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How to Call the Warm People Who Watch Your Videos for Referrals & Business Opportunity

By Frank Klesitz on Sep 23, 2016



I have an improved process for you to call the people who watch your videos.
The people in your database are the best people to call for business opportunity.

Vyral Client Jeff Cohn was ready to fire us for no results. After we talked about it, he begrudgingly asked his team to first call the warm leads we sent him instead of calling strangers.

He got 36 sales that year from his database.

“Staying on with Vyral was a no brainer when we started using the system as it was intended!  We thought the email and video, by itself, would be enough, boy were we wrong. Once we made one simple adjustment, we started closing around 3 deals a month!  We're spending around $500 a month to make $15,000 a month, this is by far the best ROI I've ever seen!”

Here’s the Google Hangout interview about it:

Your videos identify people who are interested in what you say. These people, at some level, know who you are and are open to having a conversation that may generate business.

Many of them are past clients and people you know who are happy to refer you - if you ask. The rest are likely expensive leads you put a lot of work into generating but didn't convert to an appointment or sale - but there's good news.....

These people are engaging with you online! Let's now engage them directly and personally.

We send you a spreadsheet of people in your database who engage with your content. These people click your "call-to-action" links, watch your videos, and open your emails.

This is an absolute gold mine if we approach it correctly to generate business.

There are 3 obstacles to overcome for success – getting phone numbers, knowing what to say, and having an approach process so your past clients, sphere, and prospects respond to you.

Let’s overcome them…

1. How to Find Missing Phone Numbers

Your contact’s email address is guaranteed to be in your report. You’ll also have their name and phone number if it was included in your export to us when you sent us your database.

Take these four steps to find the phone number:

  1. Type their email into your CRM(s) to see if you have their phone number
  2. Google their email address to see what comes up
  3. Type their email into www.pipl.com to see what comes up
  4. Type their email into Intellius Premier to see what comes up (paid service)

With luck you’ll find their number. If not, you’ll send them a personal email.

Spend no more than 3 minutes researching a contact online for their phone number.

2. Know What to Say When You Call

Here’s what to say on the phone call, for example, if you’re in real estate:

“Hi, is this Greg? Greg my name is Frank Klesitz – I’m with ABC Realty here in San Diego and I see you subscribe to the real estate videos I publish about what’s going on with local home prices. Do you get my videos? Great! I’m calling with 2 questions and I’ll let you get back to your day. First, do you have any questions about where the market is heading or about buying or selling a home I can answer for you in my next video? If I pick your question I’ll send you a $25 gift card. Great! Happy to answer that. Do you also happen to know anyone in your circles who may need to buy or sell a home? Okay, thank you. When do you plan on moving, by the way? Great! Thanks for your time and if I pick your question for a video I’ll let you know.”

If you know the person you’re calling, soften up the opening line:

“Hi this is Frank! I’m calling to check to see how things are going. I also have two quick business questions for you if you have time…."

If you have an assistant making calls on your behalf, the script changes to:

“Hi my name is Paul with ABC Real Estate. Frank asked me to call you and Frank wants to know…”

If you don’t have a phone number, send them this personal email message:

FROM: Your Name
SUBJECT: Reaching out

Hi there! I see you subscribe to my San Diego real estate video blog – thank you! Do you have any real estate questions I can answer for you? I’ll make a video with the answer and send you a $25 gift card if I pick your question.  Any question about local San Diego real estate, home prices, refinancing, or when it comes to buying or selling a home here in town?

Your Name

3. How to Approach to Get a Response

Your approach intensity is important to get a response. You’ll want to reach out by phone and/or email 3 days in a row. This shows that you care and you value their feedback. You can track this directly in the spreadsheet by putting an “x” in the column next to each contact after every attempt. Each time you reach out, keep the messaging the same, just reference your last reach out and the fact you really want to hear from them because you want to be of service. Feel free to ask for business or referrals once a conversation is started either on the phone or over an email chat.


Thank you for being a client!

Have a great weekend!

Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing 

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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