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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: "North Delta Market Update: September 2016"

By Frank Klesitz on Oct 17, 2016


See live email here

Jayson Sidhu is back again this week with the email of the week! His email, "North Delta Market Update: September 2016," generated a 26% open rate and a 6% click rate. Once again, these are fantastic numbers for Jason. Below you can find the top 4 emails following Jayson's best performing email, along with other client examples from last week. Enjoy!

Bill Black - "Do Well Landscaped Homes Sell for More Money?"

Hal Sweasey - "What We Saw in Real Estate Last Quarter"

Jeremy Larkin - "I'm In a Real Estate Bidding War, Now What?"

Marjorie Dick Stuart - "Which Home Improvements Should You Make For Best Return?"

Spalding Pyron - "How to Spark a Home Bidding War"

Ryan Smith - "5 Important Things to Know About Home Inspectors"

Laura Kombrink - "A First-Hand Walkthrough of the Home Buying Process"

Brayden Bengtzen - "Home Loan Options for Utah Home Buyers" 

Kris Lindahl - "Save the Date for Our Great Pumpkin Giveaway"

Thomas Elrod - "The 3 Benefits of Offering a Home Warranty" 

Jason Bramblet - "How First-Time Home Buyers Can Get $15,000 Free for a Home"

James Torrence - "Join the Largest Real Estate Company in the World" 

Mike Beacom - "How Covenants Affect Omaha Homeowners" 

Chad Schwendeman - "What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Fixer-Upper"

Andy Leung - "Preparing Your Home for Showings in the Fall" 

Lori Adams - "Preparing and Planning to Buy Your First Home" 

Dave Auffarth - "Why Is It a Great Time to Sell in Chicago?"

Saul Zenkevicius - "5 Tips for Selling a Smaller Chicago Home"

Dan Holt - "What to Expect from Your Springfield Home Search"

John Herman - "What Real Foundation Issues Look Like"

Clayton Gits - "Why Owning a Home is Cheaper Than Renting" 

Sean Hellmann - "The Pros and Cons of Evaporative Cooling"

Patrick Woods - "3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying"

Betsy Sarcone -"Announcing the Fall Events Lineup"

Frank Del Rio - "Your Latest Real Estate Market Update"

O'Neill Team - "Is Fall the Right Sesaon to Sell My Home?"

Donna Johnston - "The Benefits of Staging Your Home When It's Occupied" 

Jeff Mistretta - "3 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Long Island Home" 

Joe Mendoza - "Getting the Most from Your Open House"

Joy Daniels - "The Key to Having a Safe AND Spooky Halloween"

Doug Leugers - "Unveiling the Useppa Island Club" 

Chip Hodgkins - "Navigating the Central New York Housing Market"

Mario Romero - "A Great Organization That Deserves Help"

Erik Brown - "How to Find the Best Lender for Your Needs"

Cory Meyer - "Announcing Some Big Changes for Our Team"

Belladonna Riso - "Are You Living in a Haunted House?"

Brian Lessinger - "Why Fall Is a Great Time for Real Estate" 

Dan Ellison - "Don't Skip These 5 Inspections When Buying" 

Dave Janis - "A New IKEA IS Coming to Town"

Linda Chu - "Smart Home Improvements With the Best ROI"

Scott Lander - "Help Cornerstone Mission Help Others"

Derek Bauer - "What Buyers Shouldn't Say During Home Showings" 

Martin Millner - "Appraised Value vs. Market Value" 

Steve Schwab - "Why Are Transaction Timelines Longer in the Portland Area?"

Sean Quinn - "How I Help Buyers Find a Home"

Carson Lowry - "7 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Winter"

April Stephens - "Fall Cleaning and  Home Staging Tips" 

Jenna May - "Get Your Home Ready to Sell With These 3 Tips"

Team Ruby - "Taking a Look at Activity in the Triangle Market"

Ryan & Brian Team - "The Best Ways to Invest in Real Estate: Part 1"

Daniel Beer - "Funding College Through Real Estate Investment"

Lisa Treu - "Saving Thousands of Dollars on Property Taxes"

Searcy Team - "Your Source for New Construction Information"

Team Lally - "Team Lally's 11th Annual Client Event"

Dan Hamilton - "Should You Sell Your Home During an Election Year?"

Greg McDaniel - "Fun in the Bay: Halloween 2016 Edition"

Spencer Janke - "Find Out What the Flipping Process Is Really Like" 

Torey Severino - "Paying Off Your Mortgage Fast in Southern California" 

The Adler Home Team - "Why You Shouldn't Overprice Your Home" 

Vergis Eiland - "4 Ways to Make Your Luxury Home Stand Out"

Kelly Cook - "Answering Some Common Distressed Real Estate Questions"

Kurt Duffeck - "How to Know What to Offer on a Home" 

Sandy Eagon - "Donate to Your Local Food Bank This Fall" 

Mark Gellman - "The Gellman Team Market Update and Timing of Selling"

Lias Burridge - "Meet Buyer Agent Melissa Clark"

Peter MacIntyre - "Low Rates Make Now a Great Time to Buy in Lansing" 

Andrew Lamb - "Your Best Bet for Movers in Northern California" 

Erik Winegarden - "How to Prepare Your Home for the Market"

Scott Futa - "5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall" 

David Humes - "October Market Report"

Christy Kimbrel - "Tips for Flipping a Twin Cities House" 

Will Cook - "Why Mortgage Interest Rates Are Still Low" 

Kevin Smith - "What Market Trends Have We Been Seeing Lately?"

Bill McCoy - "What to Know About the Lee's Summit Commercial Market?"

Dave Silva - "Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?"

Charlotte Mabry - "Inheriting a House With a Mortgage"

Kelly Fischer Team - "Why Passion Is Important in Life & Real Estate" 

Jim Griffin Team - "How to Sell Your Home By Year's End" 

Lisa Ray - "How Has Real Estate Changed in 30 Years?"

Dan Rochon - "Why Does Selling in the Winter Make Sense?"

Spencer Hasch - "What to Consider WHen shifting from Renting to Buying" 

Steve Prewitt - "Is Owning a Home Cheaper Than Renting One?"

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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