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Ep. 26 - How to Hire a Video Journalist

By Frank Klesitz on Sep 9, 2017

 You'll learn how to hire a video journalist to create/package stories for you to send to your database. It's less expensive than you think. I give you an entire job ad to post on the local college job boards, Indeed.com, and Craigslist. You simply record a short lead-in and then cut to the story your journalist put together. This is really great for real estate agents who still want to send custom, local, helpful content about the community to their database who don't want to be involved in content creation or topic selection. If you "hate" shooting video, and you still want to publish great work, this is a great episode to watch.

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Full Episode Transcript

Frank Klesitz:

Welcome to episode 26 of the Vyral Marketing Show. You're going to learn how to hire a video journalist if you want someone else to make your videos.


Welcome back to episode 26 of the Vyral Marketing Show. I'm Frank Klesitz, your host, and CEO of Vyral Marketing. Thank-you so much for watching. It's our mission on this show to help you, our clients, entrepreneurs, business professionals, independent professionals, even sales people, to help you attract business. Not chase it. Chasing it sucks. You don't want to do that. You don't want the cold calling prospect to deal with a bunch of strangers. You had to do that in the beginning. But eventually you want to build a database to attract business by publishing educational videos and educational content to attract people to you to do business. It's so much easier.


That's what we're all about here at Vyral Marketing. We're all about getting you on camera, getting you on a podcast. Even writing some content. We have ghostwriters that can help you. To start publishing that to your number one business asset, that's your database of your past clients, your customers, your unconverted leads. All those names you have sitting there that you need to stay in touch with.


Before we get into the show today on how to hire a video journalist, which will be really cool. I'm going to share with you the whole hiring ad and the whole idea behind that, to help you create great videos if you don't have the time or desire to really do it.


I want you to go to the homepage of our website, getvyral.com, and download the official video marketing plan. It goes through the four steps. This is the plan that we recommend to all of our clients. Every single video on our show goes back to this plan in some way on how to reconnect with, how to grow and add people to your database, how to publish two educational videos a month to stay in touch with the people in your database by bringing value. Then how to prioritize your follow up with the people that watch those videos for business. Check that out.


Before we get into how to hire a video journalist today, I do have a wonderful shout out to our client, Pat Fitzgerald. Let me tell you about Pat. Pat Fitzgerald is a mortgage professional in San Antonio, I'm pretty sure. I think you're in San Antonio, Pat. He called us up, and we don't have very many mortgage professionals here. Maybe a few, because people think, "Who wants to hear twice a month about mortgages? Who wants to talk about mortgages? That's so boring". Well Pat called us up and said, "You know what? I think we can really make this work". He specializes in VA loans.


When you're in the military, if you need to buy a home, there's a lot of ins and outs and certain ways a VA mortgage has to be written, packaged, sold, and done, than say a traditional mortgage. He carved out a niche for himself, which is key in business. He picked a target market. He attacked on a narrow front, if you will, by positioning himself as the preeminent advisor of VA home loans in San Antonio. He started this blog. He started publishing these videos. A little bit skeptical at first, "Is this really going to work?".


I want to read you what he wrote me. Check this out. "Hey Frank. Just had to share something with you. On Monday this week, Vyral Marketing sent out my latest video to my database. Within an hour, of sending out the video, a local real estate broker owner, who I had been trying to get into his office to talk with their realtors, sent me an email asking a question about VA appraisals. I was shocked he reached out to me, to be honest". He talked to me about this. This was a very untouchable top broker in the area that had all these agents. Why would he reach out to him?


"In any event, I answer his question and thought that would be the end of it. He responded with a thank-you, and told me to contact his office manager to schedule me at his next agent sales meeting". Wow. "That is exactly the kind of opportunity I was hoping for using the Vyral Marketing system. It's working, Frank". Thank-you, Pat.


That's pretty cool. I want to share that to you. Whenever I get these nice little write ups I'll be sure to mention these here on the show, but that's an example of, he picked a niche for himself. He made some helpful educational videos answering questions like I spoke about in the Vyral Marketing plan, which you can download like I shared before, and published those out to his database. Because Pat, as a mortgage professional, is looking to get in front of real estate agents. But even better, he got in front of a broker that's going to put him in front of a bunch of other agents in his office. How awesome is that?


If anything, that goes to show you the value of the plan. But today we're going to go a little bit deeper on specifically how to create really good video content. When you're a brand new client of Vyral Marketing, we ship you a webcam and a little microphone. We actually interview on this webcam to get very comfortable sitting in front of a lens like this. Looking into some glass, a camera, and talking as if there's a human being sitting right across from you. You're looking into their eye and you're explaining, you're helping them solve a problem or answer a question.


That's where we recommend everyone starts. Then, if you get a little bit better we talked about how you can use an iPhone or some other camera to cut the tie of having to use your webcam at your desk where it's a more controlled setting, and go out and shoot the video wherever you want. That's fine too.


But I had a conversation last week with one of our great clients. He goes by Smitty. Hi Smitty, if you're watching this. Smitty is a great real estate professional up in Colorado. He's been a client for a year, a little over a year, I'm not sure. A pretty good amount of time. He's been doing his videos. He gets it. He's like, "Look, I get it. I've got to stay in touch with my database. I know business comes from that. I know I don't want to send them a bunch of canned crappy content that everyone else gets that you slap your photo on", because that just gets marked as spam.


But he told me, "Frank. I really hate shooting video. I hate it". He really hated it. He dreaded it. He hated it. He did it for a year and a half. No level of personal coaching or some Tony Robbins moment is going to get them him the point where he wants to shoot the video. I respect that. I really respected that. We sat down, we figured it out. He's like, "Frank, how do we solve this problem? I want to send good content to my database. But I don't want to do it. Someone else has to shoot the videos". I'm like, "Man. We haven't had a lot of success of just some other person in your office who's maybe not as bought into your mission of what you're looking to do, shoot the videos, that doesn't necessarily work".


But I was like, "You know what? I love journalism. I'm a big student of journalism". If you watch some of my interviews. If you go to our website and you click Reviews up on our website, you'll see how I interview our Vyral Marketing clients. What's working for them, and how it's working, and why it's working. I love investigative journalism. I've studied journalism for a bit and I was like, "You know what? Smitty, what if you hired a video journalist? What if you hired a video journalist?".


Smitty, you know when you watch the news? The anchor does a lead in. Like, "Hey, this is Smitty. A lot of people are up in arms about the rise in property taxes here in our community. Now we're going to go to Bob who's down at the courthouse. He's going to show you how to protest your taxes". That's the lead in, right? Then what comes after that is called the package. That's usually some voiceover and some reporter explaining the situation.


The reality is, you can hire a video journalist. This is what journalists do. They find stories. You can put an ad up on Indeed, Career Builder, Craigslist, under journalism, and say, "I'm looking for a video journalist to find two stories a month about home prices, local business owner interviews, things happening in the community, community issues, whatever it may be, for a one to two minute", they call it a package, a segment. "One to two minute package", that you, the client, would do the lead in. You just do a quick little video to lead it in. You cut to the edited package from your journalist. How cool is that?


Smitty loved this idea. He's like, "Frank, where do we even start to find a journalist? What do we probably have to pay this person?". I'm like, "Man, I think you'll be pretty surprised. You'll find a lot of, anyone looking to moonlight or work on the side. Anyone can be a video journalist as long as you know how to do reporting with a phone these days". All you have to do is just find a video journalist, and I bet you it could probably cost you 100 to 200 dollars you can pay someone to go out and get a story.


For say 200 to 400 dollars extra a month, you can have two great pieces, great stories, completely done for you. They figure it out. They write the script. They shoot it. They put the whole thing together. It's delivered to you done. You just record a video with your lead in, edit together, boom. You have a great story for, in this case Smitty's a real estate professional if you haven't caught on. He needs helpful real estate content to send to his database. He loved this idea.


One of the things I do want to play though before I show you the actual job ad, let me just play the video he sent me after our conversation of how much he hated shooting video. Take a watch.


I hate video. When I say hate, I say that, I don't say I hate too many things. But video has been, I've been doing it probably a good year and a half with Vyral Video. Since day one it has been so ... I mean here's what I want to do. I want to take this microphone and just, this is what it feels like to me.

Frank Klesitz:

All right, Smitty. I understand you hate shooting video. Let's talk about the job ads. Smitty asked me, "Frank, can you write a job ad?". Let me read the job ad to you, and if I can get the camera work here to be right, I'll slowly scroll down on this screen the job ad so you can read it too. Okay? Here we go. Again, this can be customized if you're not in real estate. I want you to get the general idea of this.


Headline. "Local real estate blog seeks part time video journalist for two stories a month".


Sub head. "Get paid to write two short stories a month about our community, real estate project, home improvement trends, home prices, and more. Are you a video or multimedia journalist? Do you love citizen journalism? Is real estate your beat?". That's what they call it in journalism. "I'd like to hire you. I'm the publisher of, let's say the San Diego Real Estate Video Blog, and a local real estate professional to finance the thing. The local home owners, buyers, sellers, and residents on my email list want to stay updated on what's going on with local real estate. I'm looking for a correspondent or reporter to write two stories a month on just about anything you feel residents in San Diego would find interesting. You get to decide on the story. It could be a feature, a current event, or human interest story. Ideas include town tours, business interviews, real estate developments, home improvement, market trend, and more.


You'll produce the full package with track". Track is what they call voice over in news. "With track, sound, and B-roll". They don't even have to be in the video. That's called the standup. There's no standup necessary. They don't even have to be in the video. Just a voiceover and pictures. "Total runtime from one to two minutes. I'll provide the lead in". You're the person providing the lead in to the package. "We'll end each story with a tease for the next one". We'll constantly do one every two weeks, all right?


"We'll work on the production elements together to create a fun brand. Now you'll be paid per story. You'll get 50 percent up front, and 50 percent when we publish the story. As an added bonus, you'll get 50 percent of any advertising revenue we earn. Mortgage professionals, title companies, home inspectors, contractors, and more would want to be in front of our audience if people actually watch this stuff. You have my deep commitment to promote every story fully, using email and social media for ratings to sell advertising spots. I'll share all the statistics with you. If you're interested in working together, call me at this number. Tell me what you're looking for in a managing editor". That's what you would be for this reporter or journalist. "I'm excited to see your work. If you don't have any work yet, let me hear your vision. I'll pay you to do a story, and if it's great I'll commit to doing two stories a month going forward. Talk soon".


Now if somebody responds to this, let me tell you how easy this interview process is. Person calls you up, "Hey, I'm interested in this". You just go, "Great. Go get me a story". That's all it has to be. They're going to go, "Great", and they'll go get a story. They put it together. If you do a good job you'll pay them. But I would just say, "Go find me a story. Here's what I'm looking for". They will go out and produce the whole thing. That's what a video journalist does.


In summary, if you hate shooting video, if video's not for you but you still see the value of creating local relevant interesting helpful content to send to your database, and maybe you're open to doing a quick little five to ten second whatever lead in on your camera, so people will maybe still see you at the beginning of the video before you cut to the segment or the package, this is a great plan for you. It's not as expensive as you think if you just post a job ad like this.


I'm going to put this job ad up in the YouTube description of this video. Feel free to copy and paste it and use it for yourself. I recommend you start with college job boards, under journalism. I recommend you do put it on Craigslist, and my favorite job hiring site is Indeed. Put maybe 50 bucks a month into it on Indeed to generate some leads. Then just ask them when they apply, just ask them to go create a story.


I hope you enjoyed the show this week. You have learned how to successfully hire a video journalist when you hate shooting video. If you enjoyed this show you can subscribe to this show on iTunes. We're up on iTunes. You can download videos there. We're also on our website. Go to getvyral.com. At the bottom you can subscribe for my weekly written newsletter. Get a newsletter every single week. Also on Facebook we post the videos there, and of course on YouTube we have our YouTube channel. Subscribe. You can see all of our shows that way. If you have a question you'd like to answer for me on the show, you have any feedback, email me. Message us. Write us on Facebook. I get notified whenever someone posts on there. I like to bring it up on the show.


I want to thank you, thank-you again so much for watching. Thanks for watching all these shows. If you need any help with your digital marketing, contact us here at Vyral Marketing. We will help you. We'll see you next time.


Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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