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A Path to Earn $50,000 a Year

A fast-track marketing training program to build your clients and skills.

Learn real-world, highly paid marketing skills

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Digital Marketing Apprenticeship


A Message from John:

Congratulations! You’ve found what we're proud to call the best marketing training in Omaha.

This is a 100% paid training position.

My name is John. I started Vyral Marketing with Frank Klesitz my co-founder.

I will be the one overseeing your initial communication training here.

I am in charge of our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and I, along with our operations manager Allison, will be the one hiring you if you apply. 


You'll also be working with Peter in our San Diego office by video conference for your marketing training.

PEter Email

I figure the best way to explain the program we put together is in a Q&A format, so let's get started...

"What is an apprenticeship?"

An apprenticeship has been around for a long time.

It's how people throughout history learned skills before higher education.

You started as an apprentice, then became a journeyman, and finally when you wanted your own "shop" you created created a "masterpiece" to present to the local guild to be granted permission by them to start your own business and hire others.

We follow the same model here to train you on how to earn a living as a marketer.

An apprenticeship gives you a paycheck from day one that is very likely to increase over time as you learn new skills, hands-on career training, an education with the potential to earn college credit, and most importantly a career once you complete your apprenticeship with a competitive income, and little or no educational debt.

We believe know the timeless apprenticeship model is best way to train exceptional marketing professionals in the 21st century.

Our government thinks so, too. And get this...

"Why learn marketing?"

Marketing and advertising is one of the highest paying jobs that does not require a professional degree/license (doctor, attorney, etc). 

The median pay for a marketing, advertising and promotions professional is $127,560 a year ($61.33 an hour).

It's also a profession that gives you a lot of freedom and work-life balance if you manage your time right.

The need for your skills is growing and in extremely high demand, too.

"What's the pay?"

As a Vyral Marketing Apprentice, you'll start an in-depth marketing and communication skill training plan to put you on a path to earn $50,000 a year doing the marketing for nine of the most important clients at our firm (our strategic partners).

You'll start Communication School in our Omaha office just north of 90th and Maple part-time for 20 hours a week. You'll be on the phone making a warm, friendly calls on behalf of our clients to their customers asking for feedback and referrals for four hours a day.

You'll also start Marketing School for 6 hours a week. Peter in our San Diego office is your instructor. You'll receive 3 hours of live instruction a week with 3 hours of homework. You can clock in and attend from home, if you like, since it's on a video conference with our team in San Diego.

All in, you'll start part-time at an entry level wage for 26 hours a week.

Here is how the pay works.

  • You start an entry level hourly wage for 26 hours week.
  • First client, you get 40 hours a week (14 hours a week to do their marketing)
  • Second client, you stay at 40 hours a week (Communication School stops)
  • Third client, you stay at 40 hours a week
  • Fourth client, you stay at 40 hours a week
  • Fifth client, you get a raise to $14.50 an hour
  • Sixth client, you get a raise to $17.50 an hour
  • Seventh client, you get a raise to $20.50 an hour
  • Eighth client you get a raise to $23.50 an hour
  • Ninth client, you go to salary at $50,000 a year

"How will I be trained?"

You'll participate in our Marketing School and Communication School

  1. Marketing School is a six month training program with six courses and 100+ hours of self-directed video and reading lessons. New trainees can jump in anytime. You'll attend class 3x a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for one hour at 10am CST over a Zoom video conference with an instructor. It's a 6 hour a week commitment (3 hours for class and 3 hours of watching videos and assigned reading).  You'll learn everything you need to know to do marketing for a businesses. You are paid for all of it.

    Module 1: Facebook/YouTube/Banner Advertising 2-Step Marketing Funnel 
    Module 2: Pre/During/Post Live Webinar Optimization & Promotion
    Module 3: How to Generate Leads from an Event or Conference
    Module 4: Blog, Email, and Social Media Promotion for Story-Based Content
    Module 5: Customer Video Interview & Promotion System
    Module 6: How to Professionally Live Stream an Event

  2. Communication School is 20 hours a week (4 hours a day M-F) where you're on the phones calling our client's customers as their executive assistant on their behalf to ask for feedback and referrals. This will build your confidence talking to paying clients when a lot of money is on the line. You'll become a better listener and communicator as you build your confidence on the phone talking to people.

You'll also get fully reimbursed travel to attend partner seminars, conferences, and events worldwide. We pay for all your expenses (hotel, flight, food, taxi, etc).

You'll learn the business of your clients, and while you're there, help them capture content for the marketing you'll do for them such as promotional sizzle reels, livestreaming, or audio/video recording for post-event product sales, blog videos, newsletter content and more.

These are examples of typical events you would attend. We attend 20-30 events a year. 

lars event.jpg


livestreaming an event.jpg

danny pinnacle event.jpg

"Do I qualify for this?"

Don't worry - no marketing experience is necessary. This is an entry level position. We can teach you the skills.

You must be able to work a minimum of 26 hours a week to start. You'll start part time. As you take more clients, your hours and pay will increase.


You will get a fair, in-depth, and respectful interview to share your accomplishments.

"How do I apply?"

What are we looking for in a great apprentice? One word – character.

We look for these nine specific traits in a marketing professional:

  • Initiative, resilience, and teamwork
  • Discipline, trainability, and judgement
  • Leadership, maturity, and curiosity

We’ll ask you what these traits mean to you and to tell us stories of how they have showed up in your life.

You will also get a call back from my assistant within 1 business day when you apply.

Trust me, I hated it as much as you do when I applied for positions and didn't get a call back. This is not one of those interview experiences.

Look forward to meeting you!

John McMillan

Meet Our Paid Marketing Trainees

Hannah Mitrea

Hannah Mitrea

Vyral Marketing Apprentice

"Like most college graduates I turned to indeed to figure out what my next move would be. I graduated with a Marketing and Management degree, so naturally, Marketing would be in my search engine (though being a marketing student is not a requirement). I stumbled upon this work from home position with Vyral Marketing and thought it was too good to be true, but I applied anyway. Within an hour I received a phone call, that is when I stopped and decided I would really research this company. I went to the apprenticeship page and read it all, watched the videos, went to the website and started reading what they do. I instantly knew this was exactly what I’ve been wanting since I chose Marketing as my major.

For me, the process started very quickly, within 24 hours I was through the first 4 steps of this 12 step hiring process. Advice to those looking to apply don’t be afraid of the one way video interview with spark hire, you have plenty of time to record your answers and they are really looking for your personality to shine through. The conference call with Frank is when I started to believe these were real people on the other end of a computer. Then within that week, I completed steps 5 & 6, I talked with Sara who makes you feel like family already and gets you really excited for this opportunity! After this the process slowed down, I applied in early August and the Apprenticeship didn’t start until October however, in September the process picked back up and then it went really quick again and by the end of September I was flying to San Diego.

When I finally got to San Diego and met everyone it instantly felt like a family, everyone you meet will be so friendly and willing to help you. The weekend we spent in San Diego was extremely informative, when people would ask me about it I could only respond with, “It was just a brain dump of knowledge.” You will learn so much about the company this weekend, from the vision and story behind the company, you’ll meet every person in the San Diego area that works for Vyral Marketing, have an explanation of what it is you’ll be doing over the next year, and you will get to see what the apprentices before you are doing. Everyone will spend the entire day together and make you feel like you are already family, even the CEO Frank, from everyone eating together, to relaxing outside, and exploring the beach.

Today will complete my first week working with Vyral Marketing, and even though I live in Texas and work completely from home, I still feel connected to the office in San Diego. We have daily meetings, weekly 1on1’s, and everyone is welcome to you messaging them at any time. The culture at Vyral Marketing is so apparent every day, and you are constantly being pushed to dive more into everything you do, it’s not like normal job training, your curiosity will be pushed about everything! Unlike normal group work you are used to in school where everyone is just interested in themselves, Vyral Marketing is a real team everyone works together to help each other be the best they can be. It may be a new feeling to have so many people genuinely be so interested in your development as a person, it was for me. Every day it continues and it is all so optimistic and drives me to learn everything I can and just absorb everything to become the next great Marketer.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity, in Marketing everything is about experience and that is what we will be getting from Vyral Marketing."

p.s. You can see all the work I have done and what I am learning on this page.

Peter McDonald

Vyral Marketing Apprentice

"I learned about the apprenticeship with Vyral Marketing at one of SDSU’s many career fairs and I was immediately intrigued. After a short conversation about day to day activities I knew Vyral had exactly the position I had been looking for. I applied later that day and true to Vyral’s claim got a call the very next day. After the initial screening, I was invited to dinner at Frank’s home along with other applicants and though I thought the process was rather odd I quickly learned why Frank wanted to meet with us. Frank is an incredibly smart and honest person and that became clear within minutes of sitting down to dinner with him. Over the course of our meal he explained the ins and outs of the position with precise clarity and as he outlined the duties of the position I began to realize how much I could learn from him. I could tell that he had nothing but good intentions for his apprentices and that he wanted us to learn and grow within the company. Needless to say, when I was offered the position I was ecstatic and could not wait to start learning about using video, photography, and writing to market the excellent services and products of Vyral’s clients. It has been one week since I started at Vyral and I have already learned more from the amazing people that work here than I did from many of my classes. Moreover, Frank held a meeting for all the apprentices and explained his plan for us over the next year and beyond. He left nothing out, he explained how we made money, how the company made money, his vision for the company, his expectations for us, and how we would achieve Vyral’s goals together. By the time the meeting was over I could barely contain my excitement and I called my mom right away to tell her everything that was happening. If the past week is any indication of what’s to come, I expect I will be with Vyral Marketing for a long time. In the coming months, I hope to learn everything I haven’t throughout my college career and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to market products and services with brilliance by the time this apprenticeship is over."    

Danny Sweis

Vyral Marketing Apprentice

"The goal is to provide a solution to business owners and give them a peace of mind. I firmly believe that you must align your goals with the company’s goals to excel. Therefore, I have become passionate about working at Vyral Marketing because we genuinely help people solve their pains in the workforce.

There are mandatory meetings with the sales and marketing teams to insure optimum productivity every week. Communication between employees is very open and transparent. We use Google Chat or Slack if we have any questions within the company. My current role is focused on inbound sales. Anyone who is interested in using our service must have a consultation call with our President, Sara.

While scheduling consultation calls for Sara, I am also reading books and drafting sales messages to be prepare for the upcoming marketing role. Essentially, we are getting paid to learn and very soon use the tools to help industry professionals grow their business and stay top of mind.

We manage our own clients. This entails periodic communication (either face to face or digitally), copywriting, Facebook Ads, producing video reels, promoting events, and much more depending on client needs.

In addition, I am working with three different clients in three different industries and it has been a fantastic experience. Furthermore, a face to face meeting took place to gather research about the companies along with crafting a well-developed marketing strategy that will help grow their business. Going into my first meeting I was nervous yet confident because of the techniques I learned through Vyral and my marketing background from San Diego State University.

Before I knew it, I found myself giving advice on things that I’ve never dealt with in the industry and it felt surreal because the owners were taking notes. At that moment, I realized that asking the right questions with conviction opens a path of information that if understood correctly, can be the key to one’s success in the sales and marketing field within any business.

Frank, the CEO of Vyral Marketing, takes the time to meet with us and answer any questions we have. In fact, he is consistently sharing examples and stories that relate to challenges we face and my confidence continues to grow the more I listen and understand. In addition, not many companies out there give you the opportunity to work face to face with the CEO, let alone travel with them to events, but I could be wrong.

Other than seeing us succeed, Frank continues to devote time to teach us his successful methods and take them to the next level. First month at Vyral, I was invited to the KW MAPS Coaching Mastermind in LA. That experience allowed me to see how the Frank presents himself as well as how clients / potential clients perceived him and Vyral.

To be honest, I was very skeptical in the beginning but as I interacted with the company on a daily basis my mind became at ease. Like all things in life, have an open mind coming in and allow yourself to experience the culture first hand before making any judgements.

Every company has core values. Vyral’s core values resonate because they align with my values which give me the strength to better myself every day. More importantly, staying humble no matter how fortunate or unfortunate I may be. Every individual is fighting their own battle, who am I to make it any harder?  

At Vyral Marketing there are mentors, friends, and a professional environment filled with beautiful intellectual minds ready to crush." 

Brayden Schwab

Brayden Schwab

Vyral Marketing Apprentice

"The experience and training I have been able to receive from Vyral Marketing are like no other. I have been with Vyral Marketing for about a year now. I began as an apprentice and I am now working to help build the call center. I came across Vyral Marketing through my father who is a real estate agent. He was familiar with Frank's videos and urged me to take on an apprenticeship with the company. At the time, I was enrolled at a local college to collect a degree in Marketing. What made me want to join Vyral Marketing was the opportunity to get the best experience and training I could to succeed in my career aspirations.

At the time I was hired on with three other apprentices. Among the benefits we have at Vyral I am able to attend regular classroom hours with our CEO Frank Klesitz where I can get an update about where the company is and where it is going. I also see live updates on how employees work through challenges they face with their clients and we collaborate to find a solution. Frank also works on projects during this time such as crafting a message to his audience or reaching creating an image using Photoshop so we are able to see first-hand his creative process.

I also attend the Marketing School that Vyral Marketing allowed me to enroll in where I mastermind with like-minded individuals and learn about marketing as well as how whatever we learn by each lesson can be applied to a similar project I am working on. Through the past year I have spent in class, I am able to understand the core thought process of a marketer and the best way to help a client so I can do a better job. What I have learned in class and through hands-on experience with people I have worked with through Vyral I am able to share with them what I know to help projects run efficiently. The education I have gotten with Vyral Marketing far outweighs what I have taken away from the college I attended. I appreciate everything I have gotten from Frank and Vyral Marketing as a whole because I not only learn a lot about business but of my goal to be the best marketer I can be."


Leah Johnson

Senior Marketer

I've been with Vyral Marketing for 7 years and did try to go out on my own once for 6 months to get my own client base. I quickly realized it is not an easy task, as everyone makes it seem. Way back when, in 2011, I found out about Vyral Marketing through my college site at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I had recently quit my job at Gallup because I couldn't take the telemarketing industry anymore and dealing with mean people over the phone. I was out of work for about 6 months and just needed a minimum wage job to pay for the rest of my college at the time.

When I came across Vyral Marketing at the time I didn't know what to expect and honestly was just looking for anything. I showed up for the interview and they hired me. I started out doing email reports and social media posts. I then worked as a project manager editing videos, doing blog posts, and putting together emails. I finally moved into the consultant role where I was able to coach clients on the phone on how to shoot their videos and best practices for Vyral Marketing's core service program. I'm highly introverted, so I'm not entirely sure if they thought I would be a good fit for talking to clients over the phone, but turns out after a few failed attempts I got the hang of it and clients actually loved working with me. I was also able to retain clients at a good rate compared to others at the time.
Vyral Marketing always has different opportunities available, so when Facebook advertising was becoming popular for real estate agents they offered me and one other co-worker to lead the program. Frank sent an email to the whole company and I took the opportunity. There are always different opportunities to take here it's just about you making the move really. I was handed some clients that wanted to start advertising on Facebook regularly for their real estate business. This position lead me to eventually leave Vyral Marketing and try to go start my own business.
I will tell you this: make sure you have the connections and are able to prospect every day to get people to sign up with you. I approached it wrong and it was harder than I thought to get clients and maintain everything else. I couldn't handle the stress, so Frank offered me the apprenticeship where I was under the Vyral Marketing name, which turned out to actually be a perfect fit for me. 
In the apprenticeship program, you have the benefit of being under the Vyral Marketing name and they already have all the big name connections for you, so you don't need to spend your money and years of work trying to go out there yourself to get those connections as clients. You don't need to pay for marketing materials for yourself or flights and hotels to get to different events all over the country to try and build relationships with future clients you would like to have. 
You learn every detail about marketing in the apprenticiship program including how to build landing pages, write copy that gets you leads, build relationships with clients, prospecting for more clients, delegating your work, advertising on Google/social media platforms, email marketing, blog posts, and most importantly creating a systematic plan that will work for many of your clients.
My favorite days of the week to keep me motivated are on Thursdays when you have a meeting for 5 hours going over business and the next steps you need to take to move forward to build your own business under the Vyral Marketing name. You also get the added benefit of someone holding you accountable each day on our huddles to go over what you need to do for the day. This is what I really needed to keep on track and actually get somewhere with building my own business. It gets hard staying motivated on your own and knowing what you should be doing and what you should not be doing.
It has been a long journey with Vyral Marketing for me, but I always love the new opportunities they have available, the mindset they give you about business, and the change they bring to make you very adaptable to any situation. I will also say this they have given me everything I have ever wanted out of life and I could not ask for more. 
They brought me to new experiences at certain events, they opened up my mind to books I would have never thought about reading, and they opened up my mind to what you can do with life as opposed to working a menial 9 - 5pm job every day and switching jobs here and there throughout your life for the rest of your life until you die - boring. They also gave me and pushed me to my longtime dream of moving out to California, which I would have never done had it not been for this company.
At the end of the day, it is up to you to take all the tools and knowledge they give you and actually push forward out of your comfort zone to get more business for yourself and team. 

Apply Now

Key Details

We're now hiring for 2019!

We're accepting applications now for our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.


  • Must live in Omaha, NE
  • Available 26 hours a week
  • Paid marketing training
  • Paid communication training
  • Entry level, hourly wage to start
  • Flexible hours

Our 8 Step Hiring Process

  • Step #1: Submit Application
  • Step #2: Attend Meet & Greet
  • Step #3: Video Interview
  • Step #4: One-on-One Interview
  • Step #5: Reference Check
  • Step #6: Writing Sample
  • Step #7: Hiring Decision
  • Step #8: Background Check

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We also hire students and alumni from:











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Vyral Marketing is hiring for a part-time, entry level paid marketing apprenticeship to put you on a path to earning $50,000 a year doing marketing for clients.

You can learn more at www.getvyral.com/apprenticeship

As a Vyral Marketing Apprentice, you'll start an in-depth marketing and communication skill training plan to put you on a path to earn $50,000 a year doing the marketing for nine of the most important clients at our firm (our strategic partners).

You'll start with 26 paid hours a week to participate in our Marketing School and Communication School.

1. Marketing School is a six month training program with six courses and 100+ hours of self-directed video and reading lessons. You'll attend class 3x a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for one hour at 10am CST over a Zoom video conference with an instructor. It's a 6 hour a week commitment (3 hours for class and 3 hours of watching videos and assigned reading). You'll learn everything you need to know to do marketing for a businesses. You are paid for all of it.

Module 1: Facebook/YouTube/Banner Advertising 2-Step Marketing Funnel
Module 2: Pre/During/Post Live Webinar Optimization & Promotion
Module 3: How to Generate Leads from an Event or Conference
Module 4: Blog, Email, and Social Media Promotion for Story-Based Content
Module 5: Customer Video Interview & Promotion System
Module 6: How to Professionally Live Stream an Event

2. Communication School is 20 hours a week (4 hours a day M-F) where you're on the phones calling our client's customers as their executive assistant on their behalf to ask for feedback and referrals. This will build your confidence talking to your paying clients who are the CEO's of successful companies when a lot of money is on the line. You'll become a better listener and communicator as you build your confidence on the phone.

You'll also get fully reimbursed travel to attend partner seminars, conferences, and events. We pay for all your expenses (hotel, flight, food, taxi, etc).

Here is how the pay works.

  • You start at an entry level hourly wage for 26 hours week
  • First client, you get 40 hours a week (14 hours a week to do their marketing)
  • Second client, you stay at 40 hours a week (Communication School stops)
  • Third client, you stay at 40 hours a week
  • Fourth client, you stay at 40 hours a week
  • Fifth client, you get a raise to $14.50 an hour
  • Sixth client, you get a raise to $17.50 an hour
  • Seventh client, you get a raise to $20.50 an hour
  • Eighth client, you get a raise to $23.50 an hour
  • Ninth client, you go to salary at $50,000 a year

Please apply now and we'll call you back within one business day.

We'll invite you to a team meeting so you can get a feel for the people and environment you'll be working in, and if you like what you see, you'll start the interview process.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Talk to clients on the phone and advise them on their marketing strategy
  • Work with our strategic clients to create messaging and offers their prospective customers want
  • Design landing pages with features, benefits, testimonials, and an offer to make sales or generate leads
  • Drive traffic to the landing page with Facebook, YouTube, and Google Display advertising
  • Write compelling email messages to get people in the client's database to visit the landing page
  • Update the client daily on the status of their marketing with your proactive advice
  • Research and update potential future clients on your work to bring new business to the firm


  • Must live in Omaha, NE
  • Available 26 hours a week
  • Pay starts at an entry level hourly wage
  • Paid marketing training
  • Paid communication training

Who We are Looking For

We hire only academic achievers and people passionate about internet marketing, who are also “intrapreneurs”, meaning you ultimately want to build a big career and a big business inside Vyral Marketing. Ideal candidates have a grand vision for their career, high income goals, and know what they want to do professionally. Ideally you see yourself as future business leader and builder, indispensable to growth. Ideal candidates have a proven record of accomplishment and personality that’s results-oriented, decisive, and take-charge. You’re a fit for the job when you have the knowledge, skills, track-record, and personality to get the job done and you’re a cultural fit within our organization. You find solutions, share goals, know what you want (or are actively searching to know what you want), push those around you to do better, are continually raising the bar, demand to be associated with talent, and talk the language of action and results. During your interview, we are probing for patterns in your behavior and thinking, how you act, and how you process ideas and problems. If you are an assertive, people oriented, impatient, flexible, independent, intense, and optimistic person who takes a logical approach to problem solving, can rapidly deal with many problems at once, and can naturally hold, manipulate, and think about three dimensions in your mind (spatial visualization), you will be at home here where you can be yourself every day and thrive. Not to worry, during the interview process we go through all of this so ultimately, we get to know you and hopefully you get to know more about yourself.

[fa icon="plus-square"] I already have marketing skills. Can I skip the apprenticeship?
No. We train new marketers, we don't hire existing ones.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do I need to live in Omaha, NE?
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is this a sales or telemarketing position in disguise?

No. You start by making friendly feedback calls to our client's customers while you learn marketing skills. You must build strong phone skills to speak with the CEO's of companies to guide them on their marketing and this is the best way to train you how to do that.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How many hours a day?
You'll start part-time with 26 hours a week. Your hours and pay will increase as you work with more clients.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is the $50,000 guaranteed?
No. You must have nine clients who are happy with your services (who also pay their bill) to earn $50,000 a year.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What is the pay?

You'll be paid an entry-level hourly base to start. Many of our trainees have a second job while in the apprenticeship and leave that second job as their clientele grows.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Can you give me an idea on what kind of marketing I'll be doing once I'm hired?
Absolutely – we’ll go over all this during the group "meet and greet" meeting. You'll interview your clients to learn who they serve and what they sell, and then you’ll set up a landing page to sell their product or generate a sales lead for their service. After that, you’ll run Facebook, YouTube, and banner ads to drive traffic to the landing page, along with running an email campaign to your client’s current customer database. You’ll then coach your clients to create educational videos to market themselves on YouTube, following by planning and promoting Facebook and YouTube live events (i.e. webinars) for your client to market their experience. You’ll also be interviewing your client’s customers to get success stories.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Who are your clients?
You’ll be working with very successful speakers, coaches, authors, and consultants who provide training to the real estate, recruiter, chiropractic, financial advisor, mortgage, personal fitness training industries. You’ll be working on the “partner” side of our firm providing implementation for a specialized marketing plan just for our strategic partners.