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How Loan Officer Jay Moderski Gets Business From His Referral Partners Using Video

By Frank Klesitz on Aug 14, 2016



 "I love how important it is to you to make sure I'm successful. I love your passion, Scott's passion, and Frank's passion to make me and your other clients successful. From the onset of just doing the video, walking us through the video, sending the video, editing it to perfection, getting it out to my list and database, uploading it to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter....the cost of Vyral Marketing is a slam dunk. For what you get out of it, the writing that's behind it, and the innovative new ideas your guys come up with, to me it's worth every penny."

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Watch the interview with Scott Sillari, Head of New Business at Vyral Marketing, Jay Moderski and Sergio Haros with Finance of America about how Sergio will close 200 loans this year with 15 referral partners.



[Full transcription]

John: Today we are here with Jay Moderski. Jay was a client of ours for a long time and stuck around with us for 5 years. Jay has moved on to bigger and better things, and is now with Finance of America Mortgage and now he is actually using Vyral for some sponsorship opportunities. Basically, today I wanted to talk to Jay about what his experience was like working with Vyral in the past. Jay, what kind of results did you see when you were using the Vyral Marketing program?

Jay: I think it was the branding that I saw the most. People would say "Hey, I saw your video. It was great information." It was a great way to stay in front of my clients, referral partners, and get educational information out in a cool, new way. I thought it was something that was really great for my business and it really helped me expand my brand and my name.

John: In regards to your return on investment, what did you see there?

Jay: I don't know if you can ever put a dollar amount on this type of marketing. It's not something that you touch and feel and can see an immediate reward for. It's more about the branding and more about the longevity, and giving people the education and information that they want and need. That may come right now or two years from now. You can't really put a price tag on it to tell you the truth.

John: There were probably plenty of marketing systems that came and went during your time with us, but you decided to stick with Vyral for one reason or the other , which is good.

Jay: Yeah, the reason I stuck with Vyral is because I did see the impact that it had. Getting that feedback from referral partners and customers (past and present) about my videos was effective. You can't put a dollar amount on it, but when you are getting the feedback and people are inquiring about the videos you've done, you know it has had its effect and that it's working properly.

John: Think back a little bit. Why did you hire Vyral Marketing to begin with?

Jay: It's a funny story, actually. I met Frank at a Mike Ferry retreat in Las Vegas. He was working with some pretty big clients, so I went to him and said "Hey, have you ever done videos for mortgage people?" He said, "No, we haven't". I said "Well, how about I'm your first guy", and he said "Sure, let's try it." From that day on, that was the story. That's how I found Vyral Marketing and how Vyral Marketing found me. I was watching the content from other agents using it and I thought it was really good and a cool way to market.

John: Was there ever any thought either before or during the time working with us where you said, "I kind of get what Vyral is doing now, I'm going to try this on my own." Any thought of trying to do this yourself?

Jay: No. I never wanted to do it myself. You can attest to this because you were working with me when I first came on. I let professionals handle their business. I don't ever want to claim to do or emulate what you guys do and how effectively you guys do it. From the onset of just doing the video, walking through the video, me sending you the video, you editing it to perfection, getting it out to my list and database, uploading it to LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter. Everything that you guys do and the service that you provide is worth every penny. No, I would never try to do it on my own. I wouldn't be as effective as you guys are. It's what you do day in and day out, and to try to emulate that would be a great misstep on my part.

John: Were there any fears you had before signing up?

Jay: I guess there is always a fear of getting on video. I remember we did my first video from my living room and I was scared to death about messing up. You guys walked me through it, though and we moved on. From a money standpoint, I wasn't very fearful because to tell you the truth, you guys provide a lot for the cost of Vyral Marketing. It's pretty cheap. It's a great cost. I figured, "Hey let me give it a shot for a year." A year turned into two, two turned to three, three turned to four. There is always a fear it's not going to work in terms of a return, but the cost of Vyral Marketing is a slam dunk. For what you get out of it, the writing that's behind it, and the innovative new ideas you guys come up with, to me it's worth every penny.

John: What would you say you enjoy most about working with Vyral?

Jay: I've built such a great relationship with you guys. We're friends at the end of the day, and you're not treating me as just some client. I love the energy you guys bring, and the professionalism you bring to the table. I love how important it is to you to make sure I'm successful. I love your passion, Scott's passion, and Frank's passion. I love how passionate you are about making me and your other clients successful. That's probably the number one takeaway for me. I know how hard and diligently you guys work in making us successful.

John: A lot of people listening to this might be on the fence about hiring us. What would you say to those people?

Jay: In any business, if you're on the fence, you could always sit back and say you never did it. I would say if you're in this business, whatever you're looking for, take the leap of faith and trust these guys. They know what they are doing. Are you going to be scared to be on video? Of course. I get it. With the way you guys handle the editing and the marketing, it's first-class. If anybody is on the fence out there, take the leap of faith. It's not a blind leap of faith, trust me. I've been here for 5 years and think that they are great. If it wasn't great, obviously, I wouldn't be sitting here promoting it.

John: What tips can you offer people to be successful working with us?

Jay: Stick to the script. You have to do the videos. That was probably one of my pitfalls. I didn't commit to doing the two videos per month. To be successful in using Vyral Marketing, you have to follow the script. Do your two videos a month, have Vyral help you with your content, and be the professional. Don't be afraid of that camera. Smile and think some silly thought in your head, and it will never come off. If people want to make fun of you, it's great. It's envy and a form of flattery. Take it all in stride and let Vyral Marketing take your videos and your marketing to the next level.

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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