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How Vyral has Helped D'Ann Melnick Bring Value to her Sphere

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story, Interviews on Oct 29, 2021

D’Ann Melnick is a solo real estate agent working in the area of Montgomery County, MD and Washington, D.C. She entered the real estate world in 2003 when she started working with a major homebuilder. In 2005 she earned her associate broker’s license and has been helping people ever since. Even after undergoing several big moves, she has been extremely successful in rebuilding her sphere of influence each time by getting involved in the community and networking. 

You can find D'Ann's video blog here.


  • One of D’Ann’s past clients told her that they learned a ton of valuable information from her while going through the home buying/selling process, even after working with various other agents in the past. They thought she should start a Youtube channel, and this was the impetus for D’Ann to start going on video and ultimately hiring Vyral for our video marketing services.
  • D’Ann has moved markets three different times in her career, causing her to have to start from scratch each time with her business. 
  • She knew that building up her database and sphere of influence very quickly once she moved was very important. SEO, home buyer seminars, and getting involved in her community really helped her be successful in this. 
  • D’Ann didn’t shy away from working with rental properties in her market, which helped her build her clientele and open the doors for past clients to come back as first time home buyers.
  • She has a very good response rate in her emails because of how selective she is when adding people to her database. She does this because she wants to make sure that people truly want to read and watch her content.
  • D’Ann started deciding on video topics by first reaching out to that past client that told her she would be good at teaching and asked them what information they found the most valuable from her. Since then, she is sure to take note of what current clients bring up to her in order to use for future video topics.
  • She has received great direct feedback from her sphere about her videos. People are consistently reaching out to discuss her videos and ask her follow-up questions. Using Vyral’s services has greatly increased the engagement of her database.

Topics: Client Story, Interviews

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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