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How Charleston Homes Increased Their Model Home Attendance with Video Marketing

By Frank Klesitz on Jul 31, 2016

“Vyral Marketing helps retain our customers so they have more confidence with us. For our agent referral partners, it says “Hey, this is a great home builder I can trust.” It’s a sales tool as well, but it really is a retention thing. One of our salespeople said a current customer, who has been with us for several years, came in because you guys filmed new models. They were so impressed they decided to upgrade. So many people do all their research online, and by doing this twice a month, it gets people to come out to our models. It’s just so easy. Everyone is really easy to work with, they do their job, and everything gets handled.”

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[Success Story Interview Transcript]

John: Heidi, why don’t you tell us your position at Charleston Homes.

Heidi: I am the Marketing Manager. I handle all advertising and marketing work for the company, as well as supporting our sales staff in bringing homeowners in. I also help coordinate our blog.

John: Charleston Homes has been a client pretty much since Vyral has been in business, around 6 years now. Obviously you wouldn’t keep paying us if it wasn’t working, so why don’t you talk about the results you’ve seen working with us.

Heidi: A lot of your clients probably track their ROI and all the numbers, but we don’t necessarily do that. We get comments from people and hear from them talking to us about our blog, or thanking us for putting new information out. The referrals that we get from people who have seen our blog is more of a retention tool for us. It’s really something to help maintain people so they have more confidence with us. And then for the agents out there, it reinforces for them “Hey this is a great home builder that I can trust.” It is a sales tool as well, but it really is a retention thing.

John: I know you’re not directly in the trenches, but have the sales people around you shared any specific stories where a customer came in to do business from a blog or video you did?

Heidi: Absolutely. One of our sales people said that a current customer, who has been with us for several years, came in because you guys had filmed some of our new models for us. They were so impressed with the video they decided to upgrade. That shows you how video is such an important thing. That is just one example. We've had people come out to a model home, talk to us about something they saw on the blog. It’s definitely a testimonial to what you guys do. So many people do all their research online, by doing this twice a month and getting out in front of people, it  gets people to come out to our models. We are very grateful for what you guys offer.

John: Why did you hire Vyral Marketing to begin with?

Heidi: It was when Frank was in the trenches doing everything and I remember meeting with him. Part of it was just Frank’s enthusiasm and the fact that it was something different. That was kind of the time when everything transitioned online, and we thought it was a great opportunity. It was something that no one else was really doing, and allowed us to provide a little bit more education to consumers out there.

John: You guys get how this all works. Why not just bring it in-house and try this yourself?

Heidi: We have talked about that. However, we are too busy and you guys know what you’re doing. You guys are always staying on top of things, and I don’t want to have to recreate the wheel.

John: What would you say you like most about working with us?

Heidi: It’s just so easy. Everyone is really easy to work with, they do their job, and get everything handled. We really don’t have any problems. I think you guys have a great product with what you offer and you guys are really in a great place.

John: What would you say to someone who might be on the fence about hiring us?

Heidi: There is really no reason not to do it. It’s the thing to do. For real estate agents, it’s something that might be an investment, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s something we’ve got a great response from.

John: What tips would you offer people to be successful working with Vyral?

Heidi: I know that we do probably not utilize you as much as we could, you probably have a lot more input you can give to customers. That’s one thing that a new customer should do. Take advantage of everything you guys have to offer. You are all bright and intelligent and always keeping an ear to the ground. It’s definitely something to take advantage of. Just the fact that the company has grown so much, it’s definitely a testament to how much you guys care, how much you’re out there willing to work and be the best that you can for your customers.

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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