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Ep 1. First Episode, Best Webcam Lights, and a Painless Event Marketing Video Tip

By Frank Klesitz on Nov 25, 2016

#VyralMarketingShow - Episode 1 - You'll meet Frank Klesitz (our CEO) and Scott Sillari (Head of New Business) who share the mission of our show, the best webcam lights we recommend for clients, and an effective event video marketing idea that won't take any of your time to create (and you don't have to be on video).

Show Notes

You'll learn about the best lighting techniques for your Vyral Marketing videos and which lighting equipment we recommend. You'll also learn how to easily shoot an event video that you can use to easily promote upcoming events via Facebook ads.

-We recommend you start with a webcam like the Logitech C920, which we send to all of our clients when they sign up with us. We also send our clients the Movo microphone so that you sound great. We also want to make sure you look great, and that's where lighting comes in. Our first recommendation is to avoid shooting in front of a window or any kind of light source. If you shoot your educational video with a light source (like an open window) behind you, you'll look very dark.

Many people have their webcam clamped on top of their computer, so they're basically stuck shooting video from wherever their computer is located. However, the webcam we send you has a tripod input, so you can buy an inexpensive desktop tripod and use it to shoot your videos nearly anywhere you like. That way, you're not stuck looking dark on camera if your computer faces a window or a bright light of any kind.

Investing in lighting can be a rabbit hole that you fall into, but sometimes, your office just might not be able to give you the lighting to truly make you pop and look great on camera.

We like the Geraray SpectroLED Essential 360 Daylight LED 2-Light Kit With Stand, which you can buy from Amazon or B&H Photo. They're flat plate lights that use LEDs, so you won't have a large soft light box taking up a ton of space in your office. You want to make sure you have the right temperature of light when shooting your videos, and this light offers the perfect daylight color of light that you want.

You probably won't need this much horsepower, though, so we recommend the smaller version of this same light. Believe me, it's a worthwhile investment to make you look great in your videos. If you want to go even smaller, you can buy a set of two battery-powered tabletop lights from Amazon. It's a great option to start if you're on a budget. Remember, the more equipment you add, the more complicated things get. That's why we love the simplicity of a webcam and the microphone we send our clients.

-For our marketing tip of the day, we wanted to show you how to use video to create promotional content for an event. This came about when a client, Brian Gubernick, wanted to promote an event he had the chance to speak at. We recommended a Facebook ad, which would allow us to precisely target Keller Williams agents, the audience we wanted to attend the event. For less than $200, we could create a video ad for Facebook and put it in the news feed of everyone who would be interested in the event.

You can learn more about advertising services with Vyral Marketing on our website.

All we had to do was take some shots with a simple camera (it could even be an iPhone) of Brian at a different event, and strip out the audio. Next, we recorded a voice over for Brian from a script that he was able to approve quickly and easily and got some music from PremiumBeat.com. Then, we created an edited video ad that you can see here. The best part was that Brian didn't have to do anything at all! All we needed was some footage of Brian that he was able to record during an earlier event.

Why not shoot some footage now to promote your next event? You can create a targeted video ad for Facebook, and remember, we do all the work for you. If you have questions, talk to your Vyral Marketing Specialist, or talk with Lindsay and Leah in our Facebook advertising department.

-Remember, if you submit a question that we answer on the Vyral Marketing Show, we'll send you a $25 gift card.

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Download the video marketing plan we recommend to our clients. You'll learn how to reconnect with your neglected contact database using real, authentic videos that help people while you grow sales along the way.

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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