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How to send a video email

By Frank Klesitz in Marketing Training on Apr 7, 2023

We send upwards of 90 million emails a year on behalf of our clients. Here's what works best to send out a video email with an optimal click-through rate to watch the video on your blog, and to make it easy to respond (either by a phone call, email reply, or opt-in for an item of value). This is the checklist we follow when we prepare to send out your latest video to your database to help you get business.

  1. 2 Subject Line A/B test – short, personal and specific like you would send a Gmail email to one person
  2. Pre-header text (75 characters) – The first personal sentence of an email again like you would send it personally in Gmail.
  3. Sender Name – Your real name, not a company. Whoever has the strongest relationship with the list "Oh yeah, I want to hear from them!"
  4. Sender Email – Where people should reply to you, not a faceless department. They know they will get a reply from you.
  5. Masthead – A strong lifestyle image showing your office or people to build trust. Hyperlink to the video blog homepage. (no alt text)
  6. Headline – 60-70 characters with a strong, specific problem you solve
  7. Thumbnail – YouTube thumbnail hyperlinked to the blog post (no alt text)
  8. Description – A few sentences about why you made the video, who it's for, the problem it solves, and the solution/benefits of watching it. About 80 words.
  9. Watch My Video – a larger on-brand button (hyperlinked to the blog post)
  10. CTA #1 Headline – Lead-bait item of value
  11. CTA #1 Image – Shows the item of value (no alt text)
  12. CTA #1 Description – Communicate the problem the value item solves
  13. CTA #1 Button – What they get
  14. CTA #2 Headline - Lead-bait item of value
  15. CTA #2 Image - Shows the item of value (no alt text)
  16. CTA #2 Description - Communicate the problem the value item solves
  17. CTA #2 Button - What they get
  18. Phone CTA Text – A sentence to make it easy to tap to call on mobile or reply to respond (hyperlink the phone number with a standard hyperlink color # 0000FF)
  19. Email Sign Up – A sentence to make it easy to sign up for the email newsletter with a CTA to an email sign-up form
  20. Contact Information – full contact information and any necessary industry disclosures
  21. CAN-SPAM – complete mailing address and the option to unsubscribe
  22. Proper Branding – use the client’s chosen brank kit with their web fonts, button colors, and thumbnail template. Text is always very dark gray, if not pure black, with aesthetic line spacing so it's easy to read.

Example Video Email

Example Video Email


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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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