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Including Team Members in Your Marketing

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Classroom on Sep 17, 2021

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At this point, you’ve exported, cleaned, deduplicated, added missing information, and sent out your reconnect email to your database. Great, congratulations! Now you want to meet with your team. Bring everyone together and say, “I want to step up our marketing game in a way where we’re not going to go broke doing it.” 


Lead by example by showing them what you’re doing to your list. It might not be a bad idea to give everyone a copy of “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” as well. Read the chapter together on the concept of a 33-touch program with your existing list.


Let them know that you're going to rebrand your marketing to communicate the team concept. What that means is that you’re going to take photos of all of your agents and put them on the top of your blog, email headers, social media graphics, and more. If you’re smart, you’re in the back. 


Do not take photos of the entire team. Take individual photos so you can extract and edit them together in photoshop.


Then you’ll ask each of those rainmakers to export their databases. Before you do that, however, make sure all of the agents have impending contractor agreements signed with who owns the database should they leave. Assuming that you own it all, ask each of your agents to do the exact same thing you just did by exporting their databases.


Imagine if you have three, four, five team members and get all of their contacts? After you’ve done this, each of these people has spreadsheets full of contacts. If you’re a client and have a team member that does this, send their list to us, and we’ll scrub it for you. Then each of those lists is much stronger.


Let’s say you have “Mary” on your team and all her Gmail contacts in a spreadsheet. You want to go into that spreadsheet, open up a new column, and title it “contact owner.” Type her name and fill it all the way down. In each of these spreadsheets, the agent’s name should be the contact owner for every single one of the records. Then when we upload them into your system and you get the report, you know whose contacts are whose.


At this point, we’re going to upload all of these lists into your Emma account. Each of these lists will be separated inside your account. Here's the secret: You now need to rewrite that reconnect message you sent out and have each of your agents send it out so the email comes from those agents. The agents under you are sending out their reconnect messages from them but under your account. The agents on your team will be communicating with them, but the email will be coming from you, not from them. 


We’ll put together a reconnect message with all of their stuff on it letting them know that they’ll be hearing from the company going forward, not just them. All the people who opened the reconnect message will now be added to your newsletter. Ask your agents to be in videos with you where you interview them on a chosen topic. Now not only do you have them on your graphics, but you can bring them into your videos.


I would never want to run a team where I had different commissions for different lead sources. My opinion is that you’re setting yourself up for disaster. I believe that no matter how the business comes in, it should be the same pay. Adjust your splits so they are the same no matter if you give them a lead or if the lead comes from their database. Now you're helping them market to their database and you can add Vyral Marketing to your value proposition as well.

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Elizabeth Stormberg

Written by Elizabeth Stormberg

Elizabeth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vyral Marketing.

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