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Ep. 16 - 24 Real Estate Agent Video Topics, Video Blog Topic Research

By Frank Klesitz on Mar 21, 2017



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#VyralMarketingShow – Episode 16

What you'll learn on the show this week:

We’re excited to announce our 24 recommended real estate agent video topics! These are the most searched keyword terms by homeowners who want to sell their home so you get found online while creating videos for your database people want. You’ll also see how we picked these topics using YouTube/Google search suggestions and www.AnswerThePublic.com. Use these strategies to plan video topics for your industry, too. This way you’re guaranteed to create videos people want (and are searching for) so your views go up and you get found online.

Download the 24 recommended real estate video topics:

What you’ll learn in this week’s show:

  • [2:00] The most common question we get is, “How do we create all these videos? What do I say?” We have the top 24 residential real estate topics for you today but first, we’ll go over how we found them so you know how to create great content.
  • [3:30] The first step in finding out what the best topics are for your customers is to ask them what questions they have. Write those questions down and make sure that you can answer them in a video.
  • [4:30] Find out what questions people are asking around the country by visiting AnswerThePublic.Com. Enter a keyword and the Seeker will tell you what questions people have been asking about that same topic.
  • [6:10] Pay attention to YouTube and Google’s suggested searches to find out what people are researching online. Again, enter a keyword and see what searches Google and YouTube suggest to create content for existing demand.
  • [9:00] Go to industry coaches’ YouTube channels and see what their top videos are. You can make similar videos for training and recruitment purposes.
  • [11:00] Here are the top 24 topics that we researched and compiled for residential real estate agents to get more listings:
    1. (City) Real Estate Projection
    2. (City) Real Estate Bubble
    3. (City) Real Estate Taxes
    4. Selling My Home Myself
    5. Selling My Home to Buy Another
    6. Best Real Estate Agent
    7. Buying a Home for the First Time
    8. Buying a Home in (State)
    9. Buying a Home vs. Renting
    10. Buying a Home With No Money Down
    11. Buying a Home Without a Realtor
    12. (City) Homes for Sale
    13. Home Appraisal Value
    14. (City) Home Auctions
    15. Getting a Loan for a Home
    16. Getting a Mortgage With Bad Credit
    17. Home Improvement Ideas
    18. (City) Real Estate Market Update
    19. Real Estate Commission Rates
    20. Buying a Home in 2017
    21. Selling a Home by Owner
    22. Selling a Home on Zillow
    23. Selling a Home on Facebook
    24. (City) Real Estate News

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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