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How to Build a Modern Seller Lead Generation Website

By Frank Klesitz in Interviews on Sep 21, 2022

with Chris Ha (Bullsai), Keith Collins (Movement Mortgage), and Ryan Young (https://hifello.com/)

Webinar Replay. With Steve LaMothe #1 Individual Agent in Sacramento

Here is the email he sent out to promote this webinar


I wanted to share what's working for me on my seller website: https://www.homesbyelevate.com/

I’ve been very fortunate to sell the most homes in Sacramento (as an individual agent) last year.

A lot of that, I contribute to making my website very clear on how I solve sellers’ most pressing problems.

Here are the pages you’ll want to feature:

  • A trade-in program
  • Guaranteed offer
  • Cash-backed offers
  • Pre-listing improvements
  • Seller marketing plan
  • Free home value report
  • Video updates

My website generates a lot of “come list me” phone calls. I thought it would be helpful to go through it with you as we all re-adjust our businesses (and marketing) for the market shift. You’ll also want a 36-touch marketing plan in place for your database.

This will drive people back to your website. I send out video tips so homeowners get to know me, along with monthly offers for an immediate response that drives people to my website’s lead-capture forms. That's mainly how I generate leads

O’ll show you how all that works because a website isn’t very useful unless people see it! I’ve invited Frank Klesitz with Vyral Marketing to join me. He helps me run a lot of this. There will be a replay sent out if you can’t make it.

Come join me for the free webinar. Let’s get your seller website on point, so you take more listings. It's working for me very well, and it will work for you. I'll show you what to do.

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