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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: "Merry Christmas From The Buck Team"

By Frank Klesitz on Dec 27, 2016


Congratulations to Vyral Client Gloria Buck for achieving email of the week! Gloria's holiday email "Merry Christmas From The Buck Team!" generated a 18% open rate and a 6% click rate. It's that time of year and for the third week in a row a holiday message came out on top. Below you can find the 4 top performing emails after Gloria's best performing email, along with other client examples from last week. Enjoy!

Kelly Fischer - "A Holiday Greeting and Some Helpful Real Estate Tips"

John Fagan -"Should You Sell Now or Wait Until Spring?"

Renae Gibson - "Merry Christmas From The Gibson Realty Group!"

Rhonda Sher - "How to Prepare for Upcoming Changes to LinkedIn"

Andy Sachs - "How to Combat Our Current Drought"

Todd Martin - "Wishing You Happy Holidays from Our Team to Your Family"

Lisa Treu - "How Is the International Market Affecting South Florida Real Estate?"

Ryan Sanford - "You Are Cordially Invited…"

Ian Lobas - "3 Costly Mistakes for Homeowners to Avoid This Winter"

Bill Black - "Why the Home Is Where the Heart Is"

Jeff Quintin - "Why Shouldn’t You Wait Until Spring to Sell?"

Tom Scott - "How Can You Appeal IRS Decisions?"

Carlos Gutierrez - "A very important message from Carlos, Bella & Jeannete Gutierrez"

Paul Arguenta - "Happy Holidays & Thank You for Working With Us!"

Andy Sachs - "How Will the New President Impact Real Estate?"

Goran & Lisa Forss - "Tips to Sell Your Home During the Winter"

Vergis Eiland - "How Do You Know if a Home Is Priced Fairly?"

Marc Smith - "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Jeff Cook - "Merry Christmas From Our Team!"

Frank Del Rio - "Merry Christmas!"

Jeremy Herrman - "Happy Holidays from The Jenna May Team"

Carson Lowry - "Exciting News About What's Coming"

Kathy Fissori - "Merry Christmas!"

Damon Gettier - "Keep Your Rooms Simple When Selling"

Kirk Simmon - "How to Find Your Real Home Value"

Sandy Eagon - "How Do We Go the Extra Mile(s) for Our Clients?"

The Consigliori - "The Goldilocks Principle: Part 3"

Kurt Duffeck - "Merry Christmas from the ANEW Real Estate Crew"

Doug Elliott - "Thanks for Your Support This Year!"

Sarita Dua - "Happy Holidays!"

Durwin Cheung - "Happy Holidays From The Durwin Group!"

Shawna Brooks - "Happy Holidays From the Shawna Brooks Team!"

Glenda Williamson - "You Made 2016 Our Best Year Ever"

Henry McEachern -"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

Jana and Jason DeLong - "We Wish You a Fantastic Holiday Season"

Steve Prewitt - "Happy Holidays to You & Your Family"

Andy Green - "Merry Christmas From Green Group Real Estate"

Billy and Heidi Phong - "Wishing You a Safe and Happy Holiday Season"

Cristina Dougherty - "Happy Holidays from Cristina Dougherty & Associates"

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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