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How to write a reconnect email

By Frank Klesitz in Marketing Training on Apr 16, 2023

This is the initial email you send to your neglected email list. This goes to everyone who has ever interacted with you in the past. You want a warm, humble email that reaffirms your commitment to keeping them educated with a clear way to unsubscribe. You don’t want anyone clicking the “report spam” button. Keep it simple in style. Just text – no images. The goal is to shake the trees, re-introduce yourself, give them a useful update, let them know they can expect future videos from you, and provide a few reasons to respond to you now. This email message lays the foundation for all email communication going forward to set expectations about the problem you'll help them solve.

Here's how we write a reconnect email for you:

  1. Personal, warm tone – Present a casual, warm tone written in the first person style
  2. Personal subject line - "Reconnecting with you" or "Important update to share"
  3. Address your audience – I’m writing you because this is how I got your email….
  4. Tell the why you’re writing them – The reason I’m writing you is that….
  5. Give them an educational update – Here’s what's going on you need to know…
  6. Commit to further educating them – I plan on making helpful videos for you…
  7. Invite them to unsubscribe – Please scroll to the bottom and unsubscribe if you want…
  8. Give them call to action #1 – You can click to get this item of value to solve a problem…
  9. Give them call to action #2 – You can also get this item of value to solve a problem…
  10. Ask them to call or reply – You can also call me or just reply to this email…
  11. Thank them – Thank you for reading this and look forward to staying in touch…
  12. Sent from your name – The email should come from your personal name, not a company
  13. Personal reply address – The reply email address should go right to you
  14. DKIM/SPF set up – Make sure the sending domain is authenticated for deliverability
  15. CAN-SPAM compliant – Provide an opt-out and your physical address at the bottom
  16. Scrubbed email list – Always send to an email list cleaned through NeverBounce.com
  17. Entire existing database – Make sure every email of someone who knows you is included
  18. Plain text only – no pictures or images in the first email
  19. Blue hyperlinks – all hyperlinks are standard blue in color #0000EE
  20. Dark font color – black color font, or a very dark gray
  21. 12+ font size – always have a larger font, at least 12+ point font
  22. Frequent paragraph breaks – only 1-2 sentences per line so it’s easy to read

Example reconnect email

Example reconnect email




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Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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