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Ep. 11- Marketing to Investors, Logging Open/Click Calls, Example Facebook Recruiting Ad

By Frank Klesitz on Feb 4, 2017

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What’s new this week…
- We helped John Pyke launch his new book “How the Top 1% of Realtors Build World Class Teams”
- I hosted a webinar with WizeHire on “How to Recruit Real Estate Agents with Video” 
- This Tuesday, February 7th @ 1pm PST join us for a live webinar with Club Wealth CEO Michael Hellickson on the topic of “How to Get More Commissions from Your Database” 

#VyralMarketingShow – Episode 11

What you’ll learn in this week’s show:

(1:20 sec) - Marketing to Investors to Raise Money – Vyral Client Paul Campbell came down to visit me in San Diego recently. We had lunch overlooking San Diego Bay and I asked him “What about your business makes you the happiest?” 

He said doing rentals and home flips in Portland where he lives, but he didn’t have the money to do all the deals. So, we put together a plan to raise money! Now there are a lot of laws when it comes to marketing to investors, so you want to talk to your attorney, but here’s Paul’s plan. 

He’s buying a list of SEC-defined accredited investors (net worth over a million or earning $200k or more a year, basically), reaching out to introduce himself on the phone, and then asking permission to send them his educational newsletter about the best deals in Portland with his plan to deliver investor value. Coincidentally, this is partly how Warren Buffett built his investor base with quarterly and then annual personal letters to his partners about his decisions. I share the full story and plan in the episode.

(6:30 sec) – How to Track Your Open/Click Report Calls – Vyral Client Jeremy Larkin asks how to de-duplicate his open/click report. In short, when you’re a client at Vyral, we send you the names of the people who open and click the links in your emails so you can follow up proactively. 

This is HUGE since you now know who is interested in what you’re saying. Jeremy makes these “open/click calls” religiously every two weeks when he gets his report, so he ends up mistakenly calling the same people too frequently. How do you solve this? 

We recommend you sign up for a free CRM completely separate from everything else just for your ‘Vyral Marketing Open/Click Calls.” We like Hubspot’s free CRM since that’s what we use. Now, when you speak with someone while calling your open/click report, simply enter their name, date, and notes of the conversation into your free CRM. 

This way you log everyone you spoke with. Next, when you get your new call list two weeks later, have your assistant search every name in your new CRM to remove anyone you called, let’s say, within the past 90 days, from your report. Also, have them put a “star” next to any name you’ve spoken with before who you’ve deemed it’s time to talk to again. This way you know there are notes to review in your CRM before you call. Thanks for your question Jeremy - $25 gift card coming your way since we answered your question!

(12:24 sec) – Example Facebook Recruiting Ad for Real Estate – I share the Facebook ad that’s working for Tim Heyl, a top real estate professional in Texas, to recruit agents to expand his team. His partner Matt says the applicants are “very high quality."

You’ll see the exact ad copy that’s working for Tim to get talented agents to respond to work on his team. This can be modeled for any industry. I walk you through how I wrote the message, covering the psychology behind the headline, introduction, body copy, story line, and call to action. We’re targeting all real estate agents in Texas. 

At the time I write this, we’ve invested $950 so far and generated 32 high-quality recruits. You can use the same messaging for any recruiting phone call, email, letter, and more. Facebook is just one media to deliver it. Tim’s recruits will also receive 2 educational Q&A coaching videos a month, too. We’ll set up your first Facebook ad for free here at Vyral Marketing if you’re interested. 


We recommend you only advertise to your website visitors and people in your database to start - at no more than $5 a day - once you’re following the core Vyral Marketing plan consistently. Facebook is a shiny object if not managed correctly. Email leah@getvyral.com who oversees our premier advertising program to learn more, however, soon all our people at Vyral Marketing will be Facebook advertising trained. Website/database remarketing of your videos will be included in your fee later this year. You simply pay your chosen daily ad spend ($5 a day to start). 


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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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