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Ep. 21 - How to Clean Up and Reset Your Email Database (Jeff Quintin Story)

By Frank Klesitz on May 27, 2017


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#VyralMarketingShow – Episode 21


What you’ll learn on the show this week: 

Publishing educational content online allows you to stay in touch with your No. 1 business asset, your database.

Vyral Client Jeff Quintin reached out and asked us how he should clean up and segment his database to get the best possible return. He has built up a database of over 100,000 names over the years, which is probably the highest number we have ever seen.

Did you know that 10% of the people you know would either hire you or refer you to someone to hire you as their real estate agent? With Jeff’s list of 100,000, we have to take it and bring it down to the people who actually want to hear from him. He then needs to take that list and use it for communication going forward in order to get that 10% return.

To get the list down to a hyper-responsive one that will get you the highest conversion rate possible, the first step is collecting all of your contacts from all of your different databases and exporting them into one email marketing account. We use Vertical Response.

After the contacts have been uploaded, they will be automatically de-duplicate and your list will shrink. Then, redownload that entire list.

The next step is hiring a “cleaning service,” like NeverBounce, who can go through that list and take out all of the addresses that are undeliverable or are spam traps. Reload that list, and you have a full list of deliverable email addresses. The next step is writing them an email.

You may remember the reconnect message from a previous episode of the show. That’s a perfect first email to send to your newly clean database. It’s simple, honest, and truthful.

Graymail is a term for an email that could either be unsolicited spam or a requested message in your inbox. You want to avoid as much of this as possible. If people aren’t opening your emails after the first week, you can go in and remove those people going forward, further shrinking your list.

The list you have now is a list of people who have opened, read, and engaged with your messages. I would only communicate with those people going forward to start your list. That’s how you reconnect with and clean up your entire database.

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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