What Clients Are Saying...

"To have a good business, you’re going to have to send money somewhere. If you’re going to market towards people you already know, it’s great to invest in a place that’s very organized and very professional. That’s a reflection on your business and your professionalism." - Larry Martin (Real Estate Professional)

"I knew it was important, I knew I had to be relevant. I’m not one to go on about myself, on Facebook, about how great of a real estate agent I am. When everything's said and done, people work with people they like and who are like-minded people. They know I’m a real estate agent, I don’t need to tell them." - Mario Romero (Real Estate Professional)

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"There are more benefits than just the video. Can I stand in front of a camera, shoot a video, and send it out? Yes, I can. There’s more benefit to that. I love the newsletters, I feel confident, there’s also the validity inside my own team leader industry." - Kathy Moore (Real Estate Professional)

“I have had probably five different calls for inquiries in that time, which I’m sure will grow as I grow my database and spread out. $550 a month for what you do is a great price. Bang for the buck is really strong. This is one piece of marketing that I feel is very strong and very complimentary. I’ve done the marketing stuff with Facebook and Linkedin, but you’ve got to do video. That’s where it’s at now. It’s the future.” - Thomas E. Scott (CPA)

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 "Vyral is a great vehicle to get face-to-face - or at least, people feel like it’s face-to-face with those surveys I take - more so than if you just send them an email with some information or send some recipes. The great thing about it is that it only takes me five minutes to do a video, and it makes one heck of an impression out there. I love the vehicle of it. I was looking for something where I didn’t have to go in, create my own platform, and when I found Vyral Marketing, it was nothing short of a prayer answered for me." - Dale Ross (Real Estate Professional)

"I guess I was more or less running my own watered-down version of what it is you guys do for my team now in 6 different markets and 5 different states. With Vyral....the engagement we're having and the conversations are so much more powerful. I'm fairly confident I'll be able to tell you that the 4 deals a month from our database turned into 8 or 12. What I love most is that you guys are always reaching out to me. It's not just about quality of service, but about a message I should consider or a way to tweak my video. I love that!" - Brian Gubernick (Real Estate Professional)

"The credibility of marketing I've been doing has created a synergy that makes me the guy people want to use. I can sense that I was the chosen real estate agent amongst many because of that credibility I just described to you. When people are ready, they are looking as not just another guy sending marketing material, but as an expert." - John Teixeria (Real Estate Professional)

"In our first year, we had 8x ROI, and this is just on our video blog. Another crazy thing is that we get business from older agents closer to retirement that see our videos and bring us clients. Now we're looking to buy the businesses from these aging agents." - Tad Wicker (Real Estate Professional)

"One of my videos went out [and] I got an email from a past client and a phone call from him the next day before I could even call him back. We sold their townhome...that was almost instant. I've had more pipeline listing appointments than I've ever had. [Vyral Marketing] puts me on a schedule with deadlines and taking me out of the ability to say yes or no to a video." - Jodie Osofsky (Real Estate Professional)

"What I didn't realize is that what Vyral allows me to do is communicate with our past clients, our sphere of influence, people in our database. It's just great database marketing and there's something about being able to eloquently explain or even make it fun. Our videos are goofy. I don't want someone watching a video get bored. I want to be educational and catch their attention. I want to engage with whatever we're sending them." - Wes Madden (Real Estate Professional)

"I was burning out energy wise and I liked that Vyral was a) going to get in touch with my database in a professional way regularly and b) it was something to build. The first year, I did well and made money with Vyral...I had a lot of ego-based videos. When I went into the second year and became more educational, it was a different type of video and it was more interesting. As a result, the database themselves started responding better. At this point, the return is huge. I want to say we're talking like a 25X ROI." - Rene Ahmad (Real Estate Professional)

"We've loved the program from day one. We've had very good success. We just really needed to implement video to step up our game. We had one client who's literally watched every single video. That one deal - it'll be $600,000. [Another] customer contacted me two weeks find a townhouse. He's looking for up to $300,000 so combined we're looking at almost $1M in closed sales from just sending out a few videos." - Nick Sakkis (Real Estate Professional)

"I was making videos on my own before I hired you guys, but I found I was not being consistent with it and I wasn’t getting it out the right way. You guys took it off my plate and I have been consistent. I’m always writing down ideas of what I want to do. I’ll make note of questions clients ask me and I’m constantly trying to think of new things. We did 70 transactions in 2014. In 2015, we did 149 transactions. We doubled our business and a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are providing consistent follow-up to our database. - Connie Carlson (Real Estate Professional)

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"I think I have got five transactions either pending or closed that have come directly from these videos. I just closed one last week and the commission was about 1.5x what I pay for the entire year for Vyral. I didn't know signing up how many things outside of video producing Vyral does.....I have been much more aware of all the other opportunities out there and what other agents are are by far looking to meet and exceed expectations......I have already referred three or four agents your way." - Nate Randleman (Real Estate Professional)

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"We get comments from people and hear from them talking to us about our blog, or thanking us for putting new information out. The referrals that we get from people who have seen our blog is more of a retention tool for us. It’s really something to help maintain people so they have more confidence with us. And then for the agents out there, it reinforces for them “Hey this is a great home builder that I can trust.” It is a sales tool as well, but it really is a retention thing." - Heidi Stodola (Marketing Manager at Charleston Homes)

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 "We just got an incredible testimonial from someone on our Facebook page that we did not expect at all. It absolutely floored us. Part of it was our relationship with them, but part of it was also from staying in front of them with the Vyral product. With 30 years of business, and tools like yours, we are staying at the front of people's minds." - Bill Black (Real Estate Professional)

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"As a team leader [recruiter], we do 40-60 appointments every single month and when you're meeting with that many agents, you're only going to hire 10-20 of them. Over the course of year, you have met with more agents you didn't hire than ones you have. I had an experience where a top agent who did about $10 million last year out of the blue emails me and tells me he's ready to join us, all because I've stayed in touch with him. I had forgotten all about him honestly, but my marketing didn't." - Jerimiah Taylor (Real Estate Professional)

"[My clients say] they hear my name all over the place, and that I'm just the guy to call. That's what's been happening. So you guys are definitely a facet of that. The emails just reiterate the fact that we're the right choice in this area. I know it's working. People are talking about the videos and emailing me back." - Shawn Anderson (Real Estate Professional)

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 "It's definitely cementing awareness with people. I'm a lot more familiar with my database. I can definitely attribute about a listing a month to Vyral. There's been a few, maybe four, who've gotten an email and called me to list a home. I had no other contact with them other than the email. My fear was that my content was not going to be good enough. You think you can do this, but when you actually go to do it, you don't know if you can until you've done it. So far, it's been fantastic." - Leigh Marcus (Real Estate Professional)

"We have an agent named Rhonda. About a year ago, she gave me a call and asked to meet. She was with another company, she wasn't overly satisfied there, and she had seen the videos, so she felt like she knew me. Shortly after that meeting, she signed up with us. She's consistently doing about two sales a month, and that more than pays for my monthly membership with Vyral." - John Huebner (Real Estate Professional)

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"About 15% of my business has come from internet marketing. When they read my online reviews, they'll Google me and find my vlog. Then they start watching videos! A lot of people are just saying, "Come list my house." When I ask them if they're interviewing any other agents, a lot of them say no. They get a sense of comfort after they watch my videos. Thanks to the videos, they can see the way I operate and how my team operates as well." - Monique Walker (Real Estate Professional)

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"It's totally an inbound lead from a Vyral video on Facebook. I just got off the phone yesterday with someone who's seen every single one of my videos on YouTube, and they were so honored and surprised to be able to talk to me on the phone. They thought that I was a local celebrity, and I would have people answering the phones for me. They are first-time home buyers. They had no idea where to start out, and thanks to the videos, they were dead-set on working with me." - Andrew Lamb (Real Estate Professional)

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  "You guys do a great job of sending me the analytics of who is actually watching the videos, who's clicking on the home search or home value links, and all of that. I keep all of those things in a separate sheet, and at the end of the year, we go through, and I can actually see where the actual lead came from and how they got back to us. We've been compiling that information and it's been a decent return." - Mike Sroka (Real Estate Professional)

 "I have sellers and past clients who call me to say that they follow my videos. You've helped me grow my business, and you keep me in contact with past and current clients. The least expensive lead you could ever have is a past client. Videos are another level of connecting to them. For those of you who are thinking about joining Vyral and have it on the back burner - put it on the front burner. I've been selling a lot of homes. In terms of ROI, I know that we're touching base because people will call and ask about the educational videos. Add everything together, and, as a team, we're going to sell close to 400 homes this year. That's because we're going in the right direction with video and making it work." - Bob Sokoler (Real Estate Professional)

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"The biggest benefit so far is that it has given me credibility for my sphere and my database. People who are in my sphere might not have called me before because they know several agents, and now they are calling me. I attribute that to the credibility that my informational videos have given me. I also have a bunch of real estate agents in my database, and some of them have told me that they're forwarding my videos to their clients! You guys are doing a great job, but I didn't think my part in the videos were that great. Since you guys make me look so good, people are giving me compliments left and right. They really enjoy the videos." - John Teixeira (Real Estate Professional)

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"Get it done. Go hire Vyral, and start doing that. If you think you're going to do it yourself, it will never happen. You might make a couple videos, but then you'll stop. When you have Vyral, they will help you produce the videos. They keep you accountable. Your coach will make you make the videos so that you can get your message out." - Saul Zenkevicius (Real Estate Professional)

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  "We never thought we could do a video in less than 30 minutes. It took us an hour to do a test video ourselves. Chris said we could do it in 30 minutes. He told us to trust the system, and he's made amazing videos for us. Even this last one, the email campaign - I wanted to send a video, but he said we're going to do this campaign. Trust the system. And this morning, we get two listing leads." - Pamala Spivey (Real Estate Professional)

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 "I think we hit 8,000 people in our database, and every email has the home valuation link on there. We've probably listed between six and eight homes from people who clicked on the home valuation link over the past year. We're looking at $30,000 or $40,000 in commission income for the company just on those links that people have clicked on. I [also] send a coaching video out to every agent in my market every two weeks. She sent me a referral for a $160,000 condo, and she didn't even want a referral fee. She just said she watched my videos and she figured I was the best guy to handle it. That was huge." - Kevin Clancy (Real Estate Professional)

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 "I haven't run the hard numbers yet, but there's no doubt that we're getting as much or more ROI than we ever imagined. We felt that Vyral would be a game changer from the beginning, and that's been proven right. I would be very surprised if we weren't running at least a 10x ROI." - Tad Wicker (Real Estate Professional)