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Dave Friedman's Story

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Sep 11, 2020

Dave Friedman started in real estate generating buyer leads on his website. After working 14-hour days following up by phone and going on appointments, he ran out of time to call everyone.

“I didn’t have any system to stay in touch other than smiling and dialing,” he says. “I didn’t want to send junk to my database either.”

He hired us to get him on video. We did all the work to send helpful videos to his database by email, social media, and even direct mail.

Here’s Dave’s live video blog: https://davefriedmantv.com/

“I can directly track an additional 60 deals within 12 months of hiring Vyral – I didn’t spend money on anything else at the time,” he told us.

At an average commission of $10,000 in Charleston, that’s a big pay boost. “It was a 70x ROI – by far the best investment I’ve made… and I continue to make.”

Great work Dave! 

[Full Transcript]

The only lead source that I put into place was Vyral Marketing. It was simply keeping in touch with my database, and I added another 60 deals the next year to the business. Before I started working with Vyral Marketing, I was selling about 60 homes a year, my second year in the business. It was all pay-per-click lead generation, buyer leads, and just grinding out on the phone nonstop. I had zero systems in place to nurture those leads and keep in touch with them with any kind of automated technology or any kind of marketing schedule. The problem that Vyral solved is that I had a massive database of people that were sitting there and buying and selling with other realtors and not myself.

I simply took the scripts that they gave me, the market updates and the topics, and sat in front of a camera, that was my cell phone, and recorded those videos. It didn't take very much time at all. Sometimes when I found time between showings and between appointments, I would just pull my phone out of my pocket, hold it in front of my face walking down the sidewalk and shoot a three-minute video, and go ahead and upload it and shoot it to Vyral. They really simplified the process and made it seem like it wasn't as complicated as I thought it was and made sure that they held me accountable to doing that. Well, I saw immediate results over the next 12 months. The only lead source that I put into place was Vyral Marketing. It was simply keeping in touch with my database, and I added another 60 deals the next year to the business

Where my life is now is incredibly different, selling over 400 homes a year for over $4 million in revenue. I go into the office very infrequently, when I want to. It also affords me to live a life by design. Recently, I received my pilot's license and focused on that for nine months. Earlier this year, my wife and I, Haley, went on a month-long vacation and went to Galapagos and Patagonia and came back. My business had not skipped a beat.

If you're thinking about starting with Vyral Marketing, I suggest that right now is the time. And if you haven't done it yet, you're definitely missing out on a lot of business that you could be earning from your database and just simply having people call you. It's a very simple process. It doesn't matter how busy you are. It'll definitely give you a lot more freedoms in your life. Between the networking connections and all the other business strategies that I've learned through Vyral Marketing, I definitely wouldn't be here today without them.

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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