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How Jack Barry Got Results & Positive ROI Within Weeks of Starting the Program

By Frank Klesitz on Oct 14, 2016

"Vyral Marketing gives me the accountability that I just never had before. Stick with it and do it. Make the commitment that you're going to do the video. Guess what? No one else is doing this in your market! Well, not no one, but less than 3% of the Realtors are doing this."

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John McMillan: Alright, I am here with Jack Barry, who is in Philadelphia, correct?
Jack Barry: Yes sir.

John: And you pretty much signed up at the end of June, the beginning of July, got the first email out in August, and already on October 4th, you're having success in the program.
Jack: Yes.

John: What kinds of results have you seen so far?
Jack: Most recently — I'm in Lars Hedenborg coaching, so we were down in San Diego, and I get a text message from somebody in my sphere, and he said: "I just saw your video." He had kind of been on the sideline about buying a house, and he sent me a text that said, "I saw your video, and I am getting my tax information in order to get to the mortgage guy.” So he can buy a house.

John: Fantastic!
Jack: That video was about buying versus renting and why, in our market anyway. Nine times out of 10, it doesn't make sense to rent. He said that the video made perfect sense to him and it made him get off the couch and do something.

John: That's great. Do you think you would have gotten that email or that call had you not sent out that video?
Jack: No because he's my personal trainer! I see him two times a week face to face!

John: And so your video finally made him say 'Alright, I've got to get up off my butt and do this.'
Jack: I mean, there's only so much selling that I can do face to face without pushing people away. With that, he watched the whole video. Holy cow!

John: Did you have any fears before signing up with us?
Jack: Well, like anything, you know, it's a big investment, and I am an immediate results kind of guy. I want somebody to call me. I made a video this morning with Vyral, and I want somebody to call me today. It's not even published! I want results yesterday, so that was a really big fear. So it takes a few weeks to get traction, and I know that being in this business for a short period of time, about nine years, that things take a couple of months before you're going to see any returns, and I'm seeing really positive returns very early, I think.

John: So you were doing this on your own and now you're working with us. What would you say your favorite thing about working with Vyral has been?
Jack: Well, make no mistake, it's the "I'm doing a video." Last night, I was looking at my calendar for today and thinking, "Oh, I've got to do a video tomorrow." I make notes and send myself emails and I put it in my calendar to do a video on this and do a video on that. But guess what? I'm getting a phone call, "Are you ready for this video?" You've got to be sitting here, ready to go. So it gives me the accountability that I just never had before.

John: Alright, so you've been pretty successful in a short period of time. What tips do you give our new clients for success with Vyral?
Jack: I would say, really, you have to listen to your clients. What are the questions they are asking and what are the questions that multiple clients keep asking about? We did one today on appraisals, because all the buyers are like, "What is this?" Especially first-time buyers. "What is this appraisal process? What is this about? Oh my god, what is this about? I thought getting a mortgage was the hard part?" This is part of getting the mortgage. When you explain these things to people, first of all, they have to connect with you. To connect on video is amazing; you’re giving them an explanation in a way where they don't think you're talking down to them. I think a lot of us as Realtors, we go through this every day or so many times a month that we forget who we're dealing with, which is a first-time buyer in a lot of cases, and they're petrified. They're so afraid of this whole process.

John: That's good. What do you tell those people that are on the fence about hiring Vyral Marketing?
Jack: You've got to do it. Like anything else, my coach tells us, do one thing and do it really, really well. Stick with it and do it. Make the commitment that you're going to do the video. Guess what? No one else is doing this in your market! Well, not no one, but less than 3% of the Realtors are doing this.

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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