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How do I hire a telemarketer to generate seller leads for me legally?

By Frank Klesitz in Classroom on Dec 6, 2019

You’ll learn how to hire a telemarketer armed with great phone numbers, a strong dialer, and daily training to generate seller leads for you - without getting sued.

Real estate clients and friends,

I’d like to share with you this week how to build your database with a telemarketing assistant (i.e. cold calling or outbound prospecting).

It’s what we’re working on with our clients this month: building a list of homeowners who want to sell their home now or in the future.

We don’t do this for you at Vyral Marketing (we nurture your current list), but I’ll share the insight with you.

Last week I covered how to build your seller lead database with direct mail to a list of homeowners who are likely to sell their home.

You can certainly hire a telemarketer to call homeowners on the same list you’re mailing (or not mailing) to ask if they want an offer on their home.

It’s a legal minefield, and the failure rate at building an outbound calling team is high – but with the right tips it is possible, especially if you personally grow as a great leader and sales manager to get lead generation done through others.

*NOTE: Check with your state licensing board if it’s legal, too. In some states, you can’t hire anyone unlicensed to talk to the public about anything. Period.

I’m not an attorney, and this is in no way legal advice (it’s my opinion), but here’s what I’ve figured out from my own experience and from a few of our clients doing this every day.

Here are the 5 things you need to know to get this right and to keep it legal (remember, this is my opinion, it is not legal advice):

1. You need to append top notch numbers with litigator and DNC scrubs.

Once you have a list of homeowners who are likely to sell their home, you’ll need to append phone numbers. I recommend V12 phone append – spend as much money you can to get all the best numbers. If you’re a real estate investor, you can get your numbers from the credit bureaus (much better numbers) with a service like Microbilt Enhanced People Search for about $0.30 a record since you’re not selling a service, rather calling homeowners to give them money. You’ll then want to scrub out all the numbers on the national DNC list if you’re a real estate agent and you'll want to scrub out anyone who has sued a telemarketer with a litigator scrub. You’ll now have a list of people you can call without breaking any laws or calling someone who may sue you (since they have sued a telemarketer in the past). This is a great phone list to start. Make sure you're familiar with all the laws.

Don’t believe me on the lawsuits? Read these….

  1. Hayhurst v. Keller Williams Realty Inc
  2. DeClements, et al. v. Re/Max LLC
  3. Wright v. EXP Realty, LLC

2. You need a legally compliant dialer that won’t get you sued.

Real estate agents and brokerages are getting sued a lot now for breaking TCPA laws. It all comes down to what the court defines as a dialer that has the “capacity” to autodial. It’s illegal to call a cell number on an auto-dialer. You don’t want to get caught up in that lawsuit. Get yourself a top-notch dialer the courts have ruled as legal. I like the Five9 TCPA dialer. It’s likely a “click to call” dialer. A full-time hire working an 8-hour shift with time for breaks and daily training can get about 300-400 dials in a day. With a great (i.e. expensive) number list, you can expect a 5-10% answer rate, or for 20-40 homeowners to answer the phone in this case.

3. You need to set aside 30 mins a day (or more) for coaching and training.

No matter who you hire you’ll need to train them every single day – no exception. This is where most people drop the ball. Get a time in your calendar to review their best call and the call they need the most help with daily. If you’re recording calls legally in a 1 party state, ask them to submit the recordings to you before your meeting. It’s helpful if they upload them to Otter.ai so you can read them. Practice, role play, improve. It never ends. You’ll want to know how many dials, contacts (homeowners who answered the phone), and leads they generated yesterday. A lead is someone who wants to speak with you about getting them an offer on their home and requests a call back while providing full contact information. For each full-time telemarketer, you should get 1-2 solid leads a day passed to you either as a live transfer or by email/text.

4. You need a lead follow up plan since many people are not ready to sell now

Out of the 30-60 leads a month one full time caller should generate for you, not everyone will want to sell their home now. And of course, you’ll have a few that were not really interested or wanted a sky-high price. That’s fine. Throw them away. The fortune will always come down to the follow up to the ones who are legitimate. You’ll need to put these leads in your CRM, make sure you have all their contact information, and schedule a time to call them back when they ask (it’s a good idea to cut that time in half). You’ll also put them on the Vyral Marketing Plan to stay in touch with them using video, social media, direct mail, and phone calls when they click the links in your nurture emails.

5. You need to hire talented contract or W2 labor in America or abroad to make the calls

Finally, it’s time to hire. You can hire anyone you want. You can hire 100% commission real estate agents to make the calls, part or full-time employees in your office, contractors in the USA, or even talent overseas. It does not make any difference. Anyone who has the character traits and work ethic (and in this case great English) will do a wonderful job with proper training. If you’re going the employee route, you can hire in the Philippines this talent for $4 an hour or you can hire it in the USA for $10-15/hr – it’s up to you. It comes to getting them great numbers, daily training, strong lead follow-up, and a professional dialer. Master becoming a great sales leader and manager and you’ll be successful with anyone you hire – no matter where they are (it’s about who they are, not where they are).

I hope you enjoyed all this. It should give you some insight on how to build your database, which is a question our clients ask us all the time.

I wanted to share the answer for you through the lens of leverage and marketing, not just working harder yourself.

Next week, I’ll cover how to build your seller lead database with Facebook advertising.

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Have a wonderful weekend!



Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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