6 Month Real Estate Agent Recruiting Project

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Start Dates: January 8th, 2018 | July 9th, 2018. Limited to 24 students a semester.

This project is for real estate entrepreneurs building teams or brokerages. The goal is to implement a full recruiting (i.e. agent training) marketing system to attract talent to you. You'll enroll in a six month course to help you craft an offer to persuade real estate agents to work with you, host regular agent training events to book quality one-on-one meetings, start an agent business training newsletter (and Facebook community), and then promote it all with Facebook, online job boards, and outbound messaging/calling assistance to get the word out. You will raise money from advertisers to pay the full cost while earning the position of your market's best local real estate trainer who proactively demonstrates documented proof you provide the best culture, leads, accountability, processes, and strategies for your people to succeed.