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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: "Forecasting the Tahoe Truckee Market"

By Frank Klesitz on Nov 21, 2016


Congratulations to Vyral Client Christy Morrison for snagging email of the week! Christy's email topic "Forecasting the Tahoe Truckee Market" generated a 23% open rate and a 4% click rate. Below you can find the other 4 top performing emails after Christy's best performing email, along with other client examples from last week. Enjoy!

Rob Kittle - "What Does the Market Look Like in Fort Collins?"

Dan Ihara - "How Do We Help Seniors?"

Brandon Montemayor - "Meet Our Fantastic Real Estate Team"

John Stevenson - "Introducing Our New Brokerage Location"

AJ Mida - "Remodeling Costs vs. Remodeling Value"

Dan Holt - "Why Is Fall a Great Time to Buy a Springfield Home?"

Joan Pratt - "Client Appreciation Events Are Coming up Soon"

Linda Chu - "1Easy Way to Make a Strong Offer in a Seller’s Market"

Don Vallee - "Buying a Home May Be Cheaper Than Renting One"

John Mikesh - "ROOST™ Real Estate: Pie Time"

Kevin Yoder - "What to Expect from Real Estate in the Aftermath of the Election"

Scott Neal - "Is Our Market Hotter Than It’s Ever Been?"

Laura Kombrink - "What Happens During the Home Inspection Process?"

Patrick Woods - "Should You Buy a Home During the Holidays?"

Windy Ruffini & Traci Mayes Farrell - "What Can You Gain By Transferring Your Tax Basis in California?"

Matt Durbin - "How Is Trump’s Election Going to Impact the Real Estate Market?"

Scott Sachs - "The Importance of a Vendor Network"

Jayson Sidhu - "North Delta Market Update: October 2016"

Durwin Cheung - "5 Tips to Protect Your Home While on Vacation"

Lisa Blake - "Talk to a Realtor Before Visiting a New Build"

Shawna Brooks - "How to Win in a Multiple Offer Situation"

Tiffani Robin - "Home Inspections You Shouldn't Skip"

Andrew Ford - "Making the Most of a Winter Sale"

Gina Giampietro - "What Goes Into Buying Your First Investment Property?"

Dale Ross - "How to Market a Vacant Home"

Jennifer Cowan - "Check Out Our List of Wonderful Vendors: Part 1"

Sam Carratala - "Answering Common Questions Home Buyers Have About Credit"

Team Freda -"2 Reasons to List Your Home This Fall"

Damon Gettier - "What’s Our Secret to GettingNew Clients?"

Carson Lowry - "Why Do You Need a Pre-Approval Letter?"

Josh Lioce - "How Can You Successfully Sell Your Home in the Fall or Winter?"

Kathy Fissori - "Why Fall Is a Great Time to Buy a Home"

Ryan Bieber - "How Can You Get Top Dollar for Your Home?"

Dan Rochon - "Are You Hiring Talent or Non-Talent?"

McNamee Team - "3 Things to Know Before Buying Homeowners Insurance"

Mike Putnam - "A Quick 4th Quarter Market Update"

Dan Hooke - "What Do You Need to Know About Home Inspections?"

Nancy Seraphin - "The Importance of Gratitude"

Kevin Langan - "What Should You Know Before Refinancing?"

Brad Atkins - "What Does This Department of Labor Regulation Mean for You?"

Eric Burch - "3 Books That Will Change Your Life Today"

Matt Templeton - "What Should You Consider Before Choosing a New Office?"

Matt Templeton - "We Can Connect You to Some of the Best Lenders in Albuquerque"

Mountain Coast Group - "How Realtors Determine the Value of Your Home"

Ricky Aranda - "Why Do Some Real Estate Transactions Fail?"

Frank Valente - "What Is Your Home's Worth in Today’s Market?"

Lenard Team - "We’ll Go the Extra Mile to Help Our Clients"

Chad Hauer - "Should We Be Worried About a Bubble?"

Jeremy Sisemore - "5 Benefits of Using Search Firms to Fill an Important Role"

Mike Beacom - "How Do Pre-Inspections Benefit Buyers & Sellers?"

Andy Leung - "Don’t Forget About Our Pumpkin Pie Giveaway"

Joe Corbisiero - "Donald Trump Is Our Next President. Now What?"

Jason Huerkamp - "What You Can Expect to Spend on a Fixer-Upper"

Frank Del Rio - "4 Demands to Make to Your Real Estate Agent"

DiBello Group - "6 Essential Tips for Selling a Home With Pets"

Susan Heller - "Should You Sell Your Home Now or Wait Until Next Year?"


Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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