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Brad McDaniel: The Easiest Way to Get Listings

By Frank Klesitz in Interviews on Nov 17, 2022


Here is the email he sent out to promote this webinar



I wanted to invite you to a live webinar on how to get a consistent stream of listings using a predictive seller mailing list so you don't have to worry about money again.

I really mean that. That's not an exaggerated claim.


We take your existing contact database from your Gmail, Outlook, mobile phone, and CRM - append missing property address information - and tell you who's likely to sell their home soon.

Then, you'll pick specific postal codes and we'll tell you with a high degree of accuracy who will sell their home soon, too.

Instead of playing "blind archery" risking time and money on homeowners who won't sell, our algorithm matches local property addresses with behavior data from Acxiom, Epsilon, Datalogix, etc.

These data brokers may track iPhone location, credit card spending, websites people visit, social media posts, and a lot more for job loss, divorce, downsizing, financial distress, medical issues, death, and other motivating factors why someone may sell their home.

You'll get a new mailing list of likely sellers every month. Simply mail them a personal letter every month to let them know you have a buyer, to get a free ticket to your seller workshop, or to just call you to find out what their home is worth. We have examples for you.

Roughly, 1 in 10 people on your list will sell their home in 90 days. That means with 200 likely sellers (which would cost about $200 to mail, plus our fee) there are 20 listings. We backdate this claim and prove it. That’s a 10% turnover rate, way better than mailing an entire zip code that’s a 3-4% turnover rate at best.

I'll explain how this all works with stories of success.

I asked Frank Klesitz with Vyral Marketing will join me because he specializes in the 36-touch nurture plan and is a client of ours in his own real estate investment business.

- Brad

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