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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: "What Are the Benefits of the 1031 Exchange?"

By Frank Klesitz on Nov 15, 2016


Congratulations to Vyral Client Alfie McFadden for snagging email of the week! Alfies's email topic "What Are the Benefits of the 1031 Exchange?" generated a 23% open rate and a 3% click rate. Below you can find the other 4 top performing emails after Alfie's best performing email, along with other client examples from last week. Enjoy!

Bill Black - "You Need a Contractor You Can Trust"

Brian Lessinger - "Selling Your Home Now vs. Waiting Until Next Year"

Sean Zanganeh - "How the Fall Market Impacts Your San Diego Home"

Vergis Eiland - "What Are the Benefits of Selling Now?"

Jason Daniels - "Want a Free Ticket to the Upcoming Dave Ramsey Event?"

Dave Friedman - "Pie-ing and Selling in the Charleston Marketplace"

REH Real Estate - "3 Qualities of a Great Realtor"

Belladonna Riso - "What Does the Future Hold for the Utah Market?"

Andrew Duncan - "Why Real Estate Signs Work"

John Herman - "How to Handle Radon Gas in Your Home"

Patrick Collins - "What’s Happening in the Colorado Springs Market?"

Craig Akers - "Phoenix Homeowner Hacks--the First in a Series"

Pazi D - "Is Atlanta in a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market?"

Spencer Hasch - "Energy & Maintenance Savings: Part 1"

Don Mowery - "3 Major Mistakes Buyers Make"

Valerie Hunter Kelly - "What Are Your Options After a Low Appraisal?"

Marti Hampton - "5 Signs That It’s Time to Sell Your Home"

Chip Hodgkins - "What You Need to Know About OCC"

Spring Bengtzen - "DIY Gone Wrong? Check out Our App"

Jim Griffin - "How to Effectively Market Your Home"

Jeff Cook - "You're Invited to Our Annual Jeff Cook Real Estate Pie Giveaway!"

Marc Smith - "How Do Home Warranties Work?"

John Fagan - "Should You Host an Open House?"

Jeremy Larkin - "Help Us Feed 200 Families This Thanksgiving!"

Greg Tran - "How to Make a Great Impression on Austin Buyers"

Sandie Hea - "How Do Short Sales Work?"

Steph Evelo - "What Happens When Your Home Doesn't Appraise?"

Dan Rochon - "Maximizing Your Home's Value When Selling"


Greg McDaniel - "Should You Hire a Friend or Relative When Buying or Selling?"

Denise Swick - "What Kind of Financing Do You Qualify for?"

Stellar Realty Portland - "How Does Housing Inventory Affect Your Home’s Value?"

Gary Raze - "What Really Happens During a Home Inspection?"

Shawn Kriewaldt - "What Do You Do When Water Comes in the Basement?"

Mike Duggal - "Should You List Your Home During the Fall?"

Donna Johnston - "The Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Team"

Danny Burks - "The Hidden Advantages of Selling Your Home Over the Holidays"

Andy Green - "Are Home Price Increases Finally Slowing in Portland?"

Andy Green - "Why a Vacation Should Be in Your Business Plan"

Sandy Eagon - "How Working With Our Team Benefits You"

Kathy Toth - "Should You Be Worried About Radon in Your Home?"

Kyle Whissel - "Are Open Houses a Good Way to Market a Home?" 

Art Lickunas - "We Have a Great Opportunity for You"

Jason Morris - "What’s Happening in the Fall Market?"

Jeff Smith - "Happy Thanksgiving, We Have a Gift For You"

Jodie Osofsky - "What's Happening in the Salt Lake City Market?"

Maria Hoffman - "How Can You Increase Your Tampa Home's Value?"

Rick Bowal - "The Obvious Choice for Real Estate in the Lower Mainland"

Joe Mendoza - "Preparing Your Home for the San Diego Market"

Lisa Burridge - "Why Are Home Inspections Important?"

Steve Schwab - "Don't Kill Your Home Deal With This Mistake"

Jana and Jason DeLong - "Why Our Certified Pre-Owned Program Works"

Sam Dodd - "How Lenders Determine Mortgage Qualification"

Jeremy Herman - "Another Great Perk of Being in Our VIP Program"

Dee Reid - "Why Should You Consider Buying Now?"

Freeman Burns - "Down Payment Assistance Programs for Home Buyers"

Dar Walden - "3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home"

Amy Smits - "It’s a Smart Time to Sell in Frisco"

Diane Cardano - "Secret Strategies to Making Your Real Estate Great Again"

Pamala Spivey - "What Should You Know Before Getting a Home Loan?"

Misty Soldwisch  - "What Do Realtor Service Fees Cover?"

Joy Daniels - "3 Tips for Organizing Your Garage"

Cristina Dougherty - "3 Winning Tips for Buyers in Multiple Offer Situations"

Jason Daniels - "You’re Invited to Our Thanksgiving Pie Party"

Derek Bauer - "A Testimonial On Selling A Home For Top Dollar"

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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