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Vyral Marketing Client Communication Standards

By Frank Klesitz in General Message on Jun 9, 2022

We meet with our marketing coaches once a week. Today we reviewed our communication commitments to you as a client, and I thought it would be a good idea to publish them here. When you work with us, these are the basics of what you can expect. After running Vyral Marketing for over 12 years now, the commitments below are the most important to retain you as a client. While there are some exceptions to these rules upon client request, we hold them.

“When in doubt, make a phone call”

____ I am proactive. I commit to calling you once a week at a minimum with a proactive update on what we need to do to help you earn a 10+ times ROI on our program. The update will include the next action steps I’ll take to move your marketing forward. At a minimum, I will tell you a story of what’s working for another client so we can implement it. If you don’t answer the call, I will leave a voicemail and text and email you my update. My goal is to take work off your plate, not give you more work. If you ask me to work with your assistant, I will copy you on an email.

____ I commit to keeping a minimum of one pre-scheduled phone call a month with you to review strategy and write your scripts/topics. I will call you every business day to schedule that call if it’s not on our calendar. If you miss the scheduled call, I will call you every business day to reschedule. This is our most important phone call, where we prepare for your video shoot, review your lead generation, and make the progress to earn a 10+ times return on your investment with us. I will leave a voicemail, text, and email if you don’t answer.

____ I commit to making sure you know exactly what to say on your video shoots, either by asking you to repeat sentences in the script line-by-line back to me or by simply recording our conversation, which we then edit down to just you. I will also help you interview any guests you bring to the video shoot for success stories or customer/vendor partnership interviews.

____ I commit to copying you on all the important weekly update correspondence with your assistant, if applicable, so you’re always in the loop. This will minimize any chance of possible miscommunication. It will also make sure that while I may work with your assistant, I still hold a direct relationship with you. If you don’t want to get copied on the email updates, please set up a rule in your email system so they go to another folder (we will always copy you when working with your assistant). You can expect at least one email per week with an update, no matter what.

____ I commit to calling you every business day to follow up on any outstanding email approval. To protect you, I will never publish an email without your written approval. Simply reply “approved,” and I’ll handle all the work from that point. You can trust that there will be no changes necessary; I sign off on the message before I send it to you to approve. I will leave a voicemail, text, and email if you don’t answer.

____ I commit to always having a personalized email and social media message prepared for you in advance if you don’t have your videos done. You are not required to shoot any videos. Just approve the pre-written message, and we’ll publish it. I’ll make sure our program works if you don’t have time to shoot videos. 

We get it: Things sometimes come up that drain your time or emotional focus and make it hard to do the videos well. You don’t have to make videos to succeed with us.

___ I commit to sending you a monthly report card of your results with a cover message that includes a review of why you signed up, along with both what we’re doing well and how we can improve. We will use this as a tool for our monthly strategy calls to stay focused on what must happen to make you money. It will have links to all the marketing I have published for you and the results of your lead generation for the month.

____ I commit to asking you every 90 days if you’re seeing positive financial results from our time together. It’s reasonable to assume you’ll earn an extra $90,000 a year working with us, or a 10-times return on your investment. You’ll track this by calling the leads we generate for you and the people who click the links in your emails. We will bring this up every 90 days on your monthly strategy call for an honest review of whether your marketing is working with us.

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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