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How Chris Doherty Ramped up His Marketing Efforts with Vyral's Help

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story, Interviews on Sep 2, 2021

Chris Doherty is a real estate agent in Chelmsford, MA. He is top of his market and is very focused on training up other agents. He currently has a team of 25 agents, and is looking to build his brokerage up to at least 100 agents. His biggest goal right now is to do things differently for his agents and to grow his team. Chris shares why he got into real estate, the tangible results he's seen from Vyral's efforts, and how these marketing strategies have made an impact in building his brokerage.

You can find Chris' video blog here.


  • Chris has been able to use his background in politics and the law to really create a niche for himself in real estate and to be successful in his market. 
  • He lives by the motto “be the mayor of your sphere.” You need to go out and make yourself seen and heard by your database consistently.
  • The guaranteed offer email that Chris sent out to his database with Vyral’s help directly resulted in four listing appointments.
  • Chris has a very large database with over 40,000 contacts. With Vyral’s help, he’s been able to stay in contact with those people who he may not have time to call as frequently as he would like.
  • Chris’ video blog has boosted him up in Google’s rankings and has rounded out his online presence. In addition, it’s made him look like more of a leader in his real estate market.
  • He has used the same marketing techniques that he’s learned from Vyral’s program to recruit new agents onto his team. It gave him a system and a process to recruit more effectively, so now his efforts have really ramped up. Through his videos, agents now see him as more approachable.
  • Vyral’s program has allowed Chris to see digital marketing through a different lens and he has greatly benefitted from the weekly marketing classrooms that Frank teaches. 
  • Chris sees our program as more beneficial than a coaching program, because we actually help agents implement what we’re teaching them.

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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