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Brian Ernst: How to Earn $500k Working 20 Hours a Week

By Frank Klesitz in Interviews on Dec 13, 2022


Here is the email he sent out to promote this webinar

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Yes, you're invited to a webinar on how this is still possible...

I wrote The Half Million Dollar Real Estate Agent: The 52 Secrets to Making a Half Million Dollars a Year While Working a 20-Hour Work Week in 2019 right before the pandemic hit.
I just re-read it. There are a few tips I want to update now that prices jumped (relative to 2019), interest rates are north of 7%, and the real estate industry corrects after the money printing sugar high.

I wrote down what I'm covering with my clients. I wanted to share them all with you. You can also still get a copy of the book on Amazon. It's highly reviewed and worth your read. My philosophy is to work until you have the money you need, then stop - you don't need to make "millions". $500k a year of part-time income is okay with me, and likely for you too.

Join me for this live, free and 100% educational webinar. I'll show you how you can still earn $500k a year selling real estate only working 20 hours a week.

I'll cover...

- Exporting your Gmail, Outlook, and CRM contacts
- Getting them on an email, video and social media 36 touch
- The direct offer emails to send out to spike lead generation
- Mailing a highly likely-to-sell homeowner list with the right message
- Hiring a Virtual Assistant to set listing and buyer appointments for you
- Doing it all over Zoom anywhere in the world
- Getting your online brand set up so people choose you

I've invited Frank Klesitz with Vyral Marketing to join me. I value his insights. I worked with him and his company for years to handle database lead generation for me, which is your cheapest source of listings and buyers. The other methods take too much time and money.

I'll help you write your 2023 business plan to make a great living in real estate without having to work all the time.

See you there!

- Brian

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Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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