We hold a formal review with you every three months to review your results. When we hear good news, we ask to record the phone call and post it here. We post only our best client success stories. These are not average results - your results may vary. Listen to the interviews below, and watch our Google Hangouts, to learn how to maximize your video marketing so you too see results like our clients below.

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How Realtor Mario Romero Gets Referrals Through Community Highlight Videos

""I knew it was important, I knew I had to be relevant. I’m not one to go on about myself, on Facebook, about how great of a real estate agent I am. When everything's said and done, people work with people they like and who are like-minded people. They know I’m a real estate agent, I don’t need to tell them."

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How Kathy Moore Grew Her Team to 150 Agents with the Help of Video
"There are more benefits than just the video. Can I stand in front of a camera, shoot a video, and send it out? Yes, I can. There’s more benefit to that. I love the newsletters, I feel confident, there’s also the validity inside my own team leader industry."

How CPA Thomas Scott Got 4 Clients Within the First 4 Months With Video
“I have had probably five different calls for inquiries in that time, which I’m sure will grow as I grow my database and spread out. $550 a month for what you do is a great price. Bang for the buck is really strong. This is one piece of marketing that I feel is very strong and very complimentary. I’ve done the marketing stuff with Facebook and Linkedin, but you’ve got to do video. That’s where it’s at now. It’s the future.”

How Realtor Dale Ross Achieved 10X ROI With His Videos
"Vyral is a great vehicle to get face-to-face - or at least, people feel like it’s face-to-face with those surveys I take - more so than if you just send them an email with some information or send some recipes. The great thing about it is that it only takes me five minutes to do a video, and it makes one heck of an impression out there. I love the vehicle of it. I was looking for something where I didn’t have to go in, create my own platform, and when I found Vyral Marketing, it was nothing short of a prayer answered for me."

How Realtor Brian Gubernick Used Video to Connect With His Database Across 6 Markets
"I guess I was more or less running my own watered-down version of what it is you guys do for my team now in 6 different markets and 5 different states. With Vyral....the engagement we're having and the conversations are so much more powerful. I'm fairly confident I'll be able to tell you that the 4 deals a month from our database turned into 8 or 12. What I love most is that you guys are always reaching out to me. It's not just about quality of service, but about a message I should consider or a way to tweak my video. I love that!"
- Brian Gubernick
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How Realtor John Teixeria Became The Go-To Expert Wtih Video
"The credibility of marketing I've been doing has created a synergy that makes me the guy people want to use. I can sense that I was the chosen real estate agent amongst many because of that credibility I just described to you. When people are ready, they are looking as not just another guy sending marketing material, but as an expert."
- John Teixeria
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How Realtor Tad Wicker Achieved 8X ROI With His Video Blog
"In our first year, we had 8x ROI, and this is just on our video blog. Another crazy thing is that we get business from older agents closer to retirement that see our videos and bring us clients. Now we're looking to buy the businesses from these aging agents."

How How Realtor Jodie Osofsky Got Instant ROI and More Listing Appointments With Video
"One of my videos went out [and] I got an email from a past client and a phone call from him the next day before I could even call him back. We sold their townhome...that was almost instant. I've had more pipeline listing appointments than I've ever had. [Vyral Marketing] puts me on a schedule with deadlines and taking me out of the ability to say yes or no to a video."
- Jodie Osofsky
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How Realtor Wes Madden Closed $1M In Sales From Just Sending Out Educational Videos
"What I didn't realize is that what Vyral allows me to do is communicate with our past clients, our sphere of influence, people in our database. It's just great database marketing and there's something about being able to eloquently explain or even make it fun. Our videos are goofy. I don't want someone watching a video get bored. I want to be educational and catch their attention. I want to engage with whatever we're sending them."

How Realtor Rene Ahmad Got 25X ROI Through Educational Videos
"I was burning out energy wise and I liked that Vyral was a) going to get in touch with my database in a professional way regularly and b) it was something to build. The first year, I did well and made money with Vyral...I had a lot of ego-based videos. When I went into the second year and became more educational, it was a different type of video and it was more interesting. As a result, the database themselves started responding better. At this point, the return is huge. I want to say we're talking like a 25X ROI."

How Realtor Nick Sakkis Closed $1M In Sales Just Sending Out Videos
""We've loved the program from day one. We've had very good success. We just really needed to implement video to step up our game. We had one client who's literally watched every single video. That one deal - it'll be $600,000. [Another] customer contacted me two weeks find a townhouse. He's looking for up to $300,000 so combined we're looking at almost $1M in closed sales from just sending out a few videos."

How Realtor Connie Carlson Doubled Sales with Video
"I was making videos on my own before I hired you guys, but I found I was not being consistent with it and I wasn’t getting it out the right way. You guys took it off my plate and I have been consistent. I’m always writing down ideas of what I want to do. I’ll make note of questions clients ask me and I’m constantly trying to think of new things. We did 70 transactions in 2014. In 2015, we did 149 transactions. We doubled our business and a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are providing consistent follow-up to our database.
- Connie Carlson
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How Nate Randleman Generated a 4x ROI in 5 months using Vyral Marketing
"I think I have got five transactions either pending or closed that have come directly from these videos. I just closed one last week and the commission was about 1.5x what I pay for the entire year for Vyral. I didn't know signing up how many things outside of video producing Vyral does.....I have been much more aware of all the other opportunities out there and what other agents are are by far looking to meet and exceed expectations......I have already referred three or four agents your way."
- Nate Randleman
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Charleston Homes Builds Client Confidence and Boosts Retention with Video
"We get comments from people and hear from them talking to us about our blog, or thanking us for putting new information out. The referrals that we get from people who have seen our blog is more of a retention tool for us. It’s really something to help maintain people so they have more confidence with us. And then for the agents out there, it reinforces for them “Hey this is a great home builder that I can trust.” It is a sales tool as well, but it really is a retention thing."
- Heidi Stodola
Marketing Manager at Charleston Homes See examples and full interview here

Why Vyral Client Bill Black Hired Us For 6+ Years to Grow His Business
"We just got an incredible testimonial from someone on our Facebook page that we did not expect at all. It absolutely floored us. Part of it was our relationship with them, but part of it was also from staying in front of them with the Vyral product. With 30 years of business, and tools like yours, we are staying at the front of people's minds."

How Recruiter Jeremiah Taylor Attracts Talent by Staying In Better Touch After Initial Meetings
"As a team leader [recruiter], we do 40-60 appointments every single month and when you're meeting with that many agents, you're only going to hire 10-20 of them. Over the course of year, you have met with more agents you didn't hire than ones you have. I had an experience where a top agent who did about $10 million last year out of the blue emails me and tells me he's ready to join us, all because I've stayed in touch with him. I had forgotten all about him honestly, but my marketing didn't."
- Jerimiah Taylor
Real Estate Recruiter See examples and full interview here

How Shawn Anderson Raised His Professional Image to Attract More Clients with Video
"[My clients say] they hear my name all over the place, and that I'm just the guy to call. That's what's been happening. So you guys are definitely a facet of that. The emails just reiterate the fact that we're the right choice in this area. I know it's working. People are talking about the videos and emailing me back."
- Shawn Anderson
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Real Estate Agent Leigh Marcus Generates 1 New Client a Month Directly From Video Marketing
"It's definitely cementing awareness with people. I'm a lot more familiar with my database. I can definitely attribute about a listing a month to Vyral. There's been a few, maybe four, who've gotten an email and called me to list a home. I had no other contact with them other than the email. My fear was that my content was not going to be good enough. You think you can do this, but when you actually go to do it, you don't know if you can until you've done it. So far, it's been fantastic."

How Real Estate Broker John Huebner Recruits Salespeople With Coaching Videos
"We have an agent named Rhonda. About a year ago, she gave me a call and asked to meet. She was with another company, she wasn't overly satisfied there, and she had seen the videos, so she felt like she knew me. Shortly after that meeting, she signed up with us. She's consistently doing about two sales a month, and that more than pays for my monthly membership with Vyral."

How Realtor Monique Walker Wins with Video When She's "Googled" by Her Prospective Clients
"About 15% of my business has come from internet marketing. When they read my online reviews, they'll Google me and find my vlog. Then they start watching videos! A lot of people are just saying, "Come list my house." When I ask them if they're interviewing any other agents, a lot of them say no. They get a sense of comfort after they watch my videos. Thanks to the videos, they can see the way I operate and how my team operates as well."
- Monique Walker
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Andrew Lamb Generates Warm Inbound Leads with Video Marketing
"It's totally an inbound lead from a Vyral video on Facebook. I just got off the phone yesterday with someone who's seen every single one of my videos on YouTube, and they were so honored and surprised to be able to talk to me on the phone. They thought that I was a local celebrity, and I would have people answering the phones for me. They are first-time home buyers. They had no idea where to start out, and thanks to the videos, they were dead-set on working with me."

How Realtor Mike Sroka Tracks Positive Video Database Marketing ROI
"You guys do a great job of sending me the analytics of who is actually watching the videos, who's clicking on the home search or home value links, and all of that. I keep all of those things in a separate sheet, and at the end of the year, we go through, and I can actually see where the actual lead came from and how they got back to us. We've been compiling that information and it's been a decent return."

How Realtor Bob Sokoler Will Sell 400 Homes This Year With The Help of Video Marketing
"I have sellers and past clients who call me to say that they follow my videos. You've helped me grow my business, and you keep me in contact with past and current clients. The least expensive lead you could ever have is a past client. Videos are another level of connecting to them. For those of you who are thinking about joining Vyral and have it on the back burner - put it on the front burner. I've been selling a lot of homes. In terms of ROI, I know that we're touching base because people will call and ask about the educational videos. Add everything together, and, as a team, we're going to sell close to 400 homes this year. That's because we're going in the right direction with video and making it work."

How Realtor John Teixeira Built Creditability Quickly With Clients And Colleagues
"The biggest benefit so far is that it has given me credibility for my sphere and my database. People who are in my sphere might not have called me before because they know several agents, and now they are calling me. I attribute that to the credibility that my informational videos have given me. I also have a bunch of real estate agents in my database, and some of them have told me that they're forwarding my videos to their clients! You guys are doing a great job, but I didn't think my part in the videos were that great. Since you guys make me look so good, people are giving me compliments left and right. They really enjoy the videos."
- John Teixeira
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Saul Z Put Referral Generation on Consistent Autopilot with Video Database Marketing
"Get it done. Go hire Vyral, and start doing that. If you think you're going to do it yourself, it will never happen. You might make a couple videos, but then you'll stop. When you have Vyral, they will help you produce the videos. They keep you accountable. Your coach will make you make the videos so that you can get your message out."
- Saul Zenkevicius
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Pamala Spivey Achieved Positive ROI In Only 45 Days With Her Database
"We never thought we could do a video in less than 30 minutes. It took us an hour to do a test video ourselves. Chris said we could do it in 30 minutes. He told us to trust the system, and he's made amazing videos for us. Even this last one, the email campaign - I wanted to send a video, but he said we're going to do this campaign. Trust the system. And this morning, we get two listing leads."
- Pamala Spivey
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Kevin Clancy Recruits Talent & Sells More Homes with Video Marketing
"I think we hit 8,000 people in our database, and every email has the home valuation link on there. We've probably listed between six and eight homes from people who clicked on the home valuation link over the past year. We're looking at $30,000 or $40,000 in commission income for the company just on those links that people have clicked on. I [also] send a coaching video out to every agent in my market every two weeks. She sent me a referral for a $160,000 condo, and she didn't even want a referral fee. She just said she watched my videos and she figured I was the best guy to handle it. That was huge."

How Realtor Tad Wicker Converts Unresponsive Leads to Closings with Video Marketing
"I haven't run the hard numbers yet, but there's no doubt that we're getting as much or more ROI than we ever imagined. We felt that Vyral would be a game changer from the beginning, and that's been proven right. I would be very surprised if we weren't running at least a 10x ROI."

How Realtor Mike Quail Gets Inbound Leads Ready to Hire Him with Video Marketing
"He trusted me enough to list it with me. I didn't even have to do a listing presentation.... It's cool because the videos are me doing my sales thing. I'm showing expertise, building rapport, and building trust without me even knowing it's going on. The leverage of video is just fantastic. I am very excited about it, and looking forward to using video more and more and more."

How Realtor Mike Hicks Attracted Real Estate Investors to Buy Multiple Properties with Video
"Video's supposed to be the new wave, and if it were just up to me, I wouldn't get it done. I have you and Amy in charge of it, and you guys get it scheduled and taken care of. It really is like having someone else manage the program to make sure it happens. Just the fact that it gets done. You're reliable, responsive when I want changes, and you're proactive with your suggestions."

How Realtor Darren James Worked His Database to Earn $2.8 Million GCI
"The one [lead source] that has been tried and true every single month, consistent and persistent with their messages with the value-added content we're delivering to clients, has been the Vyral Marketing program. Our GCI last year was $2.8 million. I can't attribute it to one source, but I can attribute a lot of that $2.8 million GCI to the Vyral Marketing program. There was absolutely no hesitation what-so-ever in hiring you guys. It's one of the best decisions I've made in my business."

How Realtor Dale Ross Turned His Database Into a "Goldmine" With Video
"One of the first videos that Vyral sent out had an extraordinary open rate. From that, I received over 30 people responding to that video and asking particular questions about real estate. From that source of 30 people, I ended up generating three listings out of it and one buyer. There are people that have been in my database for a long time that received mass emails that I never got any response to. Then the first time the Vyral video goes out, it's like bam! I'm sitting back, my email is blowing up, and I'm thinking, 'Wow, this is a gold mine!'"

How Realtor Bart Vickrey Created $80,000 New Sales Pipeline with Video Database Marketing
"It's only been a few months now since we've been rolling out the videos, and the responses that I get have been phenomenal. I would say we're probably in the $80,000 range with regard to gross commission income. That's in the pipeline just after a few months. That gives you an idea of the incredible return on investment potential that we have. It's only going to grow."

How Realtor Justin Udy Plans to DOUBLE His Past Client & Referral Business
"I've enjoyed Vyral and the activity it has generated, and the ability to add more content and information to clients and potential leads. Last year 24% of my business was from past clients and referrals. This year, my goal is 50%."

How Vyral Marketing Takes All The Video Work Off Realtor Sue Bentely's Hands
"I would definitely say it's worth it. If you have the funds to do so, and the effort to shoot a couple videos a month, it's very beneficial. We're staying in front of our sphere of influence, potential clients, and past clients."
- Breena Westfall
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Denise Peterson Recruited 3 New Salespeople with Educational Videos
"The value we get for the money we spend on your services is substantial. We are on the wining end of this deal! You guys make it easy for us. Get off the fence. It's a no-brainer. Even if you guys doubled what you're charging us now, I would still recommend it to people. I would suggest that they give it six months, and see where they're at. If they call me and tell me it's not working by then, I wouldn't believe it."
- Denise Peterson
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Erik Brown Gets 80 Deals a Year From His Database
"I love that it's extremely hands off. I literally plug in a video, which takes five to ten minutes at most. The editing is phenomenal, the product is great, and it's constantly being tweaked. I like to keep evolving as a business and improving, and Vyral does the same thing. I do feel like Vyral is a partner to me, not just a vendor."

How Realtor Kodi Riddle Made 5x Her Money Back in 9 Months with Database Marketing
"I wouldn't do anything other than market to my database first. If you have a database, you shouldn't be spending money getting outside people to work with you before you start working with your own personal database that you've been building. If it's just sitting there, it's wasted revenue. I would be spending my money working on the database. Then whatever I make from doing that could go into more marketing."

How Realtor Spencer Janke Generated 10 New Clients in 60 Days with Video Marketing
"[We generated] almost 1 million dollars in real estate from just last week's email. It's been huge, between January and February I have sold 40 houses so far, and I can attribute at least 10 of these sales from our marketing efforts. I'll probably sell 35-40 million dollars in homes this year, and I'd attribute 3-4 million in sales this year just because of your service. I'd tell [others] that I made some good money off of you guys."
- Spencer Janke
See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Rene Ahmad Put $20,000 in the Sales Pipeline in Under 3 Months with Video Marketing
“Lately, within the last month I've had two people tell me they found me through a forwarded email from Vyral. I just looked at the commission from the listing tonight, let's call it a $10,000 commission, that will have paid for my Vyral campaign for the next two years. But that's just one sale. I've gotten other leads that have probably pushed the commission from Vyral up to $20,000. The way that you do the intros and set up the emails is incredible. It comes off like a million bucks.”

How Cosmetic Surgeons Get More Patients From The Web with Blogging
"We are a business that is constantly on the go, so we don't have a lot of time in the day to deal with small details we know you can accomplish for us. I think one thing I truly appreciate is that my coach is so responsive to my emails so quickly."
- Aesthetic Surgical Images
Cosmetic Specialists See examples and full interview here

How Brad Korb Gets "Phenomenal" ROI on His Video Database Marketing
"[The ROI of Vyral Marketing] is phenomenal. It's one of the best things I spend money on and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone that is out there to go and do it. You help do my videos and put me out in front of my clients. It's very easy and a great way to retain clients and bring new ones in. It makes you a warm person for clients to reach out to and talk to."

How Realtor Chris Upham Achieves His Highest Conversion Rates with His Database
"The things I learned at the very beginning of my days in real estate I've found to be the most important: focus on connecting with past clients, sphere of influence, repeat, and referral business. Vyral is how I do that. Touching those people is the lowest cost, but has the highest conversion rate, of anything I do."

How Stacie Peterson Found Results Through Her Past Client Database
"If you are on the fence, I challenge you to look at how many sales you are really getting from past clients and referrals. If it's not where you'd like it to be, Vyral is the answer. Its minimal cost and minimal time. If you can do something like this quickly, while also positioning yourself as an expert, there's no reason not to."
- Stacie Peterson
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Auto Repair Owner Rick Bettger Increased Repeat Customers with Educational Videos
"The ability to manage the database and create the videos that would achieve our purpose is why we hired you guys. You do a remarkable job of producing the videos, creating the emails, and managing the database."
- Rick Bettger
Owner of House of Mufflers and Brakes See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Lisa Treu Will Earn $1 Million From Her Database
"I am getting someone to reach out to me everyday to talk about buying or selling a house from one of the videos or emails going out [Vyral Marketing helped me with]. I'm even getting referrals from prospects in my database I haven't met who are forwarding their videos to their friends recommending me! I started about 3 years ago with Vyral and they've helped me tweak everything along the way for the best ROI."

How Vyral Marketing Has Helped Adam Briley Nurture His Past Clients
"Reaching our past clients is huge for us right now. The program is an extra touch and a great way to stay in contact with past clients. It's a great way to build relationships with people without having to call every single one of them. I fought it for a while but in the end it just makes sense."

How Mortgage Professional Terry Williams Gets 3-5 Leads Per Video to His Database
“I get 3-5 leads per video when it goes out to my database. Vyral Marketing pays for itself – I cannot stop doing this. And I say this politely – they are always harassing me to get my stuff done, be a better mortgage marketer, get expertise to my clients, and think about how to stay in better touch with my clients.”
- Terry Williams
Mortgage Professional See examples and full interview here

How Sacramento Realtor Thomas March Gets 20x ROI on His Video Marketing
“We’re at a 20x ROI because I’m better positioned as an expert, and if that consistently goes on, it’s a no brainer. Vyral Marketing goes way beyond the videos, they have become a mentor.”

How Realtor Andrew Altman Tripled ROI from His Past Client Database
“I have nearly TRIPLED the return on investment from my past client database – Vyral Marketing is one thing I am definitely going to continue for a long time. Talk to people who have used it, you’re going to see results.”
- Andrew Altman
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Connie Carlson Put 14 Deals Under Contract in 1 Month without Cold Calls
“I’m getting phone calls from random people who find me online because my name is coming up all over the place on YouTube videos and search results. It’s the first time in 10 years I’m getting calls from branding on the internet.”
- Connie Carlson
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Christy Morrison Generates $12,000 Monthly From 1 Hour of Work
"Now I’m getting at least 1 extra deal per month (worth about a $12,000 commission) from Vyral Marketing - that’s about 35 or 40 deals a year total from my past client and center of influence database. It takes about an hour a month. Just go for for it, it's pretty easy!"
- Christy Morrison
Realtor See examples and full interview here

How John Pyke Built a Six Figure Consulting Business From Scratch
“I literally started my business from scratch. You've revolutionized my life from the standpoint of lead generation because I provide very good content with your help, people watch it, and they buy on their timing. I have invoiced over $235,000 year to date with the help of Vyral Marketing.”
- John Pyke
Founder of The Talent Genius See examples and full interview here

How Realtor Lars Hedenborg Gets a 40x ROI From His Database
“Vyral Marketing will help you build a sustainable business with a high level, personal database touch without having to pick up the phone. In 30mins a month I shoot 2 educational videos and 2 sales recruiting videos; then I’m done. I use Vyral Marketing in my business and you should, too.”
- Lars Hedenborg
Realtor & Business Coach See examples and full interview here

How Vyral Client Jon Carbutti Found a Marketing Plan that He Could Stick With
"It's refreshing to work with a company that actually does what they say they're going to do. The people at Vyral are an accessible group who are very good at what they do. They've always had a superior level of customer service, they always get back to me. If something's not working, they change it up and try to figure out why it's not working. That's what I love about the company."

Why Vyral Client Hal Sweasey Cancelled All Marketing Expenses EXCEPT Video Database Marketing
"I've spent a lot more money on radio ads. I've spent money on magazine and newspaper advertising. But it's like zero results, which shocked me. I thought I'd get some. But at the end of the day, nothing has been as good as Vyral Marketing."

How Vyral Client Mike Roth Gets Prospects To Call Him Back After Every Video Message Sent
“I get at least 3 or 4 prospects calling me back after every video. My last email alone generated 3 new listings! Vyral tells me what topics people want, so I know what works.”
- Mike Roth
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Michael Joseph Went From 40 to 75 Transactions With Digital Marketing Support
“Last year I went from 40 to 75 transactions, my best year EVER thanks largely to viral marketing. My Success Coach keeps me current on topics; and it’s given me considerable local notoriety – I’m very pleased.”
- Michael Joseph
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Chris Morton Differentiates His Service With Premium Branded Videos
“Vyral Marketing has helped tremendously with our branding. I don’t want to be doing expensive mailers, knocking on doors, and making cold calls. This gets more eyeballs than postcards – my inbound calls are up."
- Chris Morton
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Dean Miller Generates Online Engagement To Set More Appointments
“I get a $525 a month employee to do all this for me? That’s dirt cheap - my time is too valuable to do this myself. Vyral Marketing is one of the most affordable partners I work with – I get value out of every penny.”
- Dean Miller
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Ken Pozek Attracts Affluent Home Sellers with Educational Video Database Marketing
"In 45 days I have 7 deals directly from Vyral Marketing for $84,000 in commissions. That’s measurable ROI; and the affluent crowd I thought wouldn't like my videos are the people sharing them!"
- Ken Pozek
Realtor See full interview here

How Jeremy Larkin Compliments Prospecting with Video Marketing to Win a $5.9 Million Expired Listing
“I’ll generate at least 24 sales directly from Vyral Marketing this year, even internet leads I've never spoken to are hiring me. This has immediate impact; the fee is ‘pennies’ to get this automatically implemented.”
- Jeremy Larkin
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Scott Ashbaugh "Cashed In" on His Contact Database in Only 1 Month for 13x ROI
"Literally, in only 1 month I have over $7,000 pending commissions from my videos. Every time I do a video I get phone calls - it’s been one of the most effective marketing decisions I’ve made hands-down."
- Scott Ashbaugh
Realtor See full interview here

How Scott Himelstien Compliments Door Knocking with Database Marketing for 12x ROI in 6 Months
"In only 6 months I brought in $41,000 directly from Vyral Marketing for a 12x ROI. It's a no brainer - I get a lot more response than anything else."
- Scott Himelstein
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Lorie Gould Got 14 Deals in 6 Months with The Vyral Marketing System
"Literally, we’ve seen immediate results from people we’ve never even spoken to. We’re 6 months in and we’ll close 14 deals directly from Vyral Marketing. It’s an unbelievable ROI."
- Lorie Gould
Realtor See full interview here

How Quarterly Offers to Your Database Generates Immediate Response with Vyral Client Chris Myers
"We received 180 registrations along with numerous direct email responses and set 11 appointments just off one email. This gets people to reach out to us."
- Chris Myers
Realtor See full interview here

How to Get Interviews with Affiliates & Partners with Vyral Client Andy Sachs
"We received 180 registrations along with numerous direct email responses and set 11 appointments just off one email. This gets people to reach out to us."
- Andy Sachs
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Justin Woodall Increased his Repeat and Referral Business from 20% to 50%
"If you have enough people in your database that you want to send information to, the Vyral program is the way to do it. Most agents aren't doing video, so it's something new and different. Most people, when they see you in a video, feel a human connection you don't get through an email, letter, or even through a phone call."
- Justin Woodall
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Doug Leugers Generates Leads with Educational Videos on Facebook
"I'm definitely getting my ROI back - it's the best marketing I've done so far. I'm getting calls from people who have seen my videos who probably who would have never called me."
- Doug Leugers
Realtor See full interview here

How Vyral Client Lee Tessier Prevents Past Clients From Hiring The Competition in Only 1 Hour a Month
"In 30 minutes I can record two videos, and my job is done for the month, I could not accomplish what I accomplish any other way."
- Lee Tessier
Realtor See full interview here

Dan Hamilton Says Vyral Marketing's Great Content and Signature Business Model Result in Record Website Traffic
"Vyral Marketing does everything for us, including writing the scripts we use, so the consistency is guaranteed."
- Dan Hamilton
Realtor See full interview here

Corey Cain of Black Clover Fitness Reaches Out to Build Trust With Customers Through Vyral Marketing
"The value we're getting from the Vyral Marketing video series goes beyond the ROI, which is significant."
- Corey Cain
Owner of Black Clover Fitness See full interview here

How How Adrienne Lally Saw Significant Results Through Video Marketing
"This elevated our inquiries almost immediately, the ROI actually exceeded expectations which allowed us to relax and gave us the freedom to enjoy the process and make it our own."
- Adrienne Lally
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How Mitch Schwartz achieved a High Impact Response from Vyral Marketing
"With the exception of actually filming the short video spots, Vyral Marketing takes care of all the rest of the work; I upload the video to them, and I'm done."
- Mitch Schwartz
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How Vyral Client Jaymes Willoughby Uses Contests To Get More Leads From His Customer Database
"Just on the last video sent out we had 30 leads and ended up setting 6-7 appointments off it, and that's just 1 contest!"
- Jaymes Willoughby
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How LA Realtor Monica Diaz Went From 44 to 100+ Deals in Under 12 Months - with INCREASED Profitability - with Simple Online Marketing Techniques
"I've gone from 44 to over 100 deals this year without any more cold outbound prospecting because of this improved marketing and branding."
- Monica Diaz
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How personal video and email has changed Jeff Quintin's business
"I can tell you this my return on investment has been well over 10x, it is a core piece of our marketing strategy when it comes to ROI."
- Jeff Quintin
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How Vyral Client Kyle Miller Uses Educational Video Marketing to Attract Vendors Who Pay Him
"I made a decision to get rid of the excess fat in my expenses, and there was a lot, but I wouldn't cut Vyral no matter what."
- Kyle Miller
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How Vyral Client Roxie Robertson Uses Local Keyword SEO To Generate Immediate Seller Listing Leads
"It was only up for four days and we started getting leads, just right away. And we didn't have this kind of presence before, so I know that this is what it's from."
- Roxie Robertson
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"Greg simply followed the 2 videos a month plan and has seen a solid return of 3-6 listings per month directly from keeping up with his database in this way."
- Greg Sisson

How Vyral Client Roxie Robertson Uses Local Keyword SEO To Generate Immediate Seller Listing Leads
"I am closing an additional one or two loans per month as a result of the videos they coach me on."
- Jan Leasure
Mortgage Professional

How Business Coach Todd Tramonte “Kills It” with Live Google Hangout Events
“Our database is our highest ROI lead source. We’re killing it with the percentage of people who come to the live events - given the smaller size of our list - because the content we produce is so real and valuable. Vyral Marketing is a no brainer if you want to communicate your expertise to a targeted audience.”
- Todd Tramonte
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"If you are sending information to your database of Past Clients, Prospects and Sphere of Influence I would recommend you hire VYRAL MARKETING to help! They will post videos and articles on your Real Geeks Blog which will drive traffic to your site and boost sales! If you are not sending something of value... you are wasting your time and money!"
- Jeff Manson
Founder of Real Geeks See examples here

How #1 Tampa Realtor Andrew Duncan Boosted Lead Conversion and SEO
“For us Vyral Marketing is a no brainer to get improved SEO, higher conversion, and attract new customers we wouldn’t have. The ROI is off the charts. But just the extra support alone for implementation of marketing ideas is more valuable than the costs.”
- Andrew Duncan
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Why David Robinson Came Back to Vyral Marketing
"The onboarding process was very smooth and you guys set clear expectations for me. I knew what to expect, I knew when to expect it, and for the most part you guys really delivered."
- David Robinson
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How Vyral Client Blake Sloan Generated 200 Leads With 1 Direct Offer Email
"I've been blown away by how much it worked and how powerful it is so far. We probably have 15,000 people resubscribing to our emails since we started working with you."
- Blake Sloan
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How Vyral Client Dave Friedman Increased his Referral Business from 5% to 40% using Vyral Marketing
"I didn't have anything in place in 2013. That year, the business that came from my sphere of influence and referrals was only about 5% of my business. In January I implemented Vyral Marketing and now 40% of my business is coming from my sphere of influence and referrals. It's been a game changer."
- Dave Friedman
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How Vyral Client Judi SAYHAY Gets Past Clients Calling Her Regularly
"My past clients are seeing me more so when they think real estate, they think of me. So far it’s been very successful and I’m glad I did it."
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Darren James speaks highly of Vyral Marketing's customer service
"I don't normally endorse companies or products, unless they give us superior service. One of those companies I like to recommend is Vyral Marketing. The Guys over there do a superb job with keeping people informed. They stay on top of their business and are really on top of their game."
- Darren James
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Pam Butera stays in touch with all her contacts at least 33 times a year to boost her referral and repeat business
"They are an amazing group of guys who are truly interested in your success. They are much more than a video blog company. Getting you more business using different marketing strategies is what they are all about. And the best part is they do all the work. It's a no brainer."
- Pam Butera
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"The market expert attracts business. Our database is our #1 source. Last month alone it was 41% of our business; that's a closing every 48 hours from referral and repeat sales. We hired Vyral Marketing to better leverage ours, and we highly recommend you do, too."
- Jay Kinder & Michael Reese