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Ep. 6 - Book Marketing Plan, 9-Word Email for Replies, Direct Offer Sales Email Example

By Frank Klesitz on Dec 29, 2016




 #VyralMarketingShow – Episode 6 - You’ll learn the how to create a free book funnel to give away your book if you create one, how to maximize the replies and engagements you get from your emails, as well as a direct offer email example to send to your database to generate business now.

0:43 min - We invited real estate coach Hoss Pratt to San Diego to create a marketing funnel to promote his new book. We plan to give away free e-book copies to get the word out and you’ll see the Facebook ads, landing page, and offer page we set up to generate strategy session requests to ultimately offer one-on-one coaching services. This book is the central message to all his services. All coaching services should revolve around a “core” endlessly repeated message, system, or methodology.

4:25 min - I’m asked by Vyral Client Lisa Burridge if she can expect replies from her two educational Q&A video emails a month on the Vyral Marketing Plan. 

12:24 min – I got a sales email from a very well respected trainer in the real estate industry with an offer to attend her perfect real estate assistant course. We talk about how the email was written so you can model it for your next powerful sales/direct offer message.

Show Notes

Building a Free Marketing Funnel for a Book

Today we welcome Hoss Pratt, an excellent coach for real estate professionals. His book, Listing Boss: The Definitive Blueprint for Real Estate Success, is getting ready to go to print. It’s a 270-page book that is jam-packed with step-by-step tactical advice about how to be successful in real estate. We’ll be promoting his book, and in the future, possibly yours.  

We’ll be following these steps:

  • Marketing the book on as many platforms as possible.
  • Setting up an opt-in that captures information of the person downloading/buying your book.
  • The individual will get to know you through your content and take the next step.
  • The next step will be to offer a one-on-one or group coaching session, an apprenticeship program, an event of yours that they will attend, or even just picking up the phone and having a conversation with you.

It’s important to stick to the main point or message and make sure that all roads lead back to the central message or product. For Vyral Marketing, it is our free Video Marketing Plan, for Hoss, it will be his book.


Maximizing Engagement and Replies with Your Email Marketing

Lisa Burridge asks if she should expect to get replies from the educational Q&A videos she sends out twice a month.

The short answer is no. You may occasionally get a message or feedback on social media, but it is rare.

The purpose of the educational videos we send out is to promote you and your brand. You aren’t asking for them to respond, you are building trust and a relationship with your database that earns you the right to start a business conversation.

Different messaging will garner different responses and serve different purposes. Here are the three main types of messages and their marketing purpose:

  1.  Branded E-Mail

Branded, educational messages build a foundation and let others get to know you. It’s the purpose of this very show! It’s hard to measure because you won’t get feedback the majority of the time. But we can track your opens and clicks.

  1.  Conversation Starter

These are very short emails with subject lines like “Quick question” or perhaps no subject line at all. There will be a simple message. The nine-word email is a great example of a conversation starter. Dean Jackson and Joe Polish discussed this in an episode of their podcast I Love Marketing. You can send this email to any list and get a response, and it is shocking the success you can find with such a simple message.

The email: Are you still looking for a home in Casper?

You can mix this up to work for any industry and receive an astounding amount of responses. This will not only start conversations but will also filter out those individuals that you shouldn’t have a conversation with immediately.

When you receive a lead report from us, you can use this short conversation starter and follow up with those people that did open and click on your branded emails.

  1.  Direct Offer Email

This is an email that focuses directly on someone’s pain and offers a solution to that problem or pain that involves you and your brand and urges the individual to act now. These are more effective when there is a foundation and relationship built with branded emails. You should send these out no more than once a quarter.

My Magical Seller Lead Generation emails [find a vr share link] are examples of direct offer email marketing that I’ve written for our real estate clients. It covers what’s in the news, has statistics, and directs anyone who is worried about the value of their home to get a free home valuation, or if they are thinking of buying a home, they can search homes that are available for sale.


A Perfect Example of Direct Offer Marketing

A really great example of direct offer marketing came through my inbox recently and I had to share it on the show. It came from Monica Reynolds, who is a respected KW MAPS coach.

The foundation of a good direct offer is making it a personal letter, and Monica’s email was a personal letter from her about hiring a perfect real estate assistant.

The email starts off “Just out of curiosity, are you running your business, or is your business running you?” It gets right to the pain.

The subject line is highly benefit-driven “Making real estate fun and easy again…”

The letter proceeds to take us back to 1984 when Monica herself didn’t have an assistant but it was pointed out to here that she needed one. It’s a story that sucks you into the copy. It then brings you into the present where Monica has trained more than 100,000 assistants and ends with a very simple call to action to enroll in her course.

To go over the framework:

  • Present a problem to solve
  • Tell a story/illustrate how you can relate to the audience
  • Present your credibility
  • Make an offer of how you can help the audience or the person reading that message solve their problem


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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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