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How to Look and Sound Great in Your Videos

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Classroom on Oct 8, 2020

Clients watch the full replay of the lesson here

Here are all the things I recommend that you do in order to look and sound great on your future videos.

The Logitech C920 HD PRO is the recommended webcam for our clients. It sits right on top of your monitor and allows you to shoot your videos. At 0:40 in the video above, you can see the stark difference between using my laptop’s camera and the Logitech C920.

Your webcam will still look less than optimal without good lighting. A ring light behind your computer will make it look great. We send one out to each of our new clients to help illuminate them for videos. You don’t necessarily need a ring light, though. Natural light can work well if it’s coming from directly in front of you, but that’s often hard to control. I put my ring light on a small stand behind my computer and turn it on when I’m shooting videos. There are a bunch of different kinds, but you really can’t go wrong.

Now let’s transition to sound. At 2:15, you can hear the difference between my microphone audio and the computer’s microphone audio. Your computer may not be able to keep up recording HD audio and video at the same time, so we recommend that you use a lavalier mic or standalone audio recorder instead of trying to use your computer or webcam mic. There’s nothing wrong with using a headset if you don’t have any other options.

We send all of our clients an audio recorder with a lavalier mic. Once you press record on the webcam, you press record on the recorder, and they’ll sync up. You might be able to find a great computer with a great mic, but for most, computers aren’t strong enough to record hd video and audio at the same time. What happens is that the webcam drops frames to keep up and the audio and video don’t match up and it looks like you’re dubbed into a foreign film.

All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t use the camera and microphone that come with your computer. You’re going to need secondary devices and we can match the two in editing.

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Elizabeth Stormberg

Written by Elizabeth Stormberg

Elizabeth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vyral Marketing.

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