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Meeting #1: Jeff's first marketing strategy meeting!

By Frank Klesitz on May 11, 2018

Advanced Client Journey - Jeff Quintin (Ocean City, NJ) | Real Estate Agent

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FRANK’S NOTES: This is my first meeting with Jeff – he’s an advanced agent with over 20 years’ experience selling homes in South New Jersey. He is now expanding into multiple markets. He needs a "social media ninja" to help him and his team get in front of homeowners and the company database in a more meaningful way. In this first strategy meeting, I pull up websites of people who Jeff wants to model in the larger social media world and a few real estate brokerages. I draw the timeless marketing triangle to first define who he’s targeting, what they want to receive, and then we slowly get ourselves (and which we will be talking more about in the coming meetings) into the tyranny of how to execute. Jeff has committed to set aside every Friday to create an episode. 

His will launch four shows. He will record one episode a month for each:

1. Business Spotlight – an interview with a local business to help them get more customers

2. Market Update – a quick, entertaining update on the direction of home prices

3. Community Connection – interviews with political and other influencers in the community

4. What We Do Here – a behind the scenes look at what Jeff and his team do to sell homes

I share examples of excellent videos to model. I recommend he starts with an iPhone and a $130 DJI Osmo Mobile Stabilizer with the Rode SmartLav to keep it simple. He will shoot the “A-Roll” in a fixed position and then his video assistant will grab a bunch of pictures and video for the “B-Roll”. Vyral Marketing will edit it all together, optimize and promote it. To help with getting the video, he’s going to find a local student or preferably ask one of his agents to help him. We want to keep the production simple so his expansion agents can easily model what he’s doing. Jeff asks, “What’s the goal here?” I say it’s to get people to watch all this so people get to know him (and soon his team). We will first track success by “minutes watched” on Facebook and YouTube, and then how much of that attention drives buyers and sellers to choose him and his team.

Jeff’s assignment this week is:

1. Time block every Friday to shoot an episode starting in June

2. Write a job post for a video assistant to post on Indeed and the local high school job board

3. Buy the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 as his mobile phone stabilizer

4. Call the Ocean City mayor and set up a time for their first shoot. They are going to shoot an episode about “Wonderland Pier” for Business Spotlight, and a political interview for Community Connection all in one appointment. Two birds with one stone!

5. Ask his graphic designer to create unique artwork/logo for each show. Model the artwork on TV networks they make or each of the shows. Each show needs to be separately branded with a different purpose and mission. Use consistent colors that are on-brand (i.e. Adobe Color)

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ABOUT JEFF: Jeff Quintin has been selling real estate for over 20 years. He’s sold close to $1 billion dollars in real estate and, by every measurement, he is a “7th Level” Million Dollar Real Estate Agent. He’s expanding into new markets outside his home in Ocean City, NJ (such as Philadelphia) and now needs to create more consistent and purposeful marketing content to back up his agents. He wants to be in front of his database and target markets all the time with engaging video and social media so they associate his firm as the preeminent helpful real estate professionals in the community. He then wants to scale his approach. Each of his expansion team members will model what Jeff does in their markets. His “hub” will provide the marketing support for those agents to succeed. 

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We organize Client Journeys into three categories, so you can follow clients in your business stage. (1) ADVANCED JOURNEY – Highly leveraged professionals focused on strategy, recruiting, team building, and marketing. (2) INTERMEDIATE JOURNEY – Successful rainmakers who work with many clients and have minimal time for marketing. (3) BEGINNER JOURNEY – Those just starting their marketing journey beyond cold calling and referrals. Join us as we personally guide a client on their journey to results. Watch all past shows on Facebook or on our website.

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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