How it Works

We do all the work - it takes no more
than 30 minutes a month of your time

Press play to watch a 5 minute overview:

We BUILD your blog
We INTERVIEW you on a webcam
We EDIT your video*
We OPTIMIZE it on YouTube
We PUT it on your blog
We WRITE an article to go with it
We EMAIL your video to your database
We UPDATE all your social media
We TELL YOU who to follow up with
We TRACK your return on investment
We COLLECT customer testimonials
We COACH you to success

*You get unlimited video editing

We'll interview you so it's 
easy to record your videos

You'll set one monthly appointment with your Vyral Success Coach to complete a short webcam interview to answer 2 questions (at a minimum) on an HD webcam.

You'll know exactly what to 
say in your videos for results

We'll provide you with sample topics, outlines and example videos from other top professionals around the country so you know exactly what to say when it's time for your monthly video interview.

See Example Topics From Our Clients So
You Get Great Ideas for Your Videos

 You get unlimited video editing
so you look professional

1. 5-8 second animation intro with your logo
2. An intro title bar with your full contact information
3. Adjustment of brightness, contrast, and sound levels
4. Complimentary background music of your choice
5. B-roll of pictures or videos (ex. community, homes, etc)
6. Call-outs with text overlays to emphasize points
7. Cuts and edits to remove unwanted footage
8. An outro slide with your logo

You get a personalized
video blog built for you

Here are example video blogs you'll get complete with your educational videos, lead capture, testimonials, and anything else you need for a highly effective website designed to attract clients.

We write, proofread, and
send your emails for you

We'll write a simple and personalized email and send it to your entire email database for you to promote your videos. You'll also get a report of everyone who clicks through to watch it so you can follow up.

Get found when your 
videos rank in search engines

Your videos are optimized for local search terms so when prospects search your name or your location, there's a good chance your videos will come up among the first results on Google.

We call your customers to 
get more online reviews for you

We'll call your customers and interview them on a recorded line about their success so you get rmore reviews on Trulia, Zillow and Yelp!. We'll summarize the interview, post it along with the recording on your website, and encourage your customers to post the written review on your review sites (and post on THEIR Facebook) to build your brand. We'll also ask if Vyral Marketing influenced their decision to do business with you so you can track your return on investment.

Press play to listen to example customer testimonial interviews:

Tip #1: Reduce your fee by 
including your vendors or partners

Include your mortgage and preferred vendors on your video blog with interviews or dedicated sections on your blog. Since you're including them in your marketing you're giving them "proportional representation" in your marketing agreement. We recommend you ask your vendors to cover up to half of your annual Vyral Marketing fee since they will be included in half of your marketing. Check with your RESPA attorney before accepting any vendor payments.

Press play to watch the mortgage interview:

Tip #2: We'll hire a local video
professional to record your videos (optional)

While a HD webcam is perfect and all you need to make your educational videos for your past clients and sphere of influence, we'll hire a local video professional in your area to help you make home video tours or community tours that captivate buyers and sellers emotionally, if you prefer.

Press play to watch the professional community tour video:

Tip #3: Start a recruiting blog
to attract top sales talent to your office

We'll run a second agent recruiting video blog where we'll help you publish testimonials from your agents on why they work for you, excerpts from your sales meetings, and educational topics to help salespeople increase their production. We'll target local salespeople and Realtors so you're top of mind when a top salesperson is looking for a career change. For more details, read this press release: "Real Estate Expert Jon Carbutti Puts a New Twist on Vyral Marketings Video Blog Program to Formulate "Slam-Dunk" Agent Recruitment Program"

Press play to watch the recruiting video:

You get a free HD webcam 
and lamp when you sign up

When you sign up you'll get all the video equipment you need to look and sound great. Here's the webcam and light you'll get delivered to you within a few days. We'll walk you through on a call how to get it all set up so it's working effortlessly. We're going to ship you everything you need so there's no time required of you.

Its easy as 1-2-3 to launch 
Vyral Marketing in 30 days!

Here are the 3 things we need from you within 30 days to launch. Export all your database(s) to us once a month (we auto de-duplicate), schedule a monthly time with your Vyral Success Coach to record your videos, and call the people who watch your videos with the scripts we give you - that's it!

1. Your email database(s)
2. Your picture and logo
3. Your first two videos