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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: "A Sneak Peek at North Delta's Newest Townhome Development"

By Frank Klesitz on Oct 11, 2016


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For the email of the week, Vyral Client Jayson Sidhu came out on top with incredible numbers for his lead report — a 30% open rate and a 13% click rate. These numbers are absolutely fantastic and generated a lot of leads for Jayson and his team. Jayson's topic for this email was "A Sneak Peek at North Delta's Newest Townhome Development." 

Below you can find the top 4 emails following Jayson's best performing email, along with other client examples from last week. Enjoy! 

Frank Agahi - "Are We Heading for a Crash?"

David Vanneste - "Just Sold on Turtle Lake"

Duke Kimhan - "How Our Eviction Guarantee Works" 

Tina Caul - "The Top 5 Things Buyers Forget to Do" 

Shawn Kriewaldt - "Don't Neglect the Garage When Selling" 

Phil Belonger - "What's Happening in the Fall Real Estate Market?" 

Joe Reitzug - "Why the Fall Is a Great Time to Buy a Home"

Amanda Howard - "The Reason Interest Rates Are Near Historic Lows"

Rhonda Sher - "Tools to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile" 

Jeff Quintin - "5 Reasons That Explain Why Homes Don't Sell"

Ian Lobas - "Mistakes to Avoid When Selling" 

Lars Hedenborg - "75 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Market"

Gina Giampietro - "What Are Your Municipality Requirements?"

Lance Woodley - "How to Handle a Due Diligence Clause as a Home Seller"

Paul Herrick - "What's the Matter With Contingent Offers?"

Debbie Spaulder - "Why Are Schools So Important to Home Buyers?"

Debbie Spaulder (careers) - "5 Ways to Maximize Your Morning Productivity" 

Glenda Williamson - "Answering Some Common Questions About Real Estate Taxes" 

Ricky Aranda - "A Great New Loan Program for Home Buyers" 

Nathanson Brothers - "What You Need to Know About Zestimates" 

Jeff Ryder - "See Red Rocks Canyon, Win a Gift Card" 

Robbie McCarty - "Will the Election Impact our Market?"

John Teixeira - "Why Mortgage Rates Are So Low Right Now" 

Brandon Montemayor - "Why Are Real Estate Trusts So Important?"

Windy Ruffini and Traci Farrell - "What to Expect From the Fall Real Estate Market" 

Jodie Osofsky - "7 Things That Don't Increase the Value of Your Home"

Dan Rochon (recruiting) - "Effectively Managing Your Time as an Agent"

Ryan Sanford - "Meet Our Buyer's Agent, Jo Lewis" 

Chris Snow - "The Pros and Cons of New Construction"

Monique Walker - "What Your Loan Officer Should Be Able to Tell You"

Jayson Sidhu - "A Sneak Peek at North Delta's Newest Townhome Development" 

Frank Valente - "Tips for Hiring the Right Realtor" 

Jason Morris - "How to Re-Enter the  Market the Right Way" 

John Pollock - "Introducing Investor Peace University"

Josh Lioce - "The 4 Worst Pieces of Advice Sellers Usually Get"

Patrick Woods - "Start Preparing for the New Year Now" 

Aaron Hendon - "If Hope is Not a Strategy Why Use it?" 

Joe DiRaffaele - "The Professional Difference Between Real Estate Agents" 

Danny Burks - "What to Look for When Designing a Rental Property" 

Sandy Eagon - "How Our Buyer Shrunk Her Home and Evaporated Her Mortgage Payment"

Lee Garland - "Moving to Canada? We Can Help You" 

Deja Lett - "The 5 Home Upgrades With the Best ROI" 

Jennifer Goldman - "3 Tips for Using Technology to Increase Productivity" 

Josh Stern - "Do You Want to Buy a Fixer-Upper?" 

Brett Kelly - "How to Pick the Best Offer on Your Home" 

Marc Smith - "3 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Home"

Sam Carratala - "3 Cost-Effective Home Security Tips" 

Lenny LaRocca - "Common Real Estate Tax Deductions" 

Tiffany Johannes - "How a Seller Should Handle a Contingent Offer"

Bo Winn - "How Do You Find Your Home's True Value?"

Art Lickunas - "How Do Home Appraisals Work?"

Jason Daniels - "Are Zestimates Correct?"

OJ Rodriguez - "Why We Meet Every Morning to Work on Sales Skills" 

Andy Green - "How Do Real Estate Market Cycles Work?"

Andy Green (careers) - "What 1 Thing Can Improve Your Business?"

Danilo Cardona - "5 Questions to Ask Before Listing"

Jason Penrose - "Our Home Page Has a New Look"

The Mountain Coast Group - "The Mountain Coast Group — Same Team, New Name!"

The Ames Group - "The 30-Second Rule All  Home Sellers Should Know"

AJ Mida - "Simple Ways You Can Prep Your Home for a Home Inspection" 

Shannon Rollings - "A Quick Look at the Magnolia Glen Subdivision"

Todd Martin - "Preparing Your Home for Fall and Winter" 

Chip Glennon - "What Online Listings Don't Tell You" 

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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