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How #1 South Jersey Realtor Jeff Quintin Keeps it Profitable with Seller Prospecting and Video

By Frank Klesitz on Aug 14, 2016



“I’ve found that creating two short videos each month is a great way to leverage my time. Vyral has been invaluable for delivering problem-solving messages to my clients. We listen to our clients’ concerns every single day, and we base our video blog messages on those concerns. People who have seen the video blogs have a sense of already knowing you when they are ready to work together. It’s as if you’ve been like a guest in their home, and it creates a comfort zone when it comes time to meet face to face. These guys do all the work for you - I spend four to five minutes filming a two-minute video twice a month, and Vyral Marketing takes care of all the rest of the work. It’s been a huge boost in my business.”

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Jeff: My name is Jeff Quintin. I live and work in Southern New Jersey, and I'm a real estate agent. I work for Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors.

Frank: And how long have you been in business?

Jeff: I've been in business just over 20 years. I started in 1992 at the age of 19.

Frank: So what goals or accomplishments have you achieved in your career to date?

Jeff: I think right now I've had some pretty incredible accomplishments. I've been ranked numbers 4 and 5 throughout all of Prudential's network in 2004 and 2005 out of 70K agents. I was ranked number 44 according to The Wall Street Journal out of the 1.2M agents a few years back.

So these are some of the accomplishments I've had that are some of the pinnacle achievements of my career. And in the area that I'm in right now here in Ocean City and New Jersey, I've been one of if not the top agent for at least the last 10 years.

Frank: So where does most of your business come from?

Jeff: This past year, I had a pretty good variety of sources. Past clients, centers of influence, and referrals from that group now represents just about 50% of my business. I also cull new expired listings and old expired listings for about 20%. We did do some REO business as well, for about 20%, not so much on the income side, but as far as the number of transactions this year.
We work with past clients, centers of influence, expireds, and buyer transactions as well.

Frank: Alright. So what marketing systems do you have in place to generate that business?

Jeff: The primary marketing system that we use - my team and I - is we prospect every day. There's not a whole lot of marketing going on as far as any type of print ads, any type of radio ads, anything like that that's out there, postcards and so forth. There's not a whole lot of that.

We do some postcards for just listeds, just solds in certain areas. But not so much. We do a lot of postcards to our past clients, staying in touch with them once a quarter.

But primarily we're going out each day on the phone prospecting, over the phone finding people who want to buy or sell with expired listings. I do concentrate on building my database and feeding that database with good content through video blogs. So I do a lot of video marketing right now a few times a month, and then we send that out to my whole entire database and everybody I 'm working with.

So most of the marketing we're doing is all email driven and video driven.

Frank: Great. So you mentioned your business goals now and 3-5 years. What do you know you must do to get to those goals?

Jeff: I know right now for me, for the amount of time I spend personally in the business, I need to expand a little bit more, not only geographically as far as in different markets to pick up different transactions. The sources of business need to also expand and continue to get other business from other areas.

In addition, I probably need to bring on 1-2 other people to whom I can delegate some of the responsibilities that I personally have in day-to-day operations to free me up to go out and find the new business.

Frank: So why did you make the jump to using video and social media so recently?

Jeff: I feel that it's a huge way to leverage my time. I believe that right now if I can shoot a very good video, produce a great video, give it good topics, and good education, ultimately if I can have a great database and then give them good information, as a byproduct, they're going to come back to me as I position myself to be the market expert.

So in itself right now the video marketing, one thing I know is that people will open that 53% more than just a text email. So I understand that. And what's now happened is as I've built my database up and been able to give people good information automatically now, they're calling me to list and buy and sell their home.

Frank: So what was your biggest fear or frustration to implementing this new technology into your business?

Jeff: I guess one of the biggest fears I think I have in anything is the return. You're going to spend a certain amount of money on certain things, and you want to make sure you get back the return on it. So that was my initial fear.

And I guess that's the initial fear in a lot of things I do, if I'm going to spend any money, whether it be hiring another person on my team, whether it be trying a different postcard. And in the video marketing, I realize there's a certain expense. But I also know now, man, this is something that's golden in my business. I do it every single month, and the return is 10x. I can't tell you.

Frank: So what benefits have you seen or do you expect to see doing all this?

Jeff: I can share with you just a story yesterday, and it all came together yesterday. However, last week, I received an email from a client who owns two properties in a high rise building on the beach. It's called [The Guards Plaza].

By the way, there are about 100 units in this building, and only 6 of them have sold. We sold 3 of them this year. And through the sales of those other units, I was able to tell the sellers, can I get your homeowner's association, the directory of the condominium?

One of them was kind enough to give me this. And in there, I've got the names and numbers and email address. Took all that, adopted it in my system, and since then from the sales of those other units and then also my video blog producing a market report, Jeff Did It Again information, anything I do each month, for example 2012 real estate predictions, just different content in sending to this database.

And last week, one of the sellers called me who had been previous on the market back in 2010 and said, I'm interviewing other agents. I've been receiving your information. Your internet marketing, your blogs, and your videos are absolutely incredible. I'm considering listing my home with you. So would you do me a favor? Tell me what you think I can get for it.

It expired at the time at $949K. So I said, no problem. Let me take a look at it. Went over and looked at it yesterday. Came back to the office and prepared a market analysis. Sent that to him. Called him late last night. Went over the phone with him regarding pricing. He committed to me at $699K. Told me to send the paperwork, and the listing has been signed.

Frank: And the video helped you with this?

Jeff: 100%. That's where it all came from. He specifically said the videos I've been getting from you and all of your "internet" marketing that I've received from you are the reasons I'm calling you.

Frank: That's great.

Jeff: It's incredible. And that's not the first one. That happens all the time!

Frank: Fantastic! So what are you going to do from this point on to make sure you continue to see those results?

Jeff: One of the challenges is coming up with certain topics. And a lot of times I'll just feel the market out whatever's going on at the moment in time. People asking me questions and trying to give them good answers. One is just getting the time to figure out the topic. And setting the time aside to make sure you do the video.

You've got to be prepared for it. You've got to understand what you're going to talk about. You've got to be more or less scripted. Not much, but take a good 15 minutes of your day, one day a week, and sitting down to say, okay, I'm going to shoot the video and then that's it.

Frank: So how many videos do you routinely do a month?

Jeff: At least two videos a month, without a doubt. And then if there's some type of other topic that I want to cover, I might do a series of videos. 20 things you must know about X. Or someone may ask questions about short sales. So I'll do a video about the 20 things you must know about selling your home as a short sale.

Or whatever is going on in the market at the moment, I might do a whole video series for that and prepare that as well.

Frank: So how much time would you say you dedicate to all of this?

Jeff: A good half hour per month.

Frank: Per month?

Jeff: Yeah. That's about it. I mean, sometimes I'll do a video. I mean, the 2012 real estate predictions was a 9 minute video. It took me one cut. So it was just a matter of setting the video camera up, pressing the button, and going with it.

Frank: Okay. So do you have any tips or advice you could offer to someone who wants to get started with this? Are there any things you know of in doing this that could make the process easier?

Jeff: As far as video marketing, you've got to hire the right people to handle it. And I've got the right crew and the right people that have done this for me. And they make my life very easy. It's a matter of me just shooting the video.

You need a good camera. Get a tripod. And make yourself comfortable on film. And just be yourself.
I don't have a teleprompter. I don't have anybody standing behind me holding up scripts. I just speak authentically the way I speak as I am doing now. I just share what's going on whether the story's in the market, or I share my experiences in the past, or whatever it may be.

So I think that you've got to just go and do it. And once you do it you'll see the results come.

Frank: So how have people reacted to your social media videos? Are there any other stories you can tell me or results you have seen? How have people reacted initially from all this?

Jeff: I have raving fans about it. I really do. It's leveraged my business that now my mindset isn't one that -Okay, I'm now also in the database building business. And therefore, I'm prospecting. And every time I prospect and talk to somebody, I always want to capture their email addresses and adopt them and put them in my database.

I put them in my database because I know that's going to be the core of my business where I'm going to feed good information and receive back a lot of business.

So that core right there receives these videos, and I get great response all the time. All the time.

Frank: Great. So tell me how has Vyral helped you out with all of this?

Jeff: These guys are pretty incredible. I mean, you've got Frank. You've got John. You've got Andre. These guys are awesome! They provide me their topic. I do the video. I plug it in my computer. I go to their website where it says, send the video, press the button, and send it to them. And from there, everything else is done. They send it off to my database. They edit it. They write the article that goes along with it.

I just have to do the video. That's my job. They do everything else. My job is to do 2 of those a month, typically by the first and the 15th. And they've got me a book this thick of topics. And a lot of times, I just like to go on whatever's going on in the marketplace, whether it be buy or sell. So I just pick a topic out.

A lot of times I do it on Saturdays, because sometimes the office is quieter, sit there, do the video, and those guys rock and roll with it.

Frank: So tell me about your experience with Vyral. Is there anything specific that stands out?

Jeff: What's interesting about working with these guys that really stands out is they're very innovative. And what I mean by that specifically is they're cutting edge, they're educated in the real estate business and industry fully in what's going on around the country, so I can always lean on them and pull from them.

What's hot and what's not in the marketplace? What's going on to educate the public? What's going on to educate the agents?

So it helps me to know that they're very much tuned into the industry.

Frank: So you would recommend Vyral Marketing?

Jeff: Absolutely! I recommend Vyral Marketing 100%, all day long.

In fact, they are part of my business plan, year after year.

[end of transcript]

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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