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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: Catching the Last Summer Jam at Nissley Vineyards

By Frank Klesitz on Aug 24, 2016



We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client John Smith in Elizabethtown, PA for a having the best performing topic this week, achieving a 21% open rate and a 4% click rate.

See live email here

Patrick Southern - "Exclusive: Dixon Leasing Partners with Patrick Southern"

Eric Burch - "Is the Buying Season Almost Over?"

Jeff Cook - "Why Now Is the Time to Sell Your Charleston Home"

Hunter Reynolds - "The 3 Answers to Seek in a Charleston House Hunt"

John Stevenson - "What Is the Due Diligence Period?"

Kevin Smith - "What's the First Step to Buying a Home?"

Lee Garland - "The Good Old Days of Real Estate"

Jesse Herfel - "Should You Sell Your Home During an Election Year?"

Robert Mack - "How to Make Real Estate Exciting"

Joan Pratt - "5 Home Inspection Myths"

Jeff Mistretta - "Is It Too Late to Move into Your Desired School District?"

Gary Raze - "The Timeline of Closing a Home"

Dan Ellison - "5 Steps to Win a Bidding War in the Sacramento Area"

Cory Meyer - "Now Is a Great Time to Be in the California Real Estate Market"

Brett Kelly - "5 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Sell Their Home"

Kelly Fischer - "Taking in Life’s Unexpected Gifts"

Ferzoco Group - "Jersey Shore Market Update for 2016"

Lancashire Realty Group - "Why Fall Is Actually a Great Time to Sell Your Home"

Scott Sachs - "The Impact of Brexit on the D.C. Real Estate Market"

Justin Havre - "What You Need to Know About the Calgary Market"

Phil Belonger - "We Help You Get Under Contract in Multiple Offer Situations"

The McNamee Team - "Improving Your Strategy After Your Home Expires"

Kevin McCarthy - "An Up-Close Look at Downtown Austin Condos"

Danilo Cardona - "These Credit Mistakes Could Cost You Your Home"

Erin Caraway - "Quick and Easy Tips to Add Value Through Curb Appeal"

Jodie Osofsky - "Why You Need Professional Photography to Sell in Salt Lake City"

Dan Jones - "What Makes Zestimates Inaccurate?"

John Smith - "Catching the Last Summer Jam at Nissley Vineyards"

Clayton Gits - "What’s the Current State of Richmond Real Estate?"

Will Cook - "The Best Time to Enter the Real Estate Market"

Sean Hellmann - "July 2016 Albuquerque Real Estate Market Update"

Charlotte Mabry -  "How Due Diligence Helps Buyers and Sellers"

Forth Hoyt - "What Keeps Clients Coming Back to The Hoyt Group"

Stephanie Evelo - "Learn How You Can Join Our Growing Team"

Alan Kushmakov - "3 Tips for Getting More Appointments"

Matt Barker - "How Contingencies Protect Twin Cities Home Buyers"

Sean Quinn - "Finding Newer Ways to Get Your Home Sold Right"

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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