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Creating Content for Your Recruiting Newsletter

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Recruiting Project on Oct 8, 2020

There are two types of philosophies in terms of creating content, and you have to pick which one to follow. 

If you’ve ever studied Mike Ferry and Tom Ferry, you know that they offer two fundamentally different philosophies on how to publish content. Tom uses a very “cafeteria” approach (i.e., “I’ll teach you 33 ways to get listings!”). It centers on teaching you how to get business in all types of ways. There is no wrong way, you just have to pick which way is best for you. Mike’s philosophy mandates that there is only one way to sell real estate: his way. 

Generally speaking, if you run a brokerage model, you probably use a cafeteria approach. If you run a team, you probably do business one way. When you publish content, be conscious of that fact. My recommendation to most of you, since you’re growing your teams, is to have a singular way of doing things. 

The content you’re publishing, these two educational videos per month, are essentially just training videos for your current staff. That’s the best way to think about it. Every two weeks (or once a month if you record both videos at the same time), you record a training video for your current agents. If you’re a hardcore prospecting office, for example, you’re not doing doing a training video on how to do direct mail—you’re doing a training video on prospecting. 

When someone watches your videos and sees what you’re teaching, then comes to your workshop to see what you’re saying, then comes to your consultation to see what you’re saying, then starts working for you, your message is congruent all the way through. 

I don’t advise publishing any videos that you wouldn’t want to provide as training for your agents. Think of it like this: All  the videos you publish are for your existing agents. They're really designed for agent training, but you happen to be sharing them with the entire world. 

For example, imagine you’re saying something like this during one of your videos: “I was meeting with Bob, one of our agents, and he asked me, ‘How long should I let the phone ring before I hang up and leave a message?’ That’s a great question, and I want to share it with you guys.” 

The “you guys” in this case is really the rest of your office, but you’re posting the video online and inviting everyone else in to see the internal training videos you’re providing for your existing agents. That will keep you grounded in your content. You’re looking inward and providing for your agents while letting the rest of the world in, rather than making a video for all the agents in your area. On top of that, you’ll naturally gravitate toward selling and talking about your team or brokerage—things you would never do if the audience was your existing agents. 

So unless there’s an exception, show your agents your menu of content, tell them how you do things, what kind of training you provide, and how they should go about their business. This is your proven plan, and all the videos you publish are congruent with what they get when they join your team. The content is narrower in scope, but the videos you publish build an internal training your agents can use to get answers to questions as to how they can do their job better. 

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Elizabeth Stormberg

Written by Elizabeth Stormberg

Elizabeth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vyral Marketing.

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