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"Reaching our past clients is huge for us right now. The program is an extra touch and a great way to stay in contact with past clients. It's a great way to build relationships with people without having to call every single one of them. I fought it for a while but in the end it just makes sense."

- Adam Briley, Realtor

“I get 3-5 leads per video when it goes out to my database. Vyral Marketing pays for itself – I cannot stop doing this. And I say this politely – they are always harassing me to get my stuff done, be a better mortgage marketer, get expertise to my clients, and think about how to stay in better touch with my clients.”

- Terry Williams, Mortgage Professional

“We’re at a 20x ROI because I’m better positioned as an expert, and if that consistently goes on, it’s a no brainer. Vyral Marketing goes way beyond the videos, they have become a mentor.”

- Thomas March, Realtor

“I have nearly TRIPLED the return on investment from my past client database – Vyral Marketing is one thing I am definitely going to continue for a long time. Talk to people who have used it, you’re going to see results.”

- Andrew Altman, Realtor

“I’m getting phone calls from random people who find me online because my name is coming up all over the place on YouTube videos and search results. It’s the first time in 10 years I’m getting calls from branding on the internet.”

- Connie Carlson, Realtor

“Our database is our highest ROI lead source. We’re killing it with the percentage of people who come to the live events - given the smaller size of our list - because the content we produce is so real and valuable. Vyral Marketing is a no brainer if you want to communicate your expertise to a targeted audience.”

- Todd Tramonte, Business Coach

"Now I’m getting at least 1 extra deal per month (worth about a $12,000 commission) from Vyral Marketing - that’s about 35 or 40 deals a year total from my past client and center of influence database. It takes about an hour a month. Just go for for it, it's pretty easy!"

- Christy Morrison, Realtor

“I literally started my business from scratch. You've revolutionized my life from the standpoint of lead generation because I provide very good content with your help, people watch it, and they buy on their timing. I have invoiced over $235,000 year to date with the help of Vyral Marketing.”

- John Pyke, Founder of The Talent Genius

“Vyral Marketing will help you build a sustainable business with a high level, personal database touch without having to pick up the phone. In 30mins a month I shoot 2 educational videos and 2 sales recruiting videos; then I’m done. I use Vyral Marketing in my business and you should, too.”

- Lars Hedenborg, Realtor & Business Coach

"Vyral Marketing has been a game changer, first with my real estate video blog, and now with my agent training video blog."

- Jon Carbutti, Realtor

"I know I've taken listings because of my Vyral Marketing videos; my name recognition is up and I noticed a distinct increase in out of town and out of area inquiries."

- Hal Sweasey, Realtor

"The market expert attracts business. Our database is our #1 source. Last month alone it was 41% of our business; that's a closing every 48 hours from referral and repeat sales. We hired Vyral Marketing to better leverage ours, and we highly recommend you do, too."

- Jay Kinder & Michael Reese

"If you are sending information to your database of Past Clients, Prospects and Sphere of Influence I would recommend you hire VYRAL MARKETING to help! They will post videos and articles on your Real Geeks Blog which will drive traffic to your site and boost sales! If you are not sending something of value... you are wasting your time and money!"

- Jeff Manson, Founder of Real Geeks

“I get at least 3 or 4 prospects calling me back after every video. My last email alone generated 3 new listings! Vyral tells me what topics people want, so I know what works.”

- Mike Roth, Realtor

“Last year I went from 40 to 75 transactions, my best year EVER thanks largely to viral marketing. My Success Coach keeps me current on topics; and it’s given me considerable local notoriety – I’m very pleased.”

- Michael Joseph, Realtor

“Vyral Marketing has helped tremendously with our branding. I don’t want to be doing expensive mailers, knocking on doors, and making cold calls. This gets more eyeballs than postcards – my inbound calls are up."

- Chris Morton, Realtor

“I get a $525 a month employee to do all this for me? That’s dirt cheap - my time is too valuable to do this myself. Vyral Marketing is one of the most affordable partners I work with – I get value out of every penny.”

- Dean Miller, Realtor

"In 45 days I have 7 deals directly from Vyral Marketing for $84,000 in commissions. That’s measurable ROI; and the affluent crowd I thought wouldn't like my videos are the people sharing them!"

- Ken Pozek, Realtor

"I’ll generate at least 24 sales directly from Vyral Marketing this year, even internet leads I've never spoken to are hiring me. This has immediate impact; the fee is ‘pennies’ to get this automatically implemented."

- Jeremy Larkin, Realtor

"Literally, in only 1 month I have over $7,000 pending commissions from my videos. Every time I do a video I get phone calls - it’s been one of the most effective marketing decisions I’ve made hands-down."

- Scott Ashbaugh, Realtor

"In only 6 months I brought in $41,000 directly from Vyral Marketing for a 12x ROI. It's a no brainer - I get a lot more response than anything else."

- Scott Himelstein, Realtor

"Literally, we’ve seen immediate results from people we’ve never even spoken to. We’re 6 months in and we’ll close 14 deals directly from Vyral Marketing. It’s an unbelievable ROI."

- Lorie Gould, Realtor

"We received 180 registrations along with numerous direct email responses and set 11 appointments just off one email. This gets people to reach out to us."

- Chris Myers, Realtor

"I can tell you right now my business has doubled since I started working with you guys."

- Andy Sachs, Realtor

"My database business went from 18% to 45% and Vyral Marketing is the only thing I've done differently."

- Justin Woodall, Realtor

"I'm definitely getting my ROI back - it's the best marketing I've done so far. I'm getting calls from people who have seen my videos who probably who would have never called me."

- Doug Leugers, Realtor

"In 30 minutes I can record two videos, and my job is done for the month, I could not accomplish what I accomplish any other way."

- Lee Tessier, Realtor

"Vyral Marketing does everything for us, including writing the scripts we use, so the consistency is guaranteed."

- Dan Hamilton, Realtor

"Vyral Marketing is one of my top 3 best ROI’s that we have at Treu Group Real Estate. Vyral has become a real business asset to our company."

- Lisa Treu, Realtor

"It shows our customers and potential customers that we offer everything they need related to auto repair except body work and transmissions."

- Rick Bettger, Owner of House of Mufflers and Brakes

"The value we're getting from the Vyral Marketing video series goes beyond the ROI, which is significant."

- Corey Cain, Owner of Black Clover Fitness

"This elevated our inquiries almost immediately, the ROI actually exceeded expectations which allowed us to relax and gave us the freedom to enjoy the process and make it our own."

- Adrienne Lally, Realtor

"With the exception of actually filming the short video spots, Vyral Marketing takes care of all the rest of the work; I upload the video to them, and I'm done."

- Mitch Schwartz, Realtor

"Just on the last video sent out we had 30 leads and ended up setting 6-7 appointments off it, and that's just 1 contest!"

- Mitch Schwartz, Realtor

"I've gone from 44 to over 100 deals this year without any more cold outbound prospecting because of this improved marketing and branding."

- Monica Diaz, Realtor

"I can tell you this my return on investment has been well over 10x, it is a core piece of our marketing strategy when it comes to ROI."

- Jeff Quintin, Realtor

"I made a decision to get rid of the excess fat in my expenses, and there was a lot, but I wouldn't cut Vyral no matter what."

- Kyle Miller, Realtor

"It was only up for four days and we started getting leads, just right away. And we didn't have this kind of presence before, so I know that this is what it's from."

- Roxie Robertson, Realtor

"Greg simply followed the 2 videos a month plan and has seen a solid return of 3-6 listings per month directly from keeping up with his database in this way."

- Greg Sisson, Realtor

"I am closing an additional one or two loans per month as a result of the videos they coach me on."

- Jan Leasure, Mortgage Professional