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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: "North Delta Market Update - August 2016"

By Frank Klesitz on Sep 21, 2016


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We're excited to share these fantastic open-click numbers from Vyral Client, Jayson Sidhu of North Delta, BC. Jason had the best performing email of the week with a 30% open rate and a 7% click rate. 


Below you can find the top 4 emails following Jason's, along with other client examples. 

Doug Elliot - "Why You Can't Trust Zillow's Zestimates" 

John Fagen - "What to Do When an Appraisal Comes in Low" 

Lori Adams - "The Latest From Ripon and Manteca Real Estate"

Scott Sachs - "Improvements with the Best Return on Investments" 

Gary Raze - "5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away"

Damon Gettier: "Prepare Your Roanoke Home for Listing Photos

Mike Tchobanian - "How Professional Photos Can Help Sell Your Home" 

Jaon Pratt - "How to Buy a Home After Bankruptcy or Foreclosure" 

Matt Durbin - "Gauging the Washington County Market" 

Phil Belonger - "How Can Appraisals Affect Your Denver Home Sale" 

Jeff Mistrette - "How to Determine Home Values with Data on Long Island" 

Mike Duggal - "3 Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time to Downsize" 

Bob Sokoler - "Shoulder You Be Buying or Selling in the Louisville Market" 

Jan Leasure - "Why You Should Negotiate a Closing Cost Credit" 

Saul Z - "The Chicagoland Real Estate Market: August 2016 vs. August 2015" 

Kevin Yoder - "Which Offer Is the Best for You?" 

Dan Rochon (recruiting) - "Preparing Your Business for the Upcoming Shift"

Art Lickunas - "What's Happening in the Current Market?" 

Bo Winn - "6 Signs That It's Time to Sell Your Raleigh Home" 

Jason Penrose - "Are We Headed towards Another Market Crash?" 

Peter MacIntyre - "The Importance of Professional Photos" 

Jose Morales - "Top Tips for Investing in Southern California Real Estate" 

Debbie Spaulder - "Home Maintenance Tips for Bucks and Montgomery County" 

Kurt Duffeck - "What's Happening in the Austin Metro?" 

Lisa Blake - "Your Home Doesn't Need a Full Rehab to Sell" 

Spencer Hasch - "Your San Antonio Listing Expired. Now What?"

Andy Sachs - "Why Connecticut Isn't in the Top 10"

Mike Rager - "Tips to Find the Best Buyer's Agent" 

Tom Scott -  "How to Handle an Audit Notice" 

Spencer Janke - "What Happens During Your Due Diligence Period?" 

Nathanson Brothers - "South Florida Market Update" 

Jack Barry - "Renting vs. Buying a Philadelphia Home in 2016" 

Jerimiah Taylor - "What You Need to Know About DocuSign" 

Aaron Rian - "Why Fall Is Still a Great Time to Sell on the West Coast" 

Ruby Henderson - "Discussing Aging in Place with Valerie Jurik" 

Jana & Jason DeLong - "Our App Connects You with Great Service Providers" 

Tom Nickley - "Why It's the Perfect Time to Buy in Orlando" 

Debbie Spaulder (career) - "How to Get a Life by Design" 

Joe Mendoza - "The Key to Selling a Tenant-Occupied Property"

Chris Snow - "How to Sell Faster Than Your Neighbors"

Jeff Quintin - "How to Defeat Buyer's Remorse"

Martin Millner - "Don't Skip Out on Professional Photos When Selling"

Jodie Osofsky - "5 Home Selling Regrets and How to Avoid Them"

Jeff Ryder - "Increase the Value of Your Home with This Quick Tip"

Justin Udy - "The Craft of Real Estate" 

Searcy Team - "We're in for a Record-Setting 2016" 

Chris Kanotz - "Why the 80-20 Rule is Gone" 

Shannon Rollings - "Cost-Free Tips When Preparing Your Home for Sale" 

Carlos Gutierrez - "3 Ways to Find the Right Realtor for You" 

Paul Argueta - "A Snapshot of the Local Real Estate Market" 

Jeffrey Chubb - "Building Wealth Through Home Ownership"

Lisa Treu - "See My Latest Endorsement from Real Estate Guru Barbara Corcoran"

Tom Daves - "5 Most Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make"

Damon Gettier - "How to Reach Millenial Home Buyers"

Patrick Woods (recruiting) - "Benefits of Joining a Real Estate Team" 

Allen Johnson - "Tips for Maximizing the Value of Your Home"

Jeremy Higgens - "Throwing It Back: Some Timeless Advice for Buyers" 

Matt Fettick - "Maintaining Your Heating/Cooling Systems" 

Jon Carbutti - "How Do Professional Home Staging Companies Work?"

Mountain Coast Group - "The Latest Market Statistics for Grand Junction" 

Dave Janis - "Why Is a Pre-Qualification Letter Important?"

Jill Rother - "Be Prepared for the Phoenix Real Estate Market Shift"

Kevin McCarthy - "How Real Estate Can Help Save for Your Children's Education" 

McNamee Real Estate Team - "Why Is Selling Without an Agent a Bad Idea?"

Mike Duggal - "Do For Sale Signs Still Work?"

Sam Dodd - "Why We Use Professional Photos to Sell Homes"

Steve Schwab - "What If the First Home You See Is the One?"

Jason Daniels - "What You Can Do if Your Appraisal Comes Back Low"

Andy Richardson - "The Best Way to Approach a Home Purchase"

Haro Setian - "Knowing About Closing Costs and Down Payments"

Shawn Culhane - "Maintaining Your Heating/Cooling Systems"

Paul Herrick - "Look to Neighborhood Trends for True Values"

Misty Soldwisch - "Don't Be Caught off Guard by a Major Cost When Selling Your Home"

YJWJ (success) - "Sharing My Passion of Coaching and Training"

Paul Brouillette - "Should You Hire a Real Estate Team or an Individual Agent?"

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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