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Advertising Management

We run Facebook, YouTube, and Display advertising for you 

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Reach more people, faster with online advertising


Get faster results with Facebook, YouTube, and Google Display Network (banner ad) advertising - we do all the work for you. This is the perfect complement to your video marketing plan so more people see your videos

Our core Vyral Marketing service includes Facebook website remarketing and boosting videos to your current email list in your fee. These are your warmest audiences and yield low-cost results. We highly recommend you start there before spending money advertising to strangers online.

However, if you want more advertising guidance to reach your full target market online, then this is an add-on service for you.

We offer our advertising add-on service "stand-alone" so you do not need to be a current client to hire us for implementation. We create all ad types - not just video advertisements - for results. Examples are on this page for your review.

Here's our process to get started:

  • We interview you to determine your unique messaging and offer
  • We set up your Facebook and YouTube advertisements, pixels and audiences
  • We create any necessary landing page(s) to capture leads or make sales 
  • We write/design your ads and select the necessary targeting and bidding
  • We report results to you every week and make necessary tweaks
  • One-on-one personalized guidance provided the entire time

Facebook Advertising

You'll reach the following Facebook audiences:
  • Show ads to the people who just visited your website
  • Upload any email database to Facebook to show them ads
  • Boost your ads to your Facebook fans so they all see your post
  • Target niche Facebook selects to reach totally new customers

YouTube & Display Advertising

You'll reach the following YouTube and Google Display audiences:
  • Recent visitors to your website
  • People who have watched your YouTube videos recently
  • Upload your email database to show banner and YouTube ads to them
  • Current subscribers to your YouTube Channel
  • Target niche Adwords selects to reach totally new customers

Your Team

John McMillan

Advertising Manager

John is the co-founder of Vyral Marketing with 10 years of experience in advertising and marketing. John will meet with you to set up your first Facebook ad for free and monitor results. You'll get a weekly performance report. Then, if you like your results, he will scale up your ads with additional split tests, campaigns, audiences, platforms (YouTube, Google Display, etc), and of course a recommended budget to reach more people. 

Add-On Service

Price: $500 / month

We'll set up your first Facebook ad for free - just pay your ad spend ($5 a day minimum). No strings attached. Based on availability.

  • Month-to-month agreement
  • $5/day minimum ad spend
  • Weekly feedback and updates
  • Completely done-for-you
  • One-one-one guidance 
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Training Coming Soon:

How to Set up An Advertising Account

You'll learn how to size your target market, set up an awareness campaign to everyone, and then remarket those who engage with trackable offers.

How to Set Up ROI Tracking

You'll learn how to set up landing pages with conversion tracking and lead-generation forms that accept "tracking codes" so you know where people came from as well as what campaign directed them to you.

Additional Resources:

1. Lynda Training (Facebook IFacebook IIYouTube AdvertisingAdwords EssentialsGoogle Analytics)

2. Facebook Blueprint Certification

3. AdWords Certification (Fundamentals, Display, Video)

4. YouTube Certification

5. Landing Pages (Fundamentals, Copywriting, Design, A/B Testing)

Client Results

"Hiring Vyral for running ads is a huge time saver and leverage piece. We are running open house campaigns, just listed, just sold, as well as ‘we have a buyer’ ads to help generate listings and find homes for buyers with a special need. They are all geo-targeted to very specific areas so our goal is to cost effectively farm some of these areas similar to but more effective than a postcard campaign. Vyral has proven themselves with a great ROI on other projects for me and they write great copy and have great ideas. I am a great marketer – but I don’t have the time or the resources to run, track, and change out the ads as much as they need changed in order to stay fresh and effective. They also run it like a system and they have tracked to know what works and doesn’t.  They are response, goal-oriented and results-oriented.  For someone running their business like a business, they need other pros on their side and another set of eyes on marketing they do.  Vyral goes above and beyond for me doing things not even in the scope of our contract to help me get a return and grow my business.  I would tell them to model those that have been more successful than them and look at Vyral’s client list. I’m sure they will see plenty of super successful agents doing big things all over the country."

Andrew Duncan #1 Selling Real Estate Team in Tampa (The Duncan Duo)

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Andrew Duncan

"My leads are going up 10-15% every month since implementing Facebook and YouTube advertisingI know this since I haven't spent any other additional money on lead-generation this year. We’re at 550 leads a month now. These leads come in everywhere - phone calls, emails, registrations on my website, Facebook messages, and more. It is all people reaching out to us. Vyral Marketing understands the real estate industry and are simply the best at it. They “get it” when it comes to the right messaging and work with me for language to speak to my local market. Hire them to do your ads."

Watch the webinar to see the best real estate Facebook ads working for Damon now >

Damon Gettier Top 1% Realtor (Roanoke, VA)

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Damon Gettier

"I took Vyral Marketing up on their free Facebook ad offer. Since I'm a current core video client I set up a video advertisement remarketing all my buyer website traffic. They took care of everything. I spent $145 on the ad, generated 30 leads, qualified 5 who will buy or sell a home soon, and set 2 appointments worth $13,000 in commission. This was over a 30 day time frame. All in, at a $7,000 average commission, this Facebook ad put $48,000 of commission income in my pipeline. I'm still waiting on the deals to close since I'm in a resort market but I'm very pleased! The ad worked great and I recommend you get a Facebook ad set up too."

See the Facebook campaign that put $48,000 into Marty's pipeline with a $145 investment >


Marty Gum Real Estate Agent (Lake of the Ozarks, MO)

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Marty Gum


[fa icon="plus-square"] How much money should I spend on ads?
We recommend you start with a small budget. Start with $5 a day remarketing your website traffic. These people recently expressed interest in what you do. With your $500 a month fee and $150 a month ad spend minimum, you'll invest $650 a month total to start. You don't need to spend much to get initial results. It's about getting very niche messages to extremely targeted audiences - opposite of traditional mass advertising (radio, print, TV, outdoor). We can target audiences as precisely as a 1 mile radius around an address with specific incomes, demographics, job titles, behaviors and much more.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do I need to be a current client?
Nope. We offer Facebook advertising as a stand-alone add-on service.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How much time is required?
Minimal time is required. We'll first request access to your Facebook and AdWords advertising accounts and then install a "pixel" on your website to track results. We also ask you send us any emails to whom you want to run ads to. We will upload your emails to Google and Facebook so they are matched to user accounts for ad targeting (this is very powerful). Finally, you'll speak with us once a month via a Skype screen-share to review your ads. The more guidance you provide us for your industry and niche customer messaging, the better results you'll see. We will proactively give you feedback every week. 
[fa icon="plus-square"] What paid advertisements will you run?
We can run any Facebook, YouTube, or Display campaigns. We do not run Google PPC campaigns. We'll first ask about your ideal customer and what you're offering. We'll then cross-reference successful Facebook campaigns in your industry we've completed in the past. Typically, we run two types of ads - direct offer and awareness. Direct offer ads ask for business right now. Awareness ads build trust and creditability. Run these two ads at the same time to the same audience for the best results. We A/B split test all your ads. This means we write two ads for every campaign and split the traffic evenly between the two. After a period of time we stop the underperformer, keep the winner, and write a new ad to beat the winner. This is how you make a great ad campaign.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Will you really set up my first ad for free?
Yes. We know it's uncomfortable running paid advertising for the first time. You simply don't know what results you can expect. It's risky. So, we'll set up your first Facebook ad for free. You pay only your direct ad spend ($5 a day minimum). If you get results, we invite you to hire us. If not, we'll stop and no further money is owed. It takes two weeks to set up your free Facebook campaign. Based on availability.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What results can I expect?
It depends. There are many variables involved. We find the best ads tell stories or invite people to receive an item of value in return for their contact information. We can run lead-generation ads to gather prospect contact information, invitation ads to bring people to your live event, or awareness ads so people know who you are and what you do. The key is to get the right message to the right market using the right media at the right time. If we get all four of those variables right, you'll enjoy the profits and rewards of a successful advertising campaign.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Who will I work with?
You'll work with a dedicated advertising manager. Each Advertising Manager at Vyral Marketing is Google AdWords Certified and has passed Facebook Blueprint training. As a firm, we have spent collectively 1,000+ hours running paid online advertising for clients. If you have a question about what ads "work" - or do not "work" - we will have insight to share with you. 
[fa icon="plus-square"] How to do I start?
Request a free advertising consultation. You can also call us at 1-800-323-9974. We'll review your current online advertising campaigns (if any) and learn about your goals and target customer. We'll brainstorm advertising messages and review the specific audiences with you we can get your message in front of on Facebook, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. You'll review our best client advertising examples to model for your results, too. When you're ready to start, we'll set up your first ad for free (just pay your direct ad spend). We'll run it for up to 30 days to test results. Hire us at any time from that point to start additional campaigns. Cancel anytime if you're not happy.

Free Advertising Consultation

Let's visit about the results you can expect with advertising. We'll show you client campaigns that work. You'll also reserve your spot for our free Facebook ad set-up special offer. Enter your information below and we'll contact you within one business day to schedule a free consultation.