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How do I get a mailing or phone list of homeowners likely to sell?

By Frank Klesitz in Classroom on Nov 23, 2019

Here's what clients implemented in our add-on Database Marketing Course to our Core Service this week…

A: There’s no better database than a list of homeowners in your target market who may want to sell their home who have given you permission to stay in touch with them. Once you've reconnected with your current database of past clients, sphere and other people you know - it's now time to break into a new target market to build your database. There are (3) lists you want to approach with phone calls, direct mail and Facebook ads with an offer of “I’ll help you get the most offers on your home if you want to sell. Call, email or message me.” The first list is your “likely to sell” list. These are homeowners in key zip codes who have lived in their homes around 10 years and around the median price point. This list should get a personal letter every 1-3 months, phone calls, and targeted on Facebook. The second list is distressed homeowners including people facing or who are in divorce, foreclosure, liens, bankruptcy, vacant, failed to sell on the MLS, probate, or code violations. This list needs a 3-step letter campaign with phone calls, quickly. The third list is from a “big data” company who can statistically tell you who is going to sell their home in a few months like Likely.ai. They need an approach strategy, too. You can get most of this data using Propstream from the county which is $99 a month for 10,000 records a month and they will append phone numbers for you. We get probates through All The Leads. Code violations you get with a FOIA request with the county. We’ve also had good results with V12 phone append, Microbilt Enhanced People Search if you’re an investor with permissible use under the FCRA, and BeenVerified to manually look each person up. The goal is to get these homeowners to call you about selling their home (or you call them), then you add them to your database to stay in touch - with their permission - so they see you as the trusted expert when they are ready to sell and they call you, not your competitors.

What clients said about the training this week…

“I had never thought about the Likely.ai at all.” - Jeff W.

“It’s simple. I have never thought about it - but going to the county to get the list of code violations but it’s a free tool with that FOIA. There is a lot of places in town where those violations are issued on a daily basis. Some are investors, or some are elderly who can’t keep up with the maintenance and need to sell or some are abandoned. I like that.” - Jason D. 

“I’m ready to put the time and work in.” - Carlos G. 

“I think the PropStream site - I had no idea about that. I have no idea where we’ve been getting the leads before, but it really hasn’t been effective so I’m going to check that out and see if we can make that happen.” - Hayden B.

“It’s so easy to pull that list for the farm.” - Ben B.

What’s next?

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