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How to set up a webinar

By Frank Klesitz in Marketing Training on Apr 15, 2023

Teaching via a live webinar is an excellent way to generate quality leads. Pick a topic that solves an immediate pain or problem for your prospects. Invite them to attend. When they register, you generate a lead. You can also download a list of attendees afterward. These are your best leads. Record your webinar to the cloud and promote it on-demand afterward. We love Zoom Webinar because it's effective and cheap. Don’t be afraid to charge for your webinar, too. We recommend $10. It will help you zero-cost your upfront advertising spend. It also signals your content is serious, not a sales pitch or long-winded stories. The registration list is of higher quality, too. Invite panelists to speak and ask them to promote it for more exposure. Follow up with everyone who attends (and watches the longest) for appointments.

Here’s the checklist to set up a live Zoom webinar:

  1. Topic - the title of what problem they will learn to solve, most important part. 
  2. Description - promotional email text goes here - the longer the better. Why should they attend?
  3. Duration - 30-minutes minimum, 90 minutes max
  4. Time Zone - pick the hosts time zone
  5. Require Registration - turn it on to generate leads
  6. No passcode - turn it off
  7. Video - turn it on for both host and panelists
  8. Q&A on - allows better interaction
  9. Enable Practice Session - allows you to test before going live
  10. Enable Host change of appearance - if someone shows up w the wrong name
  11. Make the webinar on demand - provides a replay on the registration link
  12. Automatically record in the cloud - make it easy and automatic to host the replay
  13. Invite Panelists - add the names and emails of everyone speaking
  14. Update Appearance - use Zoom default nametag, use their email address as a description
  15. Send an email to the host when someone registers - turn this on, it gets them excited!
  16. Require phone number - important for lead generation
  17. Add any custom questions - what other information on the lead must you know?
  18. Update email contact - use the host’s email address 
  19. Turn on all reminder emails to attendees and panelists - add links any handouts
  20. Turn on follow-up email to attendees - add a link to other resources or CTA’s, if you like
  21. Turn on follow-up email to absentees - add links to replay or other CTA’s, if you like
  22. Update webinar title - “Sign up for the free training” or whatever’s relevant
  23. Update banner (640x200) - 72dpi RGB with logo and lifestyle photo made in Canva
  24. Update logo (200x200) - 72dpi RGB use a picture of the host, made in Canva
  25. Update speakers (200x200) - portrait for each speak and bio
  26. Theme - use brand color for the registration button
  27. Post attendee URL - send to the hosts’ website with additional CTA’s
  28. Share description - shorten to only the title of the webinar, that’s it

Example Webinar Registration Page

Example Webinar Registration Page


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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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