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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: Can You Really Trust Zillow’s Zestimates?

By Frank Klesitz on Mar 16, 2017

Congratulations to Vyral Client Casey Cooke for achieving email of the week! Casey's email, "Can You Really Trust Zillow’s Zestimates?" generated a 27% open rate and a 6% click rate. We're all about educating and bringing value to your list of contacts and this is a great example of how to excite your client base in a unique way. Below you can find the 4 top performing emails after Casey's best performing email, along with other client examples from last week. Enjoy!

Greg Flaherty - Are We in the Middle of Another Housing Bubble?

Tiffany Johannes - Join Us for a Special Showing of Beauty and the Beast!

Matt Templeton - Why Do New Agents Choose Keller Williams Urban Dallas?

Rene Ahmad - Assignment Sales Are Just Another Area of Our Expertise 


Donny Coram - How Accurate Are Zestimates?

Brent Downing - Don’t Make These Common Home Selling Mistakes
Shawn Kriewaldt - Your Offer Got Accepted - Now What? 
Scott English - The Benefits of Homeownership: Part II

Forth Hoyt - Experience Sacramento Events Newsletter
Lorie Gould - Be Careful if You Have This Type of Roof
Monique Walker - The True Story About the Post-Election Phoenix Market
Debbie Spaulder -  Is Now the Time to Get Off of the Fence?
John Stevenson - Some Easy Credit Tips to Remember
Joe Ferzoco -These Questions Will Help You Find the Right Agent
Sharon Stevens -How Can We Get You From Contract to Close? 
Alan Kushmakov - Do You Want to Learn How to Go From Zero to $20 Mil in Production?
Shawna Brooks - We Have 5 Amazing New Listings Coming on the Market
Tiffany Holtz - An Exciting New Tool for Home Sellers 
Jennifer Wehner - Examining Our Statewide Market With Another Expert
Jesse Herfel - How Keller Williams Helps Agents Tap Into Their Potential
Kevin Smith - A Handy Program for Savvy Buyers
Jessica Sanders - Are You Investing in Quality Data?
Dan Ihara - What Makes Our Team Different?
Frank Valente - 4 Clever Ways to Get Your Home Sold This Spring 
Marty Stebben - What Are the 3 Keys of Home Inspections?
Chamberlain Group - Did You Sell Your House After 2015? 
Breanne Steen - Ventura County Market Update 
Robert Dekanski - What Should You Do If Your Home Tests High for Radon Gas?
Greg Tran - How Do You Know If Your House Is Priced Fairly? 
Dan Rochon - Why Use a Reverse Mortgage?
Eric Burch - Why We’ve Teamed Up With eXp Realty
Durwin Cheung - What Should You Look for in a Multiple Offer Situation? 

Rita Driver - What Can Sellers Expect During the Closing Process?
Dar Walden - How to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away 
Peterson Goff - Smart Repairs and Improvements for Home Sellers to Make 
Chris Weilacker - The Hidden Costs of Homeownership 
Maggie Harris - The Key to Pricing Correctly
Chris Myers - How to Own a Vacation Home and Have Someone Else Pay the Mortgage 
John Teixeira - How New Tax Rules Could Affect the Mansfield Market

Gina Giampietro - Advice for Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors
Don Vallee - How to Maximize Your Home’s Sale Price While Minimizing Costs
Jana & Jason DeLong - What Do Rising Interest Rates Mean for You?
Sarita Dua - Is Smart Technology Making Us Stupid?

Christine Browning - Tax Tips for Homebuyers and Sellers

Martin Millner - 6 Home Staging Tips to Get Your Home Market-Ready 

Tim Majka - Should You Have Your Home in a Trust?

Jeff Cook - What 5 Statistics Define the Charleston Real Estate Market?

Sandy Eagon - 7 Tips for New Homeowners

Gloria Buck - Friends 
Kevin Clancy - Why Is Prospecting the Key to Real Estate Success? 
Renae Gibson - Friends

John Fagan - What Do Low Inventory and Rising Rates Mean for Our Market? 
Marjorie Dick Stuart - How to Deal With Buyer Expectations During Contract Negotiations

Eric Vallee - How to Ensure Your Offer Beats the Rest

Brian Hammond - 5 Things to Avoid for a Successful Sale in 2017

Bob Guest - You’re Invited to Our Client Appreciation Party!

Cristina Dougherty - Learn About the Latest Market Trends & a Great New Loan Program

Christy Morrison - When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home in the Mountains?
Kevin and Amy Smits - Spring Events in the Mountains This Year 
Kevin Yoder - Is Now a Good Time for a Real Estate Career?

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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