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Example Client Email to Ask Your Database for Questions to Answer

By Frank Klesitz on Sep 3, 2016



I want to share this simple and effective email we sent out for Vyral Client Dale Ross this week.

He replied back….

“14 responses, 2 listing leads and 2 buyer leads. I want to do this every quarter.”

We want to send a simple message like this to your database a few times a year to complement your videos that position you as an expert.

Your videos will also generate leads to call from the open/click report.

This message is easily tailored to any industry.

The goal is a two-way conversation with your database so you get questions to answer in your videos.

We are happy to make any changes or edits.

Let your Vyral Marketing Specialist (previously Client Manager) know if you want to send it out

Here’s the message...

FROM: Your Name
SUBJECT: Quick Question for You


Summer is winding to an end, kids are headed back to school, and it’s the last week of pre-season football. As we approach fall, I wanted to reach out to you for a small favor.

I hope you have appreciated the video emails I regularly send out each month, addressing trends in, changes to, and tips for navigating the world of real estate.

This is where I would like your help. Rather than simply guess what’s on your mind, I want to reach out and ask you what questions you have about real estate.

Are there any concepts that confuse you? Are you curious about the market in a particular area?

I would love to answer your specific questions in my videos, so other people with similar questions can benefit from them too.

Please take a second to reply with a question and you just might hear the answer in my next video!

To sweeten the deal, if I answer your question with a video, I will send you a $25 gift card!

Your Name

Thank you Dale for letting me share your email and results with everyone. 

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend and, as always, thank you for being a client.


Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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