.

We'll implement email drips
for improved lead conversion

We’ll set up email drip campaigns for you. While the Vyral Marketing Plan calls for sending two timely educational videos to your entire database every two weeks, you’ll also want very specific customer welcome or lead conversion sequences set up for each type of customer you serve so you improve your customer experience and convert more leads to appointments or sales. We’ll help you write these campaigns, set them up in an email autoresponder, and show you how to add an email address to the campaign so a series of highly targeted emails send at a pre-determined time intervals (ex. Day 1, Day 3, Day 7 etc) without your work.

We'll help you hold live events
w/ Google Hangouts OnAir

We’ll help you hold an online event. If you have a lot of content to share, a live event is the best way since it requires your audience to schedule an appointment to watch. It’s also completely authentic and you can answer questions in real time. We’ll help you set up and promote Google Hangouts OnAir so you can interact with many people at once to leverage your time and generate leads for your business. The Hangouts are recorded and added to your blog and YouTube Channel.

We'll help you secure sponsor
revenue from vendors

Include your mortgage and preferred vendors on your video blog with interviews or dedicated sections on your blog. Since you're including them in your marketing you're giving them "proportional representation" in your marketing agreement. We recommend you ask your vendors to cover up to half of your annual Vyral Marketing fee since they will be included in half of your marketing. Check with your attorney before accepting any vendor payments.

We'll help you recruit and retain
talent for your team

We’ll help you improve recruiting and talent retention.  You’ll draw talent to you to with a separate blog just about the careers at your business, An internal company blog only for your organization will help you better communicate with and lead your team. We’ll help you make coaching and training videos on how to be a successful employee or associate at your company, and promote them to recruits or your employees so you can better communicate the value you provide to those who work for you. This is a great way to recruit salespeople to your sales team.

Real Estate Careers in Palm Beach
Real Estate Careers in New Haven
Deeb Realty
Real Estate Careers in Charlotte
San Diego Real Estate Careers

You will know how well you're
performing with analytics

We track the performance of everything we do. Every month you will know how many people came to your website, where those people are coming from, and how many people watched your videos – just a few of the many many interesting statistics we track. Your Success Coach will do a screen share with you on your monthly Success Call upon request to help you better understand the reports Google and YouTube provide so you know what your marketing is doing allowing you to make smarter decisions.

We call your customers to 
get more online reviews for you

Customer Testimonial Gathering - We'll call your customers and interview them on a recorded line about their success so you get more reviews on Trulia, Zillow and Yelp!. We'll summarize the interview, post it along with the recording on your website, and encourage your customers to post the written review on your review sites (and post on THEIR Facebook) to build your brand. We'll also ask if Vyral Marketing influenced their decision to do business with you so you can track your return on investment.

How we helped Stephen sell his home for over asking price with our excellent marketing
How we helped Lillian with her real estate needs with our extensive knowledge
How we went out of our way to help Farida with her real estate needs
How we helped Alan sell his home with our unique tactics
How we helped Debra sell her home in 11 days for her asking price by going above and beyond