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How Realtor Connie Carlson's Video Search Optimization Attracted 14 Clients in One Month

By Frank Klesitz on Jul 30, 2016

"I was not staying on top of my publishing schedule - I was out of time. I knew I needed help. In April when I couldn't do any prospecting, we put 14 homes under contract. That’s without any prospecting, just marketing! I’m getting phone calls from random people who find me online because my name is coming up all over the place on YouTube videos and search results. It’s the first time in 10 years I’m getting calls from branding on the internet. Vyral Marketing is very reliable. They get things done, and I have more ideas than I could ever implement from them.”

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Vyral Client Connie Carlson

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Vyral Client Connie Carlson is a real estate professional in Cobb County Georgia. She’s a veteran when it comes to making videos to send to her database. “My original intention was to reach out to leads who didn’t provide a phone number with video to create a personal connection,” says Connie. Before hiring Vyral Marketing she already had over 300 videos on her YouTube Channel in her ‘Coffee with Connie’ series, but she wasn’t able to get the videos out as consistently as she liked. “I was not staying on top of my publishing schedule,” said Connie. “From the time I got my materials ready, recorded the video, upload it to YouTube, and then optimized it (I didn't know how) I was out of time and I knew I needed help.”

She hired Vyral Marketing to do the work for her, and now she’s getting phone calls directly from people finding her videos online because of improved SEO. “It’s the first time in 10 years I’m getting calls from my branding on the internet,” says Connie. We simply added ‘Cobb County Real Estate Agent’ to be beginning of her YouTube video titles, embedded her videos on her Cobb County real estate video blog, and increased her views by announcing her videos to her database with email and social media. YouTube picked up on it and rewarded her with higher search rank. She’s now more consistently getting educational videos out to her database, with a lead over 2 years old recently commenting, “We get your stuff every other week, we enjoy watching it, and we know you’re the agent who is going to list our house [when the time comes].”

“I was a KW MAPS Coach from November through May 2014 so I didn’t have time to do my prospecting. In April while on the Vyral Marketing Plan we put 14 homes under contract, and that’s without any prospecting, just marketing. This follow up is helping grow our business.”

We interview Connie once a month on a HD webcam to record 2 educational Q&A videos answering questions her customers commonly ask. Her Success Coach asks her questions we know are generating leads for other real estate agents in Georgia. “Vyral Marketing is very reliable. They get things done, and I have more ideas than I could ever implement from them," says Connie. “You definitely bring a lot of value to the marketing side of my business.”

Connie’s videos are much more than just real estate tips and market updates. She publishes videos on mindset and how to think more strategically about your business. “My calling assistant spoke with an investor who was watching my videos and he told her my motivational videos have changed the way he thinks about his business.”

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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