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5 Real Estate Conversation Starters For People Who Engage with Your Videos

By Frank Klesitz on Oct 14, 2016

Next week, as promised, I will write you with my latest tips to make better videos. I have excellent topic resources for you.
But first, I do want to share one more thing that's working for our new business tier (essentially in-depth sales lead follow up / qualification training at this point). 
Andrew Alix is helping you implement a reach out system and on-point messaging to get business from the people who engage with your videos.
A few days after a video is sent to your database, we give you the names of the people who watch it. These people know who you are when you call them.
We recommend you follow up with each person up to 5 times over 5 days to see who is interested in speaking with you.
It is typical in real estate that you need to speak with 30 people to set 1 appointment. When you call the people in your database, that ratio improves since your quality of contacts is higher. But, you need to go a little deeper with your communication instead of a one-off phone call to get a conversation started.
To make this easy, here are 5 value-added conversation starters for the people who click the links in your real estate emails (the people most likely to visit with you).
We recommend you upload these emails to YesWare.com that integrates with your normal email program to easily send templated emails to your contacts. 
These emails will also work as a great 5 day "drip" campaign for any new leads who opt-in on your website.
The messaging starts off very indirect/soft then advances to a direct offer at the end asking directly for business.
If you'd like training on how to implement a 5 step approach process (the event invitation #2 is optional) for the leads identified in your database by your videos, contact andrew.alix@getvyral.com.
Your first meetings are free. Based on availability.


Conversation Starter #1 - Q&A Offer

SUBJECT: Question
Hey there! This is (name) with (company) right here in (area). I see you subscribe to my local (area) real estate video blog so I wanted to briefly reach out to you personally. I have your email on file since we've done business or we've communicated in the past.
I want to answer your specific questions about (area) real estate. Here's the latest video I published on (topic).
(YouTube Link)
Do you have a local real estate question I can answer for you? It can be about anything - refinancing, (area) home prices, trends, market conditions, preparing to sell or buy a home - you name it.
Best of all, to sweeten the deal, if I answer your question with a video for our real estate blog, I'll send you a $25 gift card!
Let me know. I'd like to help you stay on top of local (area) real estate trends.
(Your Name)

Conversation Starter #2 - Event Invitation (optional)

SUBJECT: Invitation
Hey this is (name) again - if you have a question about (area) real estate I'm happy to answer it for you. If I pick your question to answer on my real estate video blog, I'll send you a $25 gift certificate.
I also want to tell you about an event I'm holding on (date). 
Here are the details.....
(insert details)
I'd like to invite you and I'd like to offer you a ticket. Would you be interested in coming?

Conversation Starter #3 - Pre-Online Homes

SUBJECT: Pre-Online Homes

Hey it's (name) again reaching out - let me know if you're interested in attending the event I sent you yesterday. I'm also happy to answer any questions you have about local (area) real estate. Email me a question and I'll get you an answer. 
With that, we list about (x) homes a year here in (area). There's a few days' delay from when we take the listing until you see it online. I'd like to send these listings to you before everyone else looking to buy an (area) home sees them. I call it my "VIP (area) Buyer List".
Want me to add you to the list? 
Let me know if you're thinking about buying a home, or of you know anyone who is - I'll make sure they get advance notice on these homes for sale to get the upper hand on an offer.

Conversation Starter #4 - Refinance Offer

SUBJECT: Saving you money
I want to let you know rates are so low now here in (area). You can get a 15 year loan for around 3% with approved credit. If you're paying a higher rate on your mortgage - if you have one of course - I can introduce you to my lender who may be able to save you money.
Let me know if you have a real estate question I can answer, or if you're interested in coming to our upcoming (type) event on (date) at (location). I want to be of service.
Here's an amazing home for sale right now in (area). It's going for (price) in (area) which is a tremendous deal. You can search all homes for sale on the (area) MLS through the link below, too:
(listing link)
If you want advanced notice of these properties coming on the market here, let me know and I'll add you to my VIP Buyer List.

Conversation Starter #5 - Home Value Offer

SUBJECT: Home value report
Hey it's (Name) again with (company) - reaching out to see if I can help you with anything (area) real estate.
If you own a home, I purchased access to all the recent (area) home sales data and put it on my website.
If you enter your home address here, the tool on my website will tell you what your home is worth based on your neighbor's recent home sales.
The price isn't perfect, but it's close. 
If you send me pictures of your bathroom, kitchen, and more I can give you an accurate idea on what price your home would fetch if we listed it for sale right now.
Would you be interested in a free "Comparative Market Analysis" of your home if you're thinking of selling it?
I'll let you know what it's worth.

Conversation Starter #6 - Direct Offer

SUBJECT: Last email

Hey it's (Name) one last time. I'm here to help you if you ever need to buy or sell a home in (area).

Here's a link to my website and, in fact, you can search all homes for sale on the local (area) MLS here.
You can also enter your property address here to find out what it's worth.
If you'd like to work together, let me know when you plan on moving. I'll follow up with great homes to buy BEFORE they hit the market and keep you updated on the direction of (area) home prices if you're thinking of selling your home.
I'm here to help when you're ready - thanks for reading my emails over the past few days. Hope to see soon!
If you know anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in or around (area), let me know and I'll reach out to help them.
I hope you enjoy this email cadence - we'll be testing in on client open/click reports in the coming weeks with all the metrics recorded in our YesWare.com account for response. I'll keep you updated on how our recommended lead qualification process works for the people who watch your videos.
Have a great weekend!
Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing
Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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