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Vyral Marketing Client Audit

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Mar 6, 2019



I’ve set aside an hour a week in my schedule to personally audit your marketing.

It will take me about 90 minutes. I’ll do it on Zoom, recorded for you, and email the results to you and your Marketing Consultant you’re working with here at Vyral Marketing.

I would like to post your results, and the recording itself, on our blog publicly.

We have a plan to do this automatically for all clients from time to time privately, too.

If you’d like to request your audit happen faster, ask your Vyral Marketing Consultant. I can do about 40 audits a year myself, while our trained supervisors will do the remainder for you.

Here is a rough outline of the checklist I will follow when I review it all. 

It’s just about everything we teach here at Vyral Marketing according to our core marketing service to help you get more sales from your database.

Check it out:

  • Blog showing up in Google search results for client’s name
  • Blog title, keywords, and description are property filled out
  • Blog has Open Graph tags so it shows up right when shared on social media
  • Blog is mobile optimized with a SSL connection and a sitemap
  • Blog has a favicon that shows up if the website is bookmarked
  • Facebook pixel is installed on the clients blog (and all their other sites)
  • Blog has a good score on www.websitegrader.com or higher
  • Blog has the correct disclaimer for any co-advertising at the bottom of the website
  • Blog has a clear and large primary and secondary call to action on the right side
  • Blog has a “Why Hire Me?” style video on the right side with “About” and contact info
  • Blog has a clear way to sign up for the client’s email newsletter linked to Emma
  • The client has a confirmation email that goes out after an opt in on the Emma form
  • There is a CTA on all the other client’s websites to visit their video blog
  • If client is recruiting or hiring there is a CTA on their blog for that, too
  • The opt in forms work on the CTA’s (test response time by the client)
  • The phone number works (test response time by the client)
  • There is a clear mission statement on the blog that says what the purpose is
  • The two videos a month are educational and helpful in nature, not promotional
  • The video are Q&A in style with the question the title of the post and the YouTube video
  • The video is on message to the mission of their blog/newsletter audience
  • The videos are properly categorized on the blog and on the appropriate YouTube playlists
  • The YouTube channel is under a brand page, not a personal page
  • Title of the YouTube Branded page is the same as the title of the blog
  • Videos are embedded on the blog post are responsive and full width of the blog post
  • There is a custom thumbnail for the YouTube video with no more than 20% text
  • Make sure the Open Graph tags are correct on the blog post
  • There is a clear description that sells why someone should watch the video in the YouTube description - we must make sure this is actually compelling
  • If client serves foreigners, YouTube videos are captioned in foreign language (Rev.com)
  • If client serves foreigners, their respective country flags are clear in all their artwork
  • There is a link to the blog post in the YouTube description
  • The YouTube title of the video is just the headline or the question, nothing else.
  • The client has excellent sound and is in clear HD 1080p video that's well lit.
  • The client's face fills up at least 1/3 of the frame and they are not too far away
  • The client is looking directly at the lens and into the camera at the viewer
  • The client opens the video with a quick teaser on why someone should watch it
  • The client is authentic and conversational (not presentational) in their style 
  • The client is addressing one person in the video directly, not a large audience
  • The introduction logo in the video is less than 3 seconds long
  • There is a large and clear call to action in the body copy of the blog post
  • There is a well written article that summarizes the video in the blog post (the more graphical highlighting with headlines, subheadlines, lists and more for scanability, the better)
  • The client is sending out videos about every two weeks to their whole list
  • If the client is not getting videos in, we are sending out something intelligent for them
  • The client is sending a direct email offer out asking for business about every 90 days
  • Client is adding new emails to their database every month, and it’s growing (CRM sync)
  • The client is manually adding contacts to their Emma email form after conversations
  • Client has run a data append to add new emails and phone numbers to missing contacts
  • If the client has rainmakers on their team, they are adding contacts in the form to Emma
  • Client has a healthy Emma sender score on the quality of their email marketing list
  • The clients email list is updated as a Facebook custom audience (real time sync)
  • The client's videos are being boosted to their email audience on Facebook
  • The client shares the video onto their personal Facebook page.
  • The client’s strategic partners are sharing the client's video on their Facebook
  • There is a direct offer remarking all the clients’ website traffic across all their websites
  • The client’s videos are going to their iTunes podcast and property displaying info
  • Make sure there's a BIG, CLEAR podcast link on the website so people know there is one
  • The client’s videos are being posted to their Facebook every two weeks in proper format
  • The client’s videos are being posted on Instagram every two weeks
  • The client’s videos are being posted to LinkedIn every two weeks
  • We're posting the client's video on their LinkedIn business page
  • Client’s Facebook page is completed and built out
  • Client is set up to get messages emailed to them from their Facebook page
  • Client’s LinkedIn page is completed and built out
  • Client's Instagram is completed and built out
  • Client’s YouTube Brand Chanel is completely built out
  • The client is getting their click report a few days after every email is sent
  • The client is invited into the Google Sheet where clicks are updated in real time (optional)
  • The client has an assistant who is trained on making tracked calls through AirCall.io 
  • The client has an assistant who can send a Loom video if there is no phone number
  • Client has signed up for our done-for-you database calling beta if above is not happening
  • Client is sending out a postcard once a month to their best contacts
  • The client has been invited into Emma and has the Metric app on their phone
  • Client is provided with topic/question, talking points, and/or a script before a call upon request
  • Client is getting called every week with an update from us, and if not called, emailed
  • The weekly update with advice, recommendations and guidance is excellent
  • The client is speaking with us on the phone at least once a month for strategy
  • The client is always two weeks ahead on their videos (one appointment a month to shoot two videos)
  • The client's videos are being turned around in at least 7 business days
  • All writing is going through 4 layers of proofreading without spelling or grammar errors
  • The client has one sponsor involved with their blog to help pay for part of their cost
  • The client goes live on Facebook from time to time for an interview with us
  • The client is interviewing others in their videos and including coupons in their emails/posts
  • If the client hosts events, there is an event tab on the website to register for upcoming events
  • If the client hosts events, these are included in the email with a call to action for them

That will be a good start. There will be great training videos for our team who audit your marketing since I won’t be able to personally review everyone’s - plus it’s a great way to hold ourselves accountable to you.

I love it.

Frank Klesitz

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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